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FM21 Alternative Youth Rating + Game Importance and others v.1.1 by Daveincid 2020-12-24

What can you expect from the file:
  • Newly set National Youth Ratings
  • Some Game Importance adjustments
  • State of development adjusted according to DAC-List
The combination of the new settings will lead to:
  • Less new gens with world class talent
  • More worldwide diversification of talent
  • Easier to improve smaller nations where football is popular in longterm-saves
  • Fight about the biggest talents, so the AI tries to keep their talents at the club because there are less of them

My ratings are based among other things:
  • HDI (Human Development Index)
  • Population of a Country
  • How popular football is in the country
  • Worldwide success national team
  • Continental success national team
  • Success U-natioal team
  • Which Confederation they are in (ex. UEFA, CONCACAF)
  • Value National Team
  • Record attendance National Team
  • Average league attendance from top league (as far as I could find them)

Please keep in mind that the whole rating system is very complex, so it's not really worth to discuss why Nation A has a much lower rating as Nation B. It took me about 300 hours of adjusting, testing, research and comparing. My goal was, replicate the current situation as good as possible, with some little speculation into the future, which I took from analyzing my personal excel-db-file.

Test results:
I made several longterm-saves, thanks to @maaartio and @JG1995 for running tests.
With default settings you will have in year 2035 compared to the start db: 300% more players with a CA160-169, 300% more players with a CA 170-179, 220% more players with a CA180-189, and 400% more players with a CA190-200.

With this file the numbers are much closer to the start db: 38% more CA160-169, 38% more CA170-179, 40% more CA180-189, 190-200 is equal, so there where only two "Messi's" in 15 years.
The ratings are very complex. it was a huge task to keep the balance also for low CA players aswell, so it doesn't matter on which level you play, the ratings are much more accurate IMO.
The numbers are still higher than default, you can bring this down further more with using the Injuries-File from @majesticeternity, this will slow down player development a bit.

Place the file in:
Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2021/editor data

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Much needed mod. Youth rating really needs an overhaul by SI. And just because this mod takes care of too many wonderkids it deserves 5*.