[FM21] Award Overhaul by majesticeternity

[FM21] Award Overhaul by majesticeternity 2020-12-13

Added 60 New Awards (30 Global, 10 Continental, 14 English, 5 Spanish, 2 Portuguese, 3 Italian, 1 Argentina)
Added 100 Awards based on nabil_dx95's FM18 Global Awards (80 International Competition, 20 Continental)
Realistic color schemes for some
4 New Worldwide Managerial awards (Best National Coach, Best Club Coach, Best Global Coach, Best Coach Career)
Made awards actually increase reputation and fixed empty reputations - almost half had empty home/world reputations (even Serie A Player of the Year, La Liga Manager of the Year). Austrian Ambassador was 10/100/150, but Croatian POTY was 0 0 0)
Created a hierarchy, so that the most valuable are Global awards, then World Cup, then International, then Continental, then Continental Competitions, then popular leagues, etc.
Made continental/national awards more important to their area than the world (Example: European Best Goalkeeper matters more to Europe than South America or elsewhere. Spain Playmaker OTY matters more to Spain than elsewhere)
Made National Senior & Youth achievements valuable, compared to a league
Made youth achievements valuable
Made managerial achievements more valuable
Made GK awards valuable
Made yearly achievements much more valuable than monthly
Removed English and German reputation bias
Reduced overpowered English Premier POFM, TOTW, increased TOTY
Made English Championship awards valuable
Reduced overpowered English Premier Manager TOTM, increased TOTY
Reduced overpowered World Reputation of small nations (Example: Lithuanian POTY World Rep from 85 > 10)
Added Winner Home reputation for Managers to every nation


Several minor fixes, thanks to @spiros91!
Added Eredivisie TOTY, as @jessejesster requested
Fixed some reputations

*IMPORTANT NOTE*: The Global Manager Awards required a nation, so you must load England! Awards are loaded by nation. So if you want Italian Awards, you must load Italy.


Place in Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\editor data. Start a new save. When selecting the database(before Advanced Setup), be sure to select the checkbox to enable this file.
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