[FM21] Realistic Injuries by majesticeternity

[FM21] Realistic Injuries by majesticeternity 2020-12-13

With 114 injuries in FM, on the surface there seems to be quite a bit of depth. But looking closer, many things are unrealistic.
Blisters are treated by physios, pulled wrist ligaments take only a day or two to recover from, injury amount is only 70% of real life, and goalkeepers are invincible.

This file will add a whole new layer of depth and strategy to your game! You will need to:
Rotate your squad better
Plan training to prevent injuries
Sign quality backup Goalkeepers
Use the Medical Center to watch high risk players
Hire the best physios
Balance training, recovery, rehab, and rest
Budget for injuries requiring a doctor or surgery
Avoid signing players with high injury risk
Keep a good second 11 for rotation
Have a full sub bench for in match injuries
and more...

*NEW for FM21* Real-life Percentages Applied
Using over a dozen scientific studies of professional football players, I've compiled the data and applied it to FM.

I performed several tests, by simming a season, then extracting all the injury information, then calculating average percentages.

Real-Life Location Occurrence Applied
Example: For default, about 11% of injuries were located in the hip region. Real life is somewhere around 1%. My current tests have the mod at about 2%. Much closer to reality.

Real-Life Injury Severity Applied
Example: Default FM percentages for injuries lasting 2 months or more were about 12%. Real life percentage is about 5%. With Mod, is about 5%.

Real-Life In-Match vs Training Injuries Applied
The injury rate during competition at it's lowest is 8.7 per 1000 hours of exposure, vs 1.37 during training. I have increased the in-match injury rate, so that at least in-match injuries are more often.

**NOTE**: Keep in mind that very save will be different. Every club, every league. So while multiple tests have severe injuries at about 5%, you may find your club has 10%, due to many various factors. But in general, in the whole FM save, injury percentages will be generally accurate.

90 new injuries added, based on research

Added a new grading system

Many injuries in real life are classified by grade
I = minor, a sprain or bruise
II = more severe, likely some ripping or tearing
III = the worst, complete tear
Now, your Club Physio will tell you the "grade" or severity of the injury. For example, is it strained, partially torn, or completely torn?

Realistic Treatment Options
> Reduced excessive physio use

Example: Way too many injuries are unrealistically treated by a physio. Why is a cold or a cut hand treated by a physio?
> Reduced amount of injuries able to use injection
Example: In real life, recommended treatment for a bruised thigh is Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, and Rehab. It is a minor injury. Doctors say "You may also use a protective device." Yet, FM prescribes either an injection or physio.
> More injuries allow players to play with protective equipment
Example: Continuing with the bruised thigh - protective equipment is a much better option than injection.

Added Correct Classifications and Sub-Classifications for all injuries
Made injury lengths much more accurate

Example: Pulling your wrist ligaments in real life takes roughly 2-4 weeks to recover from. FM had it set at 1-3 days, but now it takes 2-4 weeks.
Added Realistic Causes
Example: Sprained knee ligaments were only turning, sprinting, jumping. Added impact, bad tackle, or wear and tear.
More medically and anatomically accurate names for injuries
Example: A "broken lower arm" is now a "fractured humerus".
Fixed inaccurate seasonal injuries
Example: Shin splints no longer only occur in summer...
Removed unrealistic injuries
Example: A stubbed toe, that is treated by the physio, but you can't use protective equipment? how many times does stubbed toe leave you unable to walk or run?)
Removed duplicate "different" injuries
Example: A broken toe(45 minimum days) and a fractured toe(15 minimum days)??

Increased Goalkeeper injury possibility
Goalkeepers can now get 47 new injury types
Fixed injuries with blank Goalkeeper Percentage assigning too many injuries to Goalkeepers

FM21 Notes


From testing, this year the injuries mod ONLY increases injuries for matches played on full detail.

This can be viewed in multiple ways, but if you wish for AI to have the same consequences as you, you must have the league set to full detail.

If you wish for AI to have a break, and you level the playing field a bit, then don't set them to full detail.

Also, injuries seem to be even more realistic and dynamic this year.

- More intense training or tactics will rapidly increase injuries
Possibly due to SI's changes in effects of intense pressing, there is a more noticeable increase to injuries if you run fitness drills during the season, for example.

- Higher, more demanding leagues will see more severe injuries
Along the same lines, a lower league team may still see alot of injuries, but minor and short term. An EPL high-pressing team will see longer and more severe ones.


Place in Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\editor data. Start a new save. When selecting the database(before Advanced Setup), be sure to select the checkbox to enable this file.
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