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Lostvayne - 95 points with Lyon V2.1

Hi, this is my 5212 with attacking libero and double mezzalas, first tactic I decided to publish, would appreciate feedback


Won the title with Lyon with 95 points (got 2 draws against weak teams at the end, so definitely capable of 100 points), media prediction 2nd


Sassuolo media prediction 10th, finished 3rd and won the cup.


Defensive corners are from bustthenet's video, I just adjusted positions for this tactic

I didn't touch free kicks at all so there is room for improvement, if you have any working routines feel free to add them.

All the tests were done by holidaying the whole season (no transfers), so you can probably get much better results by playing by yourself.

Standard adaptations that work for almost every tactic are:
  • changing mentality to positive or balanced when you are a huge underdog (especially away)
  • using a time wasting tactic in the last 10-15 minutes against tougher opponents when you need to defend the lead
  • using match preparation training (att.movement, def.shape, set piece training, team bonding)
  • add PI "ease off tackles" after player gets a yellow
  • use "get creative" shout when drawing, "demand more" or "show some passion" when losing, "when winning with 2+ goals
Tactic creates a lot of chances, Lyon led the league in chances by a lot (averaging 4 chances per game), Sassuolo also created the most chances despite finishing 3rd



No Ois used
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