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Voila - strikerless 4-4-2 with Volante, undefeated in league V2

Undefeated in league with Liverpool, only 11 goals conceded, won UCL final 4:0 against Real. MR takes right corner, ML takes left corner but if you have someone with a really high corner attribute (16+) and wingers with it really low (below 10) it's probably better to have the player with really good corners take it, how players are positioned is important but a well delivered ball can also make a big difference. No Oi used. Few tips about shouts and training below the screenshots.




These are some tips to make the tactic more effective:

If you're a favorite:
Winning by 2+ goals: Use Praise
Drawing: Use Encourage
Losing: Use Demand More

If you're an underdog:
Winning: Use Praise
Drawing/Losing by 1 goal: Use Encourage
Losing: Use Demand More

These are the shouts I've found to work the best so far.


Individual training: Set to the roles players play in
General training: I do a lot of tweaks week by week but these are the basic schedules I use:

Free week (international break, no games):


Balanced - used early in the season, when players are still not at full tactical familiarity, learning a tactic. Also throw it in later every once in a while even after you've learned the tactic so the players can work a little on the attributes they don't train in the focused session:


Focused - used after gaining tactical familiarity, focuses on the most important attributes for the tactic, replace attacking movement with defensive shape when you're a weaker team playing away:


I don't use "rest" session at all - if you manage workload properly it's never needed so it's just a waste of a training block. If you want to use rest, use recovery instead - it's a far superior session - it doesn't reduce match sharpness as much and it reduces injury risk greatly.
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