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LSPlaysFM’s FM21 Experiment | 500 Years Later Save File

LSPlaysFM’s FM21 Experiment | 500 Years Later Save File 2021-01-01

Welcome to my 500 Years Later FM21 Experiment save file and video. As the name suggests I have gone 500 Years into the future on Football Manager 2021 to see exactly what may occur.

The answer is a lot of bizarre stuff, that’s for sure. Whether it being England being unable to win any form of European club football in nearly 400 Years, St Johnstone from Scotland becoming the most dominant Champions League team over the 500 seasons or no team outside London winning a Prem for the past 30 seasons. Football Manager has become very strange!

If you’d like to take more of a look at exactly what has gone on, then check out the FM Experiment video and see just what went on. This video focuses more on the English leagues due to time constraints, but should you like me to look at other leagues, competitions etc. in more detail then do just let me know. Should I get people wanting to see enough of the database, I will happily make a part 2.

Also, as I explained in my experiment video, should we hit 100 likes on today’s video, I will also be going 1000 Years Later into FM21 as well. So if you’d like to see, head over to the video and drop a like onto it. Also don’t forget to hit that subscribe button on YouTube too so you’ll be notified when any other content such as my FM21 Experiments do go live.

If you would like a copy of the database save file and play your own save 500 years into the future, then you can do so by downloading the save file! If you’d like your own copy, head on over to the video on YouTube and you’ll find a DropBox link to the save available either via the YouTube video’s description or here on FM Base.

I really hope you enjoy the experiment guys, please do feel free to let me know any feedback you may have!

If you like more info on exactly what went on in the experiment before downloading, then check out all the info and screenshots below:

The Premier League!

Now with the database, I decided it would be best to simply load in fully the English League to make simulating easier etc. so my first thoughts with that is it would make the English leagues by far the strongest, but it did anything but that tbh!

First of all, the winners of the Premier League are all over the place. There’s the usual sides still floating about, the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City and occasionally Man United too. But currently at the point of finishing the experiment, West Ham are by the best side in England having won 7 of the past 10 seasons, and Liverpool and Spurs are no where to be seen.

Liverpool have gone almost 300 years without a title, and Spurs aren’t even in the Prem anymore.

#1 Final League Table.PNG

#2 West Ham Very Dominant The Last 20 Yrs.PNG

In addition to West Ham becoming a good side, random teams have appeared at the top for a good few years then really dropped off, at points Portsmouth, Bristol City, Norwich, Swansea City and even Colchester were Premier League Champions, and for some they were at the top for a long old time!

#4 Dominant Spell From Bristol City!.PNG

#5 Dominant Spell From Norwich!.PNG

#6 Pompey Were Class Too!.PNG

#7 Random Win For Colchester!.PNG

Somehow really early on (as in within the first 70 years of the game, Crystal Palace & Brighton ended up as Prem Champions, but they only ever won the title once and have both since really dropped off!

#9 Palace & Brighton Both Won Early On!.PNG

For whatever reason, the Premier League now though is really lowly ranked, sitting only 32nd and seen as being lower then the Danish Superleague, Polish and Finish leagues too!

#10 Ranking.PNG

In terms of the records, there are some very strange ones floating around, Chelsea overall are the most dominant side in English history, with over 100 Premier Leagues, holding the points and most wins in a season record too!

Unfortunately, Ipswich hold the record for fewest points in a season of only 5 which is incredibly bad too! However, some of the original records such as highest scoring match and most player goals in a match/season are all still standing which is pretty impressive!

#11 Team Records.PNG

#12 Team Records 2.PNG

England’s Lower Leagues

Now in the lower leagues in England, a lot has gone on. There’s teams from all over the place scattered through these divisions.

There’s many former Premier League winners across these leagues too. Up first the Championship, which is littered with sides who have all been Champions!

There’s Bristol City, Norwich and Portsmouth all stuck down there and there even some really small sides which have made it this far too! Seeing Bromley and especially Maidstone United in that league is very cool. Being a Maidstone fan knowing they got this (when they are usually terrible in game) is awesome and they even reached the Premier League, meaning they are one of the few sides to go from tier 6 to the Premier League across the save!

#13 Champ - Former Champs Pompey, Norwich & Bristol City all Stuck here.PNG

In league 1, it’s a similar story to that of the Championship tbh, but it has a lot more of the bigger sides from modern football stuck down there instead. The likes of Tottenham Hotspurs and Everton are key examples with both of them finishing inside the most recent Playoffs before failing to get promoted back to the Championship.

You also have Aston Villa, Sheffield United & Burnley down there too.

#14 League 1 has Everton & Spurs both stuck in it!.PNG

League 2 also is quite similar with other big sides showing up also, this time though its Sunderland, Newcastle and Leicester! The idea of former Prem champions Leicester showing this low, is just insane tbh!

#15 League 2 has Leicester, former Prem champs Southampton & Newcastle all in there!.PNG

The Vanarama National League and Northern League are overall quite normal looking with no major shocks. The only real points to note in these divisions was Bolton up in 3rd in the National League and Watford having been relegated from the National League as well. I wonder if 500 years in if Watford’s average manager’s tenure is only about 8 weeks still? If so, could explain why they now find themselves in the regional English leagues.

Images 16 and 17

#16 Van National - Not too disimillar to real life tbh.PNG

#17 Van North the same as the National League.PNG

Finally in England we have the Vanarama South. Here, things are too dissimilar, but the only big shock for me was seeing Cardiff City stuck down in there having just been crowned as the recent Southern champions. Quite a crazy contrast when you consider their rivals Swansea are still in the Premier League and have even won that division many times at this point!

#18 Van South has Cardiff City in it as recent champs!.PNG

Champions League

Up next is European Club football and specifically the Champions League. Now this is really all over the place. The simple and easy reason for why English clubs and the Premier League are ranked so lowly compared to other divisions, is due to there being no winner of this competition from England in nearly 400 YEARS! Almost 4 centuries have passed with no winner from England and the last was Southampton.

The Champions League itself though has winners from all over Europe now too, for some reason Scottish clubs are the strongest by far, teams from across Scandinavia are common winners the most recent being Valur from Iceland and the only real “Big” teams to win it in recent years are Athletic Bilbao and Sevilla.

Otherwise, its all very strange teams indeed many which I have never even heard of!

#19 Past 30 Winners - Sides from all over Europe, no English side though & winners from Icelan...PNG

#21 The Last English Side To Win It Was Southampton almost 400 yrs ago!.PNG

In addition to the weirdness that is the current winners, one of the biggest shocks I’ve found is how poor Real Madrid and Barcelona were throughout the whole save in Europe. Real managed one title in this time in 2058, Barcelona, not one!

#22 Real Only Won 1 trophy in 500 yrs in 2058, Barca won none!.PNG

The records for the Champions League are a bit weird too, St Johnstone from Scotland hold the most wins, Ibra is still the oldest scorer in game at 40 and no one has ever beaten Ronaldo’s record for more goals in the tournament.

#23 Champions League Records.PNG

#24 CHamps League Player Records - Ibra still oldest goalscorer.PNG

Europa League

The Europa League much like the Champions League is an equally strange story. Arsenal were the last English side to win it, again almost 400 years ago, Barcelona and Real Madrid again struggled but this time Real managed to win 3 trophies and Barca got one too!

The most recent winners are again very strange with Scandinavian sides and even teams from Northern Ireland being champions too.

#25 Last 30 Europa League Winners.PNG

#28 Real Madrid Won More Europa Leagues Then Champs with 3 In The Late 2070s &80s.PNG

The records again like Europe’s main competition have Ibra as its oldest scorer again at age 40, they also have Dinamo Zagreb as the most winners with 27 trophies and the biggest ever win was an 11-0 victory by Bulgarian side Ludogorets against TNS from Wales.

#29 Europa League Records.PNG

#30 Europa League Player Records.PNG


Finally we have the World Cup & Euros. Both of these competitions are generally quite normal with more often then not big boys winning each of the respective competitions. But occasionally there are some right strange winners cropping up!

With the World Cup, most recently it was won by the Netherlands with apparently Ghana and Angola finishing in 2nd and then 3rd place which I did not expect.

Overall England has won the most which considering how bad the English clubs are I was surprised with, yet internationally the team seems much stronger. Despite that though, there are many strange winners scattered about, there’s been winners from North America, Africa and Asia too.

The likes of the Ivory Coast have many World Cups under their belts, Canada & South Korea too. You even have Denmark and Sweden who became powerhouses at points with multiple World Cups and Poland as well!

The strangest one arguably was Slovakia who got 2 wins quite early on within the first 100 years of the game which I did not expect at all!

Images 31, 32, 33, 34 & 35

#31 Most Recent World Cups!.PNG

#32 Ivory Coast Were Very Good In the Most recent 100 yrs.PNG

#33 Scandinavian Dominance In The World Cup!.PNG

#34 South Korea First & Only Asian Team To Win The World Cup - 2142.PNG

Record-wise the World cup is pretty crazy, of course as mentioned Engald hold the most win, having 34 titles since the beginning of the game, but the strangest has to be the goals records, one Icelandic player managed to score 12 goals in one game and yet the overall most goals at a tournament was only 16 for and English player. Meaning the guy who got 12 must have scored only 3 more goals across the tournament which is crazy!

#36 World Cup Team Records.PNG

#37 Player Records - 12 goals in one game & 16 in 1 tournament!.PNG

Much like the World Cup, the Euros went down a similar path. Winners came from all across the continent with again England winning the most with 33 now at the end of the experiment.

The most recent was won by Italy and generally the teams who won were quite “normal” sides you’d expect to be winning, such as England, Italy, France, Netherlands, Spain etc.

But one of the strangest without doubt was Austria, who not only won the Euros but won the very first Euros in 2021! That one I do not understand one bit.

Images 38, 39 & 40

#38 Most Recent Euros.PNG

#39 One Of The Weirdest Was Austria Winning The First Euros In Game!.PNG

#40 Euros Team Records.PNG

Unlike the World cup the goals records weren’t quite as crazy in the Euros with the most in one match being only 6, and then the overall for the tournament sitting at 11, again both were from English players this time.

#41 Euros Player Records.PNG

Overall guys, that brings this experiment to a close, and you can see just from what’s been said here an awful lot has gone on that is for sure. However that is not everything, of course there are many other leagues which could be covered however my experiment video only had time for this information.

If you would like to know more about what else went on, do feel free to either check out the video linked above, or to download the database yourself and take a look through it as well.

If you would like me to go over anymore details, then do let me know what you’d like to know and I will get round to making a part 2 video for this experiment as well!

I really do hope you enjoyed the experiment guys, if you did please do let me know and also please do feel free to drop a like on the YouTube video as well. As I explained at the beginning of this post and in my video, should we hit 100 YT likes, I will go 1000 years later as well.

Thank you very much for reading guys, hope you enjoy the database should you download it. ?
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