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Tested MRCX 4-1-4-1 DoubleMez 20.4.0 v2 20.4.0

Results from personal testing:

Cádiz (predicted to finish 9th, finished 1st):
~2,21 points per game
~2,07 goals scored per game
~0,67 goals conceded per game

Celta Vigo (predicted to finish 11th, finished 2nd):
~2,16 points per game
2,00 goals scored per game
~1,03 goals conceded per game

AC Milan (predicted to finish 6th, finished 1st):
~2,42 points per game
~2,18 goals scored per game
~0,42 goals conceded per game

Dinamo Zagreb (predicted to finish 1st, finished 1st):
~2,94 points per game (35 wins, 1 draw out of 36 league games)
2,75 goals scored per game
~0,22 goals conceded per game

Overall just very impressive results in my testing seasons.

Results from FM-Base's tactic testing:
Overall: 16
Top: 14
Good: 17
Average: 17
Poor: 19

02.04.2020 - there is no tactic that does better than this one while committing fewer fouls.
  • V2 Cadiz Analysis.JPG
    V2 Cadiz Analysis.JPG
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  • V2 Cadiz Formation.JPG
    V2 Cadiz Formation.JPG
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  • V2 Cadiz Result.JPG
    V2 Cadiz Result.JPG
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  • V2 Cadiz Table.JPG
    V2 Cadiz Table.JPG
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  • V2 Milan Table.JPG
    V2 Milan Table.JPG
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  • V2 Vigo Table.JPG
    V2 Vigo Table.JPG
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  • Dinamo Zagreb Table.JPG
    Dinamo Zagreb Table.JPG
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So ive just been using this for the first time today. Can definetley agree about the amount of cards as there is much less.

We Portsmouth where 8th when using this tactic

Home vs Rotherham (20th) Won 5-0
Away vs Huddersfield (8th) Won 4-1
Away vs Derby (4th) Lost 2-0
Home vs Cardiff (5th) Won 1-0

Started very promising and will use this going forward/ Great tactic fosho!
Thank you for your feedback! What exactly made you take 1 star off if I may ask? Looks like a promising start for you, and it will get even better once your players are familiar with the tactic and you make transfers who fit it even better!
Rock solid defence and striker scoring. Bang on the money
I have been using this and his other Variant with AC Milan, Be warned your Striker must be really good to score lots of goals. But for me Mezzalas IW's managed to get each 10 goals + each. Kessie bagged almost 20 goals as an Attacking Mezala which is Crazy
A very good 4141 tactic.