While managing (FM 20) in Wales I realized that the Welsh Teams really like playing 3-5-2 or 4-5-1 so I had to adapt my tactic to not make them over-man me in the midfield.
So that's mainly the target of this tactic to overload the midfield with 3 CM's.

What players should I use and what should I look for?

Well your AF has basically only to be an Advanced Forward, really fast, good off the ball etc. He is only one of your goalscoring threats tho.
You mainly want your right Inside Forward to be better than your left one since he doesn't have to look for an overlap and has therefore a little more freedom. You want your Inside Forwards to also have really good pace (15+) and good finishing and good flair won't hurt them also.

In your midfielder you are looking for extremely different things.
Your Advanced Playmaker has to have good physicals and good dribbling + finishing (composure, decisions etc.)
Your Deeplying Playmaker doesn't have to have good physicals he also doesn't have to be good at dribbling or finishing but he has to have excellent passing (vision, flair) and also good mentals of course. He has to be somewhat better than your Advanced Playmaker at tackling aswell since he will have to performe some defensive duty aswell.
For your Mezzala you aren't really looking for anything in particular he simply has to be a good Mezzala.

For your defense you are looking for good passing, vision, composure etc. you also need extremely fast players in your defense.
Your wingbacks have! to be at least decent at going forwards, you are looking for good crossing, dribbling, first touch, composure, decisions, off the ball, anticipation etc.

What setpiece takers do I use?

Like in my other tactic you are free to use whoever you want but your centerbacks and wingbacks. Your centerbacks are your main goalscoring threat off of corners and your wingbacks stay back so if you let them take the set piece you might end up with nobody at the back.

Which setpieces do you use?

Well I've to be fair here I'm using the setpieces that Duke created for his 4-3-3.

This is what the tactic looks like:


Note: I haven't used this tactic all too much in FM myself but I holidayed into the future (FM Touch) and got 95 Points with Liverpool with it

I hope you'll find this tactic rewarding it's been fun creating it in FM 20.
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