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Pavs 2004 pep tweak 2020-02-22

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41221 or 433
First off, all credit has to go to Pav, this is all his tactic and settings bar a change in the midfield three. I wanted to add a pep dynamic to go along side the powerful tactic Pav created. This is not a a possession based tactic so if that is what you're after this tactic is not for you. The Dynamic i wanted was to see creative midfielders ripping apart defences and this is what this tactic does.
It creates an unbelievable amount of CCS and your AF scores obscene amounts of goals.

Tested with Man City so far (i know easy wins blah blah) will test with a very poor Sunderland Championship team tomorrow and post results.

This was an all simmed test bar buying Depay for cover to sterling (injuries).

Just look at the Aguero Goals...
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