Rinus Michels - Total Football - by kun (Erik ten Hag's version)

Rinus Michels - Total Football - by kun (Erik ten Hag's version) 21.2.2 - 4231 + 433 - Rinus Dominance

EMULATING TOTAL FOOTBALL - based on Rinus Michels ideas and Erik ten Hag's version (4231 & 433)

Here I am, back again to bring you two tactics! For those who doesn't remember me, I developed one of the most entertaining tactics on FM2014, known as "The Truly TIKI-TAKA - by kun" and last year with 2 tactics similar to this two with average results, but mostly with very entertaining football.

Well, now due to covid-19 I had more time to dedicate myself to the game, and I decided to recreate the Rinus Michels ideas. To do so, I really made a huge research on videos, some e-books and other stuff in order to be the more realistic possible and obviously, trying to recreate what is possible in FM, as this is "just" a video game.

Before talking a bit about the tactic, just clarifying already that I don't know if there is any thread already about Rinus Michels or Total Football. If it is, I just apologize. I just want to let you know my results and if you want, please try it out and let me know. ;) This version is mainly based on Erik ten Hag's Ajax, UCL semifinalist.

THE TACTICS (4231 and 433)
Just a brief explanation. Firstly, I created the 4231 (similar to the UCL semi-finalist Ajax side) but when I saw the goods results I had on Athletic Club (Bilbao) 1st season (don't have SS of it, because the file got damaged in the end of 1st season), then I decided to replicate it to a 433, with minor changes (MCL changed to DMC and the AMC to MCL ofensively minded), because sometime we face strong sides with a decent AMC and it may be a good advise to have a DMC on our side).
Below you can find 4231 Formation, expected movements when in possession, expected positioning when with ball and on build-up, 4231 facing 442 diamond, changed to 433 to face 442 diamond (due to free AMC on the oposite side) and the 433 formation.
4231 Formation.jpg
4231 expected movements.jpg
4231 expected positioning when possession.jpg
4231 facing 442 diamond (free AMC).jpg
4231 changed to 433 to face 442 diamond.jpg
433 Formation.jpg

SET PIECES: In any of these two tactics, on defensive set pieces (corners, free kicks and throw in), I just let that as default. Only made changes on Ofensive Throw In and Corners. Talking about that, in both tactics, it's recomended to use your inside forwards as corner kick takers or the MCR, in order to not have your left or right back, for example taking the corner and let an open space for a counter.
In offensive corners, we have 3 different routines, in order to confuse our opponent. He never knows were we are going to take the corner as the players are mainly positioned in the same positioning in all three routines, but the corner will be taken to Near Post, Far Post and 6 Yard Box.

In most of Athletic games, I used the full-backs one slot forward (before the midfield line). That may be good to be more agressive and if you want your wing back to get tons of assists (and a few goals).
You can also use Offside Trap, but I didn't use it because I managed to get better results without it.
But obviously, you are free to try any other tweaks to suits your team the best way possible. ;)

(Use the link by clicking on team name that you wanna see the results. For example, "#10 - DARTFORD" to be forwarded to SS of Dartford test)
4231 as a tweaked version focusing mainly on possession and has been sent to several fm-base volunteers and as soon as we are going to receive their feedback, I'll add here theirs results.
Thanks to all of you! :)

Thanks in advance.

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