The 1966/67 DB for FM19

The 1966/67 DB for FM19 2.0

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The 1966/67 season DB for FM19.
This is a unique chance to try and manage some of the most legendary players of all time. We've all heard about Pele and Eusebio, now we have the chance to see them in action in Football Manager. This season in particular has a spot in football history forever. England have just won the World Cup at home and the Scottish team Celtic won the European Cup/Champions League. Some of the best players from around the world, is still remembered as the best of all time in their respective countries.
I have researched for this DB for years, looking through old archives for stats, watching video material, talking to football historians. To be able to rate the player attributes as best as possible.
So jump into the FM Timemachine and travel back to 1966 when The Beatles and Elvis Presley was on top of the Hitlists and Pele and Eusebio was the faces of one of the most iconic periods in football history.

Playable Leagues : England (1.Division + 2.Division) Italy (Serie A + Serie B) Scotland (1.Division) Spain (Primera)

SETUP INSTRUCTIONS Start a new career and !!!IMPORTANT !!! Choose the 19.3.0 Database, then tick the box saying 1966/67 DB and make sure no other boxes is ticked. Press confirm and choose advanced setup. Choose how many of the playable leagues you want to load and then press Approximate Player Count, and choose Advanced. Then choose as many nations as you want to load players from besides the leagues you have loaded. Tick the boxes saying Players Based In Nation. Even if your computer says that the number of players exeeds the recommended level just ignore it. Finally press Start Game and enjoy.
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