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The way to play - 5-1-1-3 perfect football - FM 22

Hi everyone,

If you enjoy playing beautifully, and winning in style, this is the tactic for you. We want to win by playing perfect football. With this tactic your team will produce goals through beautiful combinations that will overwhelm your opponents defence.

The key points of the tactic are:

  • attacking, beautiful football
  • quick short passes
  • moving the ball forward at high speed
  • pressing at high intensity

As you can see, this is a tactic for technically proficient teams. You need technique and you need speed to play this way.

The specifics

We defend in a 5-1-1-3 shape. This is very stable defensively, and allows for quick counter attacks.


Offensively, we attack in numbers in a 4-3-3 shape. Four defenders are joining the attack, making it extremely difficult to defend. In position, the half back drops deep to create a backline of 4. The wingbacks push forward and cut inside to connect with the playmaker in the middle of the pitch. Thus attacking the space in the middle of the pitch. The wide center backs go wide and run up the flank, providing width. With four defenders pushing forward, there is always an overload creating passing options for your team.

I have tested this with Ajax for one season. I won the league unbeaten, plus the Champions League (penalty shootout in the final against Liverpool)! I very much enjoy the results and the football this tactic creates.





I would love to get some feedback on this. If you manage a technically gifted team, this tactic is for you. Let me know if you have any questions, and let me know how the tactic works for you.

The tactic download

5-1-1-3 modern football.fmf 43 kB · 0 downloads

Hope you enjoy.
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