[15.X.X]Zero Sea's Athena ---- Several Tactics: 343 4411 442 Etc

I have tried it with FM16. Playing with Dresden Dynamo. Got promoted to 2.Bundesliga first year.

After 6 games in 2.Bundesliga, my team is leading by 16 points.

I would say it works perfect with fm16.

i also tried ,it works but i wouldnt say perfect,

you must pay attention to the T.I because some are not the same (p.e offside trap),but you can set them manually,

also there is a bug with the pressing and the %of the possession,

also some roles are not the same as fm15, (F9 has no more the holp up ball, )
Personaly I hate winger tactics with players on MR/ML positions, but recently I tryed some of the tactics and I can only tell its amazing, I'm currently using Zero sea 4411 for backup and holding results and its served me good, especially in mine Arsenal side, its like watching those glory days 10+ years ago. Good job man, you outdone yourself this year just like last, too bad people opt for boring 433 just like they did in ME exploits in FM 12, best of luck and Ill be visiting your FM 16 thread as soon as I get money for it xD
I began to play games in February
The sad thing to me, only 343 are good

Hie Zero Sea.

How can i find a guide how to set up your tactic in Fm 2015? Because i want to do similar in fm16 with the 343 tactic but don´t know roles and instructions and so on :)