1860 München: Establishing a Noisy Neighbour


Feb 6, 2013
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1860 München: Establishing a Noisy Neighbour

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In breaking news, Lars Schürrle has been appointed manager of 2. Bundesliga team 1860 München. In a shock series of events, chairman Deiter Schneider has decided to entrust the now former u19 manager of 1860 München with the top job, just four weeks out from the start of the season.

After a long and public falling-out with former manager Alexander Schmidt, the feather that broke the camels back for Schmidt, in the chairman's words was his "reluctance to give several promising youth players a professional contract."

Press Conference

New manager of 1860 München, Lars Schürrle fielded questions from various German media outlets. Schürrle, unproven at this level, said that his was "extremely excited for the challenge ahead, and extremely grateful for his chairman's faith." Interestingly, Schürrle decided not to hold back and went on to say he believes that "with the quality of the youth set-up here, there is no reason why we can't establish ourselves as a consistent Bundesliga top half team in a few years time...it will be a pleasure to regularly have the chance to take points off FC Bayern...give me 3 years to reshape and we'll be back in the top flight for good, watch this space."

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Managers Notes


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Our regular home tactic, or when playing against equal or lower quality squads. Used to get on top of opponents with constant, quick attacks.

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Our regular away tactic, or when facing opponents of higher quality. Also used when opposition has a strong CAM or scores are large amounts of goals from assists from just outside the D.

Important Squad Members


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Our 1st choice by some distance. However, at 36 a replacement should be found within around 2 years.

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Our promising young GK. Will be kept at the club at least for this season, then I may loan him out next provided he does well in training. Will start in cup matches.

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Our highest potential youth level GK. Again, will be kept at club to develop, at least until he is able to gain 1st team experience on loan.


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The greatest depth in the squad is in central defence as there's very little between all 4 of these CB's. My 1st choice pairing will be Bülow and Schindler due to their age.

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Our first choice RB when playing away or against strong teams when we're at home, because of his stronger defensive qualities over Volz.

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1st choice RB when using an attacking tactic. Stronger as a wing back than full back.

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1st choice LB. Better used as a wing back rather than a full back.

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Young LB that will provide constant competition for Feick.

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3rd choice RB. Unless due to injury probably won't feature often in team. Also, too old for youth team matches.

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All of our youth defenders that have a chance to break into the 1st team in years to come. Note that all are CB's, I plan on converting some to either LB's, RB's or CDM's.


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Would have been our 1st choice CDM, however, injury will prevent him from pre-season training and matches which could damage his ability.

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A close 2nd choice CDM behind Makos. Will be 1st choice should Makos not recover in time.

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Our veteran CM. Will be 1st choice CM and is capable of playing several role there.

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3rd choice starter at CDM and 4th at CM. Given his young age he should be afforded plenty of time off the bench.

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1st choice AMC and AMR. Could be the front-runner for our player of the season.

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The most exciting youth prospect at the club. Will be my 2nd choice AMC. Will see plenty of game time once over his injury.

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2nd choice AMR, however, excitingly a natural inside forward.

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1st choice AML. Will play more of a supportive/crossing inside forward role.

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3rd choice as AMR and 2nd as AML. His 2 footedness could make him dangerous on both sides and in a variety of roles.

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Completely unusable. Will be sold for free as some as he can pass medicals.

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3 youth CDM/CM's that could break into the 1st team.

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Our second exciting young AMC behind Maier.

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Our promising wide players.


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The most talented player at the club on paper. Leading the line on his own I'm expecting between 15-20 goals in the league alone for the next 2-3 seasons.

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Our 2nd pick to lead the line. Could also drop into AMC if needed.

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Our 3rd choice ST, and our most promising ST's.

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My 4th choice ST. Given his high wages and his roles I'm thinking I'll terminate his loan immediately.

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All of our forwards that could break into the 1st team. Given their similarity in age I've decided to loan list them all. Those who aren't snapped up will then be given more playing time in our u21's.​
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what are your goals for this save?
I tired to put them into the press conference. 1: To gain promotion in 3 years or less. 2: To establish ourselves as a consistent top half team. 3: To make life as hard for Bayern as possible.


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We managed to bring in 2 new players on loan, while sending out 2 of our young players. At this stage I don't believe there is any loan listed players that could feature in our squad, nor should we need any more cover. We still have several players loan listed which can hopefully find a club before the end of the summer window.

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Now our 2nd choice ST. A strong signing given his low wages.

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Our 1st choice CDM by some distance. Given we're paying 27,000 pounds a month to keep him, I'm excepting good performances.

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Given his role and his high wages I've decided to terminate Friend's loan.


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Probably what to expect of a first game with a new manager and tactical style. Very little cohesion.

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A far stronger performance. Once we scored they never looked like scoring.

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The strongest opponent of our pre-season fixtures. A draw was probably a fair result.

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A game to forget for us. Once the youth players came on in the 2nd half, we never looked like bossing the match.

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A very good match. My tactics seemed to be taking shape as we passed them to death before sliding in the killer ball.

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I pushed every player at the club hard during pre-season training. Because of the number of injuries I may have to re-think or prolong next pre-season.


August 2012


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A brilliant result against the serious promotion favourites, and away from home! Given that the average value of the Berlin line-up was double ours the victory was even sweeter.

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A good victory although we were strong favourites. Our domination of possession was pleasing, but our finishing needs serious work.

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A disappointing result despite the win. The game never should have gone to extra time. Like last week, we created lots of scoring chances but our finishing let us down.

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Our 2nd game against them in a row. I decided to use a CDM unlike last week to hopefully nullify their scoring chances in case we were poor in front of goal again. It failed and despite getting more shots on goal we never looked like drawing level, let alone winning.

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A shocking result to go with a shocking performance. Again, we won the shots and possession battle but our play in the final 3rd was hopeless. They capitalised on our high line with 3 long balls down field that brought 3 of their goals.

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Player of the Month

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Use Sven Schiplock - he's quite good at this level especially!
September 2012


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A great game for the neutral. We always looked like winning, however, I would have preferred the deciding goal coming before the 90th minute.

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We have have seen out this match with a win, but complacency got the better of us.

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Just when I'm thinking we're struggling to finish chances we go out and score 4 from 7 shots! We played brilliantly until the 75th minute when they started to gain some momentum. While I'm very happy with the result we shouldn't have gotten complacent again.

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Our best game of the season (so far) was against the best side in the league! The boys really looked up for this game in training and it showed on the pitch. Every time we went forward we looked dangerous. Unfortunately we conceded a goal when we were down to 10 men due to injury, however, that certainly didn't kill the mood afterwards!

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A dull match from start to finish. Both teams defended well but we did look the better side. A draw was a fair result on the day.

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Our undefeated month has put us equal 1st in the league. A very strong placement given we're expected to finish 6th-9th.

Player of the Month

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Lauth was by miles our best player this month, putting away 7 goals in 4 games earning him a hat-rick and 2 braces. At the moment no other ST can get a look in when he's in this sort of form.​
October 2012


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By mutual consent Sven and I decided to part ways. Turns out Shou Wood is progressing very well so he has become my 2nd choice ST. Because of that Sven only appeared in 1 match before he left us.


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Despite the strength of their team we dropped 2 points here. We had double their shots yet couldn't convert.

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The top of the table clash! A very tight match, both defences far outclassed the attackers. 1 good strike was enough to see out the match.

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An awful match where our aggression turned against us. 2 red cards ruined any chance of coming back from a goal down.

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Despite leaving it late we got the 3 points we deserved.

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Outright 1st position. However, there's little between 1st and 6th place at the moment.

Player of the Month

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November 2012


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A great game for us. We were on top from the first minute.

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Despite us being on top of the possession and number of shots we needed 2 penalties to see them off. Not overly convincing but a win's a win.

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A good result given both teams are playing above expectations. We nullified all there scoring outlets coming in to the match and they never really looked to trouble us when they had the ball.

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An amazing defensive performance from them saw all 3 points going home with them. By far the best organised defence we've come up against.

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We're in 1st position, however, there's still a number of teams breathing down our necks

Player of the Month

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For a 2nd month Lauth has been our best performer. Not as prolific as September, however, 4 goals in 4 games is nothing to complain about

December 2012 & January 2013


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Brought in on loan for only 800 pounds a week, should be a decent 4th choice inside forward

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Sent out on loan. Should be given lots of playing time

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Our 2nd player sent out on loan over January. I'm expecting to him some back with some assists under his belt


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A quite comfortable win despite only winning by 1. With Lauth out injured, Shou Wood really stepped up when needed

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Not a bad result in fairness. Because of the fixture congestion I played mostly u21's and a few subs in this match and given their inexperience and lack of playing time of late, only going down by 2 goals against the 2nd best team in the country impressed me

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A dull match up until the 80th minute. We really should have put more past the team on the bottom of the ladder

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Player of the Month

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Another impressive month for Shou Wood, this time scoring 3 in 2 games

​February 2013


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2 points lost. We lead from early on, but couldn't see the game out to the final whistle

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A top of the table clash between the 2 overachieving teams in the league. Once Lauth scored the first we never looked like conceding

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An action packed 1st half was followed by a dull 2nd. Thankfully, our ability to keep the ball ensured they didn't threaten us often

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A poor result given the number of chances we had. Our finishing was seriously lacking which cost us

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We remain on top, however those behind us are still very close. A slip up, or two could send us out of the promotion places

Player of the Month

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Another strong month for Schindler, he seems to be looking to become a serious top flight player in the future. I wouldn't put it past him to perhaps make a German CB his own in a few years

March 2013


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A good comeback win. But no less than I expected especially at home

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Although virtually out of the promotion race, still a strong side. Unlike alot of other matches this season, our finished got us over the line

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A commanding win. For a second week in a row our finishing was excellent!

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An injury crisis of a game. The 1st half saw 5 of our players either taken off injured or needing the physio. I was seriously worried. The boys did very well in the circumstances

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Our month of all wins has given us some breathing space on top of the ladder which could come in handy towards the final few matches

Player of the Month

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Despite the number of chances we've put away this month, my player of the month has to go to our rock-at-the-back. He's been consistently good all season and now he's finally got the recognition he deserves

Please explain matches (results etc) yourself and generally have more input yourself cos its a ******* always having to click on the pictures and having to wait till they open to see whats going on ....
Thank you for your feedback mate! I was wondering how people were finding it.

I think I will adopt what you've said by posting the result above the SS and so on.

Anyone know if there's a way to upload a SS that's not so huge?
Does anyone else have any suggests about ways to better my presentation?
Does anyone else have any suggests about ways to better my presentation?

Love the story so far!

I'd suggest maybe a little more about how your key players are performing/any particular players you've become attached to. I always love that element of stories.

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April 2013


1. FC Kaiserslautern 1 - 0 1860
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Another top of the table clash! Despite us keeping onto the ball more than them, away from home, against what I'd consider to be the strongest set of players in the league, we just couldn't find the net. Disappointingly, only 3 of our 13 shots tested their keeper. More annoyingly for me was the way they scored, one route one ball up the middle that their ST latched onto was enough to see out the game.

FC St. Pauli 2 - 0 1860 München
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2 league losses in a row for the the first time this season. I was fuming after this match. For a second week in a row our shooting was appalling. I think tactically I'll need to sit everyone down and discourage shots from range, instead, try to work the ball into the box to even out our shots to goals ratio.

1860 München 4 -1 FC Ingolstadt 04
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Not for the first time this season, just when I think of reshaping our tactic to work their keeper more we go out and score with 80% of our shots! Our 3 attacking midfield's were fantastic in this match, each getting a goal which they deserved.

Eintracht Braunschweig 2 - 0 1860 München
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A tightly contested and cagey match. Both teams had good chances, however, they were more impressive in front of goal. The heavy rain didn't make it easier for us, our short passing style was undone as the ball held up in puddles.

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Easily our most disappointing month. 3 points from a possible 12 is simply unacceptable given how well we've preformed this season!

View attachment 369306
Somehow we still managed to claw onto top spot despite our troubles this month. In doing so we've managed to secure at least a play-off position (3rd place in league 2 plays 16th position in league 1 for promotion/relegation).

Player of the Month

Moritz Stoppelkamp
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My hardest choice for Player of the Month this season as in fairness, no one really deserved it after this months form. Given the number of goals we let in, and the misfirings of Shou Wood and Lauth a midfielder was really the only option. Perhaps fortunate for Stoppelkamp, he was the best of the bunch.​