41122W Racelicious  II

41122W Racelicious II











La si prova asap è già in training per la prossima stagione ma prima vinco il titulo col 41212! Tanto lo so che se cambio qualcosa a metà stagione succedono disastri :ROFLMAO:. Ma Stuani a 54 è da manicomio :eek::eek::eek:
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My season with Newcastle. Just amazing. GREAT TACTIC!!


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Preview Total Focus Lucca al Toronto... non guardà i total, guarda i minuti... un gol ogni 27 minuti :eek::eek::eek:.

Lorenzo Lucca_ Stats.png
Maestro @DeliciousStory TFC season finally over despite a billion of central & north american cups. Won ALMOST everything (lost only vs Barça in the club world cup) with absolute domination. I admit that my team is illegal for MLS & Canada standard but the domination continued against strongest Mexican teams. Supertop tactic, honestly it seems very similar in play and performance to the 41212 but I like the idea of an asymmetric AMR 🤣 . Perhaps the shape with 3 AFs is slightly more effective but I can't accept playing without AMC because AMC is life!

The monster... Lucca... mid-season signing, No.9 shirt, total focus STC cristone (corner + penalties + free kicks), result: 61 goals in 26 games. Too bad for the absurd schedule at the end of the season (a couple of weeks with matches every other day :eek:) which forced me to crazy turnover and load management reducing appearances, minutes and goals. I don't think there was a game where Lucca didn't score (including Barça before going out injured 😭) also because on the rare bad days there was always the corner bonus. Let's see what he can do in a full season next year... daje cristone!

Major League Soccer_ Stages-2.pngToronto FC_ Competitions.pngToronto FC_ Overview.pngLorenzo Lucca_ Attributes.png
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Vacca boia stavo a fà una stagione super cow focus col Toronto ma l'Al-Nassr mi ha fregato Lucca a metà stagione con la clausola. 63 gol in 23 apps... Annata da record buttata nel cesso li mortacci loro

Lorenzo Lucca_ Career Stats.png
Vabbè hai thuram che è una bella mucca pure lui :D
è un bel bovazzone che ha pure una buona velocità ma dal corner me ne insacca meno della metà di Lucca 🤷‍♂️. Cmq pure lui e Bynoe-Gittens hanno clausole a 8M è l'unico modo per farli venire in quel cesso de MLS 🤣. Un bel vitello veloce che costa niente è Benchimol te lo consiglio vivamente anche per l'europa anche se magari no nei top club