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Sep 15, 2005
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This incredible pack contains over 50,000 cut-out player faces for FM 2010!

They are all excellent quality and has been put together bya great team of people over at




Installation Instructions

Step 1

You need to have a Bit Torrent client to download this file. I recommend using uTorrent which can be downloaded here.

Step 2

Download the file by clicking the 'Download File' button above.


Step 3

On the next page click where it says 'DOWNLOAD THIS TORRENT'.


Step 4

When asked what you want to do with the torrent file. Open it with uTorrent that you downloaded in Step 1.


Step 5

The torrent file should now open in uTorrent and you will get something looking like the screenshot below. You should save the file to a temporary folder such as My Documents. Make sure that the checkboxes next to the 2 files are TICKED.


Step 6

The torrent will now start to download. This could take a long time as it all depends on how many other people are sharing the file. But once it is done and it says 100.0% select the torrent and then click the Files tab below it and right click on MEGAPACK and choose Open.


Step 7

You will now get a screen like the screenshot below. Click on Extract To.


Step 8

For the destination path please enter...

Windows XP Users
C:\Documents And Settings\[YOUR ACCOUNT NAME]\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010\graphics\

Windows Vista & Windows 7 Users
C:\Users\[YOUR ACCOUNT NAME]\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010\graphics\

Then click OK.


Step 9

The file will now extract the images and put them into the folder you just selected. This may take a while (took around 30 minutes for me) depending on your computer.


Step 10

Once it has finished extracting open up FM 2010 and go to Preferences > Display & Sound and make sure you UNTICK the box that says 'Use Skin Cache' and TICK the box that says 'Always Reload Skin on Confirm'. Then click Confirm.





If you are experiencing very slow download speeds in uTorrent then do this...

Right click along the bottom of the uTorrent window and choose Enable DHT.

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Why is it a torrent.? I hate them i really do :mad:

I downloaded one once and i got a massive virus and had to buy a new pc.
Torrents are fine. You probably just downloaded a unsafe torrent for illegal software :p

Torrents are best for websites as they don't use up server bandwidth. Especially huge files like these.
I hate torrents too but love cut out facepacks,they are so much smarter.What a dilemma. :(
You can't beat those cutout facepacks though. Huge file btw, a days downloading but well worth it
Hopefully shortly then there will be mirror links made available.
1.4 GB...
another link please..
Takes too long as is, im getting massively long download time, me thinks give a miss on this one unless made quicker and easier to get it.
Do these files ever get split into sevral smaller files i.e. England, Germany, Brazil etc which can be downloaded as a normal file??
Never been able to download a torrent file, always says 6 or 7 days!! longest i'm ever home is 8 hours :(
It is coming up as 2.56GB for me :O
I love how some people are saying 'im not downloading this till you make it available from such and such' or 'thats too big screw that' just dont download it guys. cheers sean i'll be setting this to download now
It is massive.. but I'm still downloading it. It is actually going quite quickly... already on 11% :)
Mine is still downloading :/
68% :(
For all the moaners out there I have now added some rapidshare links in the first post.

I love how some people are saying 'im not downloading this till you make it available from such and such' or 'thats too big screw that' just dont download it guys. cheers sean i'll be setting this to download now

Thanks. Torrents are easy to use I don't know why there are so many people who complain.
cant figure it out myself either man especially when they're getting something to improve their game without having to do any of the work, anyway I'll leave it to seed for about a week.
Ok... it was on 68% and it's now back on 65% :S
I dont understand how that could have happened mate. what download speeds are you getting btw?