May 30, 2011
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Granada FC

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So as i finally have a new laptop after almost 2 months without one i have decided to have a go at a new story after losing all my saves i thought i woul go for a more challenging team after my recent foray with Man City.
Granada are probably best known as the 3rd team in the Loan Merry go round of Udinese and Watford with all clubs being own by the same family.
I have at least 5 Udinese players on loan at the moment in the side and some will definelty be in the first team.

Key Players

Guilherme LB

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Its always slightly worrying when the best player in your side is a LB but with the likes of Chelsea and Juventus sniffing around he may not be around for long to star in my team.

Mikel Rico CM

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A midfield maestro who may be the key to our success this season with most of our decent players also in this area my tactic will be key.

Torje is also a decent player but is only on loan from Udinese so he may be key for this season but is not really ours.

Season Expectations

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Well everybody thinks we are going to struggle this season even our own board so we dont get any budget so it looks like some wheeling and dealing is needed.
That was until Chelsea decided to splash £19million on Guilherme! Thats just too much for me to turn down.

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Incoming Transfers


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I signed Tote on a free before the big deal from Guilherme came in which i splashed on one player

Willfried Bony FC

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I have never had him in my own team but a lot of people seem to sign him and i have pinned all my hopes on him scoring us the goals to stay up.

Only two games in August will be up dreckly with a tactic and starting eleven.
looking forward to see how you do with these as on my saves they're usually battling it out with valencia & At Madrid for the best of the rest in La Liga
looking forward to see how you do with these as on my saves they're usually battling it out with valencia & At Madrid for the best of the rest in La Liga
Thanks man, should be able to get a few updates on today, i think the affiliation with Udinese is key to my success at least for the first season.
Granada FC

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August 2012

With no european football especially at the start of the season there are only about 8 games in 3 months so the team should be well rested.
I didnt sell or sign anyone else during this period content with seeing who can impress me in the next 6 months.

La Liga
Rayo 3 - 4 Granada
Tote 31, 94 Rico 81,88

Well what a hectic 15 minutes at the end, it was heading for a bore draw and i decided to go all out, after the first 2 goals they had instant replys but Tote's last goal was too late for them to deal with and we pick up our first win of the season.

La Liga
Granada 2 - 1 Sevilla
Gomez 30 Recio 78
Ighalo sent off 58

Well this result was more than lucky! Bony had an absolute mare of a game so was hauled off for Ighalo who got sent off for a vicious tackle in his opponents penalty area!

Granada FC

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September 2012

4 league games this month with the 2 away games against the top two! This will show what level the team is currently at.

La Liga
R Madrid 4 - 0 Granada

Well i guess that shows it, we were totally outclassed from start to finish and were lucky to only concede 4 goals.

La Liga
Granada 1 - 2 Deportivo
Brahimi 16

A much closer match but we still couldnt keep the goals out, we definelty have some goalscoring threat but our defence needs work and i still havent worked out how to use Bony best.

La Liga
Barcelona 4 - 0 Granada

Well at least they didnt beat us anymore than Madrid did but it shows that the top two are so far ahead, i think we should still be looking at a top 10 finish.

La Liga
Granada 4 - 2 Celta
Bony 8, 86 Rico 74, 82

What a result! Our best so far and hopefully i have worked out how to use Bony as he grabs his first goals for the club in his 6th game.

I will post a Table in the future but at the moment it means little.
So im having a few problems with my writing tools on this site? I may do a couple of updates that look rather plain as I am already in march and don't want to get too far ahead in the game
Yeah do a couple of quick ones then pal.
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October/November 2012
So this is the first team squad and the simple tactic, as you can see a lot of the first team are on loan and most from Udinese, i think we will struggle in that department next season as i doubt the game replicates the sort of agreement we have with Udinese in real life.
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Free transfer Tote who has had a good start to the season is out for 4 months! At 33 thats pretty much his career over.
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La Liga
Mallorca 2 - 0 Granada
A terrible result as lowly Mallorca destroy us without even a whimper.
La Liga
Granada 1 - 0 Zaragoza
Tote 80
Tote scored the late winner in his last game before getting injuried, shame to think he will miss the rest of the season!
La Liga
Levante 1 - 1 Granada
Bony 91
We should have been destroying the likes of Levante if we want a good season but im glad i may have found Bony's position as he has really struggled so far this season.
Spanish Cup 4th rnd 1st leg
Numancia 1 - 2 Granada
Bony 38, 76
Yes Bony is finally bashing the goals in! With no goals in the first 5 games and now 5 goals in 5 games are season begins here!
La Liga
Granada 1 - 0 Athletic
Bony 7
An early goal from star striker Bony and we win again, i really think we have a chance of european football as beyond the top 5 teams we can easily beat anybody on our day.
La Liga
Betis 2 - 2 Granada
Rico 19 Yebda 59
A late goal from Betis spoils the day and every time i feel we are moving forward we take a step back like this.
La Liga
Granada 6 - 1 Osasuna
Bony 2, 9, 49, 73 Torje 13, 84
Thats more like it! Bony has been on fire and with Torje on the wing setting him up he cant fail to score! He now has 10 goals in 8 games and will be sorely missed along with about 5 other players when the ****** African Cup of Nations starts!
La Liga
Valladolid 1 - 0 Granada
We go from one extreme to the other, i dont personally think there is much of a difference between Valladolid and Osasuna so i dont know how this happened.
Spanish Cup 4th rnd 2nd leg
Granada 3 - 0 Numancia
Bony 29, 30 Angulo 84
Bony knows how to frustrate me! He goes from scoring 4 goals to having a mare and then banging in 2 goals in 1 minute in this match!
La Liga Table and Stats
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Thats right, i know its only early days but 6th place and a Europa league spot is in our grasp, i definetly feel a top half finish is on the cards and european football would be amazing.
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Bony is up there with the top scorers in the league at the moment and as you can see thats mainly thanks to right winger Torje who Udinese will no doubt be wanting back at the end of the season!
Right well that's a couple more months up I really don't know why it wont let me do anything even things like pressing enter to go to the next line does not work!
Right well that's a couple more months up I really don't know why it wont let me do anything even things like pressing enter to go to the next line does not work!
I have the same issue and its a pain in the ****!! I want to start a new story but its pointless until its sorted because presentation is key I think :/
I have the same issue and its a pain in the ****!! I want to start a new story but its pointless until its sorted because presentation is key I think :/
Agreed. I don't know why it suddenly happened! I have posted on the discussion, technical help and support sections but have not had any useful replies back!
Looking good so far, and if I can, I will definitely sign Bony.
December 2012
6 games in our buisiest month yet with some tough games against the likes of Sevilla, Malaga and At Madrid
La Liga
Granada 3 - 0 Espanyol
Torje pen 21, 60 Angulo 84
A comfortable win as we destroy Espanyol and Torje yet again proves why he is the best player at the club, i have been testing Udinese about his price and at the moment cannot get it any lower than £11million which would be a huge part of any future budget.
La Liga
Malaga 1 - 0 Granada
One of the 5 teams i think are better than us in the league showed why with an early goal and then they simply shut up shop.
Spanish Cup 5th rnd 1st leg
Granada 2 - 2 Sevilla
Torje 46 Bony 85
Bony gives us a glimmer of hope in the tie late on but i cant see that we are going to go to their place and get a result.
La Liga
Granada 3 - 0 R. Sociedad
Torje 51 Bony 67 Ighalo 91
The usual suspects Bony and Torje grab the headlines, even Bony's late replacement Ighalo gets in on the goals, both of my strikers will be missing in January!
Spanish Cup 5th rnd 2nd leg
Sevilla 0 - 0 Granada
Sevila win on Away goals
We ran it closer than i thought we would but we couldnt manage the finished artical and grab a goal.
La Liga
At Madrid 1 - 2 Granada
Bony 71 Brahimi 82
Another outstanding result as i give Bony a deserved rest at the start but his services are needed once again to secure us a huge victory before Christmas.
La Liga Table and Stats
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4th place! We have had an amazing start to my time at Granada but i will be missing 6 players in January due to the African Cup of Nations including Bony, European football is now the priority and hopefully a change in expectations in the new year
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Bony and Torje are both in the top halfs of the goals and assists charts.
Looking good so far, and if I can, I will definitely sign Bony.

He has definetly been hot and cold for me not to spoil too much but after scoring in the At Madrid game for me on the 22nd of December he does not score again until the 24th of March! I manage to get him for relatively cheap aswell and he was the only worthwhile attacker to sign thanks for reading
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January 2013
I only made the one signing which was the free transfer of Javad Nekounam, he is my go to man in the free transfer market in January and will be a key part to the second half of the season.
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Thanks to the African Cup of Nations our side is looking very different in the new year and all our transfer listed players make up our subs bench, we definetly have a lack of depth in the side.
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Hope i dont leave before the story has even got started! No contract offer yet and Frank de Boer is gunning for my job.
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La Liga
Granada 2 - 1 Valencia
Nekounam 50 Torje 84
Nekounam makes an instant impact for the side grabbing the equalizer before a touch of class from Torje.
La Liga
Getafe 2 - 2 Granada
Iriney 49 Rico 94
Rico saves our bacon here and grabs us an undeserved point in this poor match.
La Liga
Granada 3 - 1 Rayo
Nolito 14 Nekounam pen 62 Ighalo 79
DMC Nekounam scores his second goal in 3 games to prove his worth to the side after i was slated for signing him in the press.
La Liga
Sevilla 0 - 0 Granada
Bore Draw, at the beginning of the season i would have bitten your hand off if you offered me this result.
La Liga Table
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Currently in the lofty heights of 3rd but there is only 5 points between us and 10th and i have to face Barca and Real next month.
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Torje has not set up a goal in the league for ages now and Bony has fallen down the goalscoring charts due to his ACON departure.

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Febuary 2013
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Tote, Rico and worst of all Torje pick up nasty injuries which will see them all miss the rest of the season and Torje probably has now played his last game for the club.
La Liga
Granada 0 - 2 Real Madrid
La Liga
Deportivo 2 - 0 Granada
La Liga
Granada 0 - 2 Barcelona
I guess this really shows the gulf in quality in the spanish league as we were third at the beginning of the month and lost 3 in a row to the top two and a defensive Deportivo side, this has knocked our Euro dreams big time.
La Liga
Celta 0 - 3 Granada
Ortiz 24 Nekounam 68 Diakhate 92
Well what can i say? The African players were back after 6 weeks away and we destroyed Celta putting ourselves back in contention for a Europa League Spot.
La Liga Table
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Down in 6th now with only 3 points seperating us from 10th! The season could spiral out of control quick if we dont get our act together next month.
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None of our players are doing anything special bar the fact our GK and CB have played every league game this season.
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March 2013
Youth Intake
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I thought as there is not a lot of quality in my side i might pick up a few stars of the future but none of them look even remotely good!
La Liga
Granada 0 - 0 Mallorca
Our hoodoo against lowly Mallorca continues as does our poor form.
La Liga
Zaragoza 0 - 3 Granada
Bony 41, 91 Nolito 45
Nice to see Bony back on the scoresheet after 3 poor months, i definetly feel like we need another striker but add that to needing a new GK and all the loans finishing so needing a new AMR, AML and DR im going to need a fortune in the summer!
La Liga
Granada 3 - 0 Levante
Munua o.g 11 Nekounam 33 Nyom 37
This match was all over pretty quickly with Nekounam nabbing his 4th goal for us in only 8 appearances.
La Liga Table
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Everything is so tight from 4th down but Sociedad look set for 3rd place now 6 points clear of us, i was looking for a top half finish at the start of the season so Champions League football would be incredible! At the start i said i felt there was 5 teams better than us but some of them are doing terribly! The obvious 2 are doing ok but Malaga, Valencia and especially At Madrid are having terrible seasons.
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Not many highscorers in the league this season with Messi usually on around 3o by now, Nelson Oliveria is the suprise package of the season!
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April 2013
La Liga
Athletic 2 - 0 Granada
A poor way to start the month after recent results picked up but we now have 5 first team players out for more than 2 months!
La Liga
Granada 2 - 1 Betis
Diakhate 23 Bony 36
2 early goals as Bony decides to show up for this game after some poor performances over the second half of the season.
La Liga
Osasuna 0 - 2 Granada
Nolito 13 Ortiz 34
My two wingers grab the goals for us and Ortiz has had a good few months after i found him in the reserves, he is getting on a bit now but used to be a star player for me a few years ago when i had a save as Almeria.
La Liga
Granada 2 - 0 Valladolid
Yebda 12 Bony 59
Another good victory as we set ourselves up for a huge final month of the season and a Champions League push.
La Liga
Espanyol 1 - 1 Granada
Nekounam pen 56
We really should have won this match but it was that man Nekounam who bags another penalty.
La Liga Table
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3rd!!! Its still tight up at the top but all our remaining games are very winnable with even At Madrid looking poor at the moment, we really cant slip up though with 3 points seperating us from 8th
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Going well so far mate. Very surprised about Ath Madrid.
Going well so far mate. Very surprised about Ath Madrid.
Yeah I know I thought they would be 3rd! Im surprised how well we have done we may suffer from second season syndrome with the amount of players who will leave in the summer but I really thought we would be behind the likes of At Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia, Bilbao and Malaga.