May 21, 2012
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Hello there. This is gonna be my first story on here about a save I'm just about to start. So far I've always been into taking over a club and developing it, focusing on youth and trying to push for the Champions League with the club, usually setting myself some limits to make stuff more enjoyable (hence I never won it :D). This one is gonna be different, as it is gonna be my very first journeyman save. With a pretty simple aim in mind – winning every single title available for me while managing in Scandinavia (okay, only top divisions and cups, but still). This means winning following trophies:

  • [*=center]Allsvenskan, Svenska Cupen and Supercupen in Sweden
    [*=center]Superligaen, Landspokalturneringen and Super Cup in Denmark
    [*=center]Tippeligaen, Norgesmesterskap and Superfinalen in Norway
    [*=center]Veikkausliiga, Suomen Cup and Liigacup in Finland
    [*=center]Pepsideild, Bikar Karla, Deildabikar and Super Cup in Iceland
    [*=center]Champions League, Europa League, European Super Cup and Club World Cup

20 trophies to go for. Plus I'm potentially getting into international management, we'll have to see. All of this is quite some way off yet as I'm starting as unemployed Faroese manager Hallur Poulsen*. Experience is set to Sunday League footballer. I'm starting in February 2012 in Sweden with a custom database (large + all Scandinavian players) with every Scandinavian league activated. I think that's it! Should be fun!

P.S. Tell me about any major language errors, English is not my native language, even though I think it should be just fine. ;)

* Somewhat "legendary" regen on my FM12 game with Lyngby BK. Emerged through my youth system and scored the winner against rivals FC Kobenhavn on his debut, being 16 yo. Best Faroese regen I ever had (well.... not that much of an achievement tbh :D).


Manager history table

2012Bodens BKSwedish Second Division North10thSurvived Relegation Playoff...
2013Bodens BkSwedish Second Division North1stPromotion!
2014Bodens BKSwedish First Division North1stPromotion!
2016FHIcelandic First Division......

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Bodens BK is a Swedish football club located in Boden in Norrbotten. The club, formed 1916, is currentlyplaying in the fourth tier of Swedish football, Division 2. (Source: wikipedia)

So the first somewhat appealing offer comes from Sweden's far north. Bodens BK is currently 10th​of 12 teams in its division, having only collected seven points from ten matches. That would mean a relegation playoff, something I really want to prevent. There are more than just a few problems though....take a look yourself.

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This is a pretty short and very unbalanced squad. A lot of work ahead. But let's take a closer look at what we've got.

Goalkeepers: Well, ****. Nothing here. Torstensson and Svensson have the goalkeeping ability of your average scarecrow. Improvement is not needed, it's mandatory.

Defense: Four somewhat useful CBs, two good RBs, no LBs. Probably gonna do with some retraining. No urgent changes needed.

Midfield: Goodness. There's Ryan Gracia. And there's... oh wait. No one, right. Two of my CBs are competent at DM, so we have a DM and a CM. Gabriel Winblad von Walter has a pretty fancy name and is one snail of a right winger. I should also mention Emil Kauppi, a really good looking midfielder. With a torn harnstring. Seriously, we need some footballers and stuff.

Strikers: Yeah, nothing again. Nylund is somewhat okay as a poacher, Winblad van Walter could do as well, but apart from that, nothing.

Below are screenshots of our star players. As you can see, we're not quite up for Champions League football yet.

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This is gonna be a busy first week. We need players, otherwise we're going down. With the players at hand we're best off shutting up shop and hoping to squeeze out a few wins unless we can get in some relevant improvements. I can't really tell what kind of tactic it's gonna be, probably a 4-3-3 or a 4-1-3-2, depending on what kind of players I can get in.
Financially the club is 20k per year over the wage budget. Well... At least we've got a neat stadium (5000 all-seater) and decent facilities. Still, this certainly is gonna be a challenge.​
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June/July 2012
(I have decided to put together June and July due to playing only one game in June.)

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28.06.2012 / Bodens BK (10.) – Piteå IF (8.) / 2:0 (0:0)

1:0 Winblad von Walter (52.)
2:0 Eklund (67.)
PotM: Ryan Gracia (BBK / 7.6)

A nice, solid victory in my first game as manager. Our defense looked very solid, Gracia pulled the strings in midfield and a superb performance by youth winger Hans Berg, who assisted both goals, assured victory against a weak opponent.


05.07.2012 / Bodens BK (9.) - Umedalen (2.) / 2:0 (2:0)

1:0 Nyberg (15.)
2:0 Nyberg (35.)
PotM: Johan Nyberg (BBK / 8.8)

Impressive. Maybe we're not all that bad after all, defeating second-placed Umedalen without any problems. Nyberg scored two tap-ins to keep another three points at home. Bad news: We'll be without Gracia for one week and without Berg for at least seven weeks. He did unexpectedly well and is our only left winger really.


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Well, it's something. We have not been able to find ANY useful players, so instead I relied on youth players so far. This will hopefully prove useful, loan players are always positive. 15k is not too much money, but we'll take it.


12.07.2012 / Selångers FK (6.) - Bodens BK (9.) / 2:0 (2:0)
1:0 Norén (29.)
2:0 Buzuku (42.)
PotM: Oskar Norén (Selånger / 8.0)

We weren't all that bad. Our main problem was CB Emil Johannsson, who gifted away both goals, as well as the injury of Gracia, who is the only one able to give our game some much needed structure. It still hurts to lose despite being superior in pretty much every department.


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We sign Sierra Leonean striker Morris Lewis. He is horrible but will do as striker number two.


19.07.2012 / Bodens BK (10.) - Sollefteå GIF (4.) / 2:1 (1:0)

1:0 Nyberg (42.)
2:0 Lundgren (52.)
2:1 Andersson (90.+3)
PotM: Fredrik Lundgren (BBK / 8.4)

Gracia is back and we win again. Shows how important he is to us. Another comfortable win, based on a rock-solid defense and a somewhat clinical offense. Goals came from a messed up cross and a corner, but a win is a win. Happy with that.


26.07.2012 / Mariehem IF (4.) - Bodens BK (8.) / 2:0 (1:0)

1:0 Larsson (37.)
Lundberg (Mariehem) sent off (40.)
2:0 Vidmark (65.)
PotM: Johannsson (Mariehem / 8.2)

A disappointing loss, especially after they had a man sent off. We didn't even get close. That puts us back into the relegation zone. 2:0 wins for the home team are slowly getting boring... ;)


A good first month with three wins and two losses, nine points out of five games. Still we're stuck on the playoff place, but I'm confident we can get out of there. Seven more games to go, if we can keep up our decent form, we'll stay up.

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There are still a lot of problems though. We can't seem to get any players in, hopefully this changes in the transfer window in August. Financially we are making losses every month and I can't really see a way to change this to be honest. Hopefully we can push for promotion next season.

Our player of the month could have gone to three players really. Ryan Gracia, who is the focal point of our midfield, Johan Nyberg who scored three important goals in June and July and Fredrik Lundgren, who really did a great job preventing goals. I haven't shown a screenshot of the latter, plus he has the best average rating so far, so Fredrik Lundgren it is!

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If there are any concerns about the presentation or anything else really, please tell me, I'm open to any suggestions!
August 2012

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We start the month with two very important games. First is our cup game at Malmö against Rosengård, next is the home match against 12th​ placed Morön (seriously). One signing comes in on August 1st​, Magnus Nilsson-Allén joins the club as part of our new youth concept.

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01.08.2012 / FC Rosengård – Bodens BK 0:3 (0:1)

0:1 Dacin (39.)
0:2 Eklund (52.)
0:3 Berggren (72.)
PotM: Dacian Dacin/Ryan Gracia (both BBK / 8.3)

Great game by the boys. Clinical finishing up front, solid defensive work at the back and complete domination in between. Also a nice debut for Nilsson-Allén, who had a solid game. We're in round two, time to pray for an easy opponent to get into the group stages.


Two more additions to the squad. Midfielder Sebastián León and winger Victor Söderström join the club on loan from parent club Hammarby. Both should get some game time.

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The cup draw matches us with Brommapojkarna IF, a strong second tier side. This is a cool match up for me as I've only managed in Sweden once before. Which team you ask? C'mon, take a guess...


10.08.2012 / Bodens BK (10.) - Morön BK (12.) / 3:0 (2:0)

1:0 Nyberg (37.)
2:0 Lundgren (41.)
3:0 León (89.)
PotM: Fredrik Lundgren (BBK / 8.2)

A good win, but that was a mandatory win to keep our heads above water. Still a good game and a good win. León came from the bench to score on his debut while Söderström assisted the 1-0. Nice to see the signings settle in that quickly.


We manage to get rid of no fewer than 11 players. Utter deadwood.


15.08.2012 / Bodens BK (9.) - Skellefteå FF (1.) / 1:0 (1:0)

1:0 Gracía (9.)
PotM: Fredrik Lundgren (BBK / 7.5)

What a huge result! It's not like we just squeezed out that win, we could and probably should have won this one much more comfortable. But Gracias first goal for us is enough to secure three vital points against the drop as well as a nice warm up for our match against BP...


18.08.2012 / Bodens BK – Brommapojkarna IF / 1:2 (1:1)

1:0 Nyberg (6.)
1:1 Söderström (20.)
1:2 Jönsson (82.)
PotM: Hampus Jönsson (BP / 8.0)

This hurts. It's not the fact that we lost, but HOW we lost. The difference in class was not even remotely visible and we should have been one up by the time they scored the winner. Great game by the team, we can still be proud of that performance.


23.08.2012 / Anundsjö IF (6.) – Bodens BK (9.) / 0:1 (0:1)

0:1 Gracia (32.)
PotM: Linus Widmark (BBK / 8.2)

That is how you gotta play when in relegation danger. Nothing spectacular once again, but once more wejust did the job and deservedly won. Three more points, which finally gives us a noticeable advantage. We're now 7th​, 3 points ahead of the playoff place. We could still realistically end up anywhere between 3rd​ and 11th​, it's that close.


The board improves our youth coaching and gives us another scout to play with. It is something.


30.08.2012 / Härnösands FF (10.) - Bodens BK (7.) / 1:0 (1:0)

1:0 Zulovic (63.)
PotM: Abdul Bangura (HFF / 7.3)

Gutted. This was a major game against the team on the dreaded playoff spot we should have won or at least drawn to keep our head out of trouble. But we simply didn't play football and our goalkeeper remembered me calling him a scarecrow apparently. Back to 9th​ again, GD could be our savior.


It's been a mixed month for us. We only lost twice, one of which was a bonus game for us pretty much. The other loss was absolutely lethal though. Despite getting nine points from our four games we are 9th​, only ahead of the playoffs on goal difference, with three games to go. This sounds completely negative, but it really isn't, as we're only two points of 4th​place. It is just that unbelievably close.

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Player of the month goes to Linus Widmark. The 17 year-old full back did really well this month and certainly is one to watch out for. I really like how he is a model professional without any tutoring, sometimes you just gotta be lucky. He performed well all month, no matter where he played (or rather had to play) - left, right, midfield – he performed. Good boy.

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September 2012

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Youth Intake

Looks ****** and probably is. I'm not gonna bother posting one of these guys unless they really step uplater on. Nice to see we have a Faroese regen, he was obviously signed immediately.


10.09.2012 / Tegs SK (8.) - Bodens BK (9.) / 3:1 (2:0)

1:0 Örnfjäll (3.)
2:0 Örnfjäll (31.)
3:0 Trstena (71.)
3:1 Söderström (90.+1)
PotM: Not my goalkeeper.

This was far worse than horrible. We didn't work, we didn't put up a fight, we simply forfeited after conceding an early corner. No excuse to lose like this. Needless to say we drop to the place of death. Screw this.


20.09.2012 / Bodens BK (10.) - Assi IF(7.) / 2:0 (1:0)

1:0 Dacin (31.)
2:0 Dacin (85.)
PotM: Dacian Dacin (BBK / 9.2)

After our recent defensive performances I decided to change our line-up at the back for this game. Our RB Haris Devic goes out, in comes Romanian center half Dacian Dacin. What a pick. He (apparently) is our 4th​ best CB at the club but looked classy at the back while scoring two up front. Of course, both goals resulted from set pieces, but who am I to give *****? Vital win. One more to go.


If you like exciting finishes, here we go. Let me introduce to you the last day of the Swedish Second Division North. This is the current situation.

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We do not care about the matches 'Mariehem – Morön' and 'Härnösand – Sollefteå', the other three matches are pretty interesting. Things are pretty simple. If we win, we're through. If we draw, we're through. If we lose, Piteå will overtake us, as will the winner of Selånger – Assi (in case of a draw Assi). If Anundsjö win their match against champions Skellefteå, we get into the playoffs.
Let's just not lose, okay?


28.09.2012 / Piteå IF (11.) - Bodens BK (7.) / 2:1 (0:0)

0:1 Söderström (56.)
1:1 Lindblom (61.)
2:1 Wright (87.)
PotM: Matthew Wright (7.4)

Congratulations, we have done the impossible. There was one road to the playoffs: losing against Piteå while Amundsjö defeat Skellefteå. I don't even really know how we lost the match. We dominated, scored, then conceded an unlucky goal, kept on dominating and lost to a last-minute howler by our CB. Playoffs. Seriously, screw this.


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Time to calm down. We were incredibly unlucky in pretty much every way possible so far. If there is something like justice in life, we'll get through the playoffs alive. Hopefully. I honestly haven't got a clue how this will work out as I haven't had a team that bad before going into a relegation playoff in the lowest league possible. What I do know is that I'm out of job if I lose. Good situation to be in.

You want a player of the month? Take this screenshot of Dacian Dacin and leave me alone. ;)

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October 2012

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This month is gonna be incredibly important. Two games to go, no room for failure. Our task is certainly not eased by our recent injury problems. We'll be without Sebastián León and Fredrik Lundgren until the season is over, Gabriel WvW will miss the first leg and captain David Simbo has international friendlies for Sierra Leone which are obviously more important than the playoffs.


14.10.2012 / Bodens BK – Kållered SK/ 2:1 (1:1)

1:0 Nyberg (15.)
1:1 Arvidsson (43.)
2:1 Lewis (74.)
PotM: Joakim Eklund (BBK / 7.2)

It's just rotten luck. We lost our only striker capable of even spelling „goal“ and both of our right-backs to injuries early on after the former scored the lead.They equalized with their only shot on target. At least Lewis finally scores a goal for us to give us a somewhat decent position to secure survival.


Widmann (RB) out for 3 months, Devic (RB) and Nyberg (ST) out for 9 to 12 days. This makes it 6 injured first-teamers. Debut time for quite a few reserve and youth players.

18.10.2012 / Kållered SK – Bodens BK / 0:2 (0:2) [First Leg 1:2]

0:1 Söderström (11.)
0:2 Söderström (16.)
PotM: Victor Söderström (BBK / 8.8)

And then the tension is suddenly gone. Two early away goals by Victor Söderström let us survive this season with a huge, huge scare. Let's just forget about this and attack the other side of the table next season.


We survived.

Player of the month is Victor Söderström, scoring the two most important goals of my young career so far.

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Off-Season 2012/13

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So we barely survived the last season by escaping via the playoffs. I was expecting to be fired, but instead I was offered a new contract for another year. Should I fail to achieve promotion, the contract will probably not be extended. That is one ambitious board. To help me achieve the aim of promotion I was granted a nice budget and even some transfer funds. The problem is I can't find the players to spend this money on. Still, let's take a look at our transfers so far.

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Dacian Dacin and Morris Lewis were the main players to leave us, both not being more than backups to the team with quite some wage demands.
The ins:


View attachment 314602

Santeri Viitasaari could be considered the replacement for Dacin. He is a very solid CB and should do a good job in defense next to Lundgren. Should definitely improve the side.


View attachment 314603

Simon Brännström will probably become our striker no. 1 this season, but he faces stiff competition from Nyberg. He is fast, not bad in the air and should really be a neat striker for this level.


View attachment 314604

Petter Tengesdal is a 16 year-old Norwegian talent for our reserve squad who really could have a future at the club.

León & Söderström
View attachment 314605View attachment 314606

Well, you already know Söderström and León from last season. I hope they can contribute once again.


View attachment 314607

Not on the screen but also new to the club is Adrian Rexhaj, another Norwegian. He'll be an option on the right wing and is noticeably faster than WvW.

Apart from that we need a second goalkeeper and more urgently a left winger. Problem is there simply are no left wingers in Sweden... it's frustrating, we'll have to see.

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Squad & tactics

Apart from that there have been a few structural changes. We pretty much revamped the backroom staff,squeezed out an additional coach and got rid of all the money in our bank account in a very pleasing way if you ask me.

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Pre-season 2013

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We played 4 friendly games to get a bit of match sharpness. The three draws at home came against Finnish second and third tier sides, Infjärdens is a lower division team. No great results but it's not awful as well, let's just hope we'll do better in the league.


As I've already mentioned, it is really hard to bring in players to the squad, even with the nice transfer kitty we've been given. Instead of not wasting the money at all, I decided to buy some staff. 15k € went into a Norwegian coach (who brought young Temmerman with him) and into Scottish director of football Willie Irvine, who was working for an obscure Norwegian club. He is certainly nothing awesome, but I hoped he'd pull a few British players outta his hat to improve the squad. Which is what he did.

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View attachment 314772View attachment 314773View attachment 314774

is already a improvement to our midfield as it seems, while Hegarty is a fast midfielder with loads of potential. I'm most excited about Kerr though for one reason. He is a real left winger and will go straight to the first team as well.

View attachment 314799

(Our regular starting eleven, probably won't be able to play even a few minutes like this due to injuries again...)


As I already mentioned, the board expects me to win the league. That is what I expect of myself as well. Should we fail, I'll be out of Boden and probably out of Sweden for a while. But actually I really think we are favorites to go up with the squad at our disposal. We'll see.
Squad looks good, hope the injuries stay away so you can achieve your potential. I don't know a lot about that league but you look good enough to win it.
Squad looks good, hope the injuries stay away so you can achieve your potential. I don't know a lot about that league but you look good enough to win it.

Injuries might become a problem again, but I think this time the squad is deep enough to get through everything but a swine flu epidemic or something like that. The league is incredibly balanced, especially since most teams had to be filled up by regens at the beginning of the first season. Quality isn't very high as far as I can tell and we're the only team that had a few useful transfers. So yeah, hopefully we'll walk away with it.
April 2013

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Here we go again! Only two games this month, both of which seem very winnable.


18.04.2012 / Härnösands FF – Bodens BK / 0:2 (0:1)

0:1 Brännström (1.)
0:2 Winblad von Walter (58.)
PotM: Gabriel Winblad von Walter (BBK /8.)

Way to start a season. 18 seconds played and Brännström heads home a WvW cross for a lead that was never threatened. In fact, backup keeper Felix Marklund hadn't had to save a single shot all game. WvW made it 2:0 in a game we completely dominated against a club predicted to finish 5th​. Good start.


25.04.2012 / Bodens BK (4.) - Robertsfors IK (3.) / 3:1 (0:1)

0:1 Nilsson (3., pen)
1:1 Winblad von Walter (55.)
2:1 Leon (65.)
3:1 Leon (84.)
PotM: Sebastián Leon (BBK / 9.2)

We overslept the first half but really stepped up after half time. A spirited performance especially by WvW and Leon helped us overcome the deficit and seal another three points. That was to be expected though, as newly promoted Robertsfors is predicted to plunge right down again.


And that was April already. We sit on top of the table as the only team to win both games so far. I am relieved we started on a run, as every single dropped point can mean difficulties in a league with only 22 matches to be played.

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The best players this month was obviously Gabriel Winblad von Walter. I actually planned to play Rexhaj instead of him but then had noticed how much he had improved over the last year. Since my arrival at the club his acceleration and pace have improved by 2 (along with a few more attributes) making him a really capable winger by now. This was proven by two goals and two assists in two games so far.

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nice challenge and you're doing well :)

I've played a lot of Swedish and Norwegian leagues in past FM games, but find them less enjoyable without the now defunct Royal League. I know it was a useless tournament IRL but helped a lot during the endless winter break of scandinavian leagues ;)

still a very inspiring challenge :)
nice challenge and you're doing well :)

I've played a lot of Swedish and Norwegian leagues in past FM games, but find them less enjoyable without the now defunct Royal League. I know it was a useless tournament IRL but helped a lot during the endless winter break of scandinavian leagues ;)

still a very inspiring challenge :)

Glad you like it, I loved your San Marino story on FM12 when I was lurking around here so it's cool to have you following ;)

The Royal League would be really cool and would help getting rid of the winter break especially in Sweden and Norway, Iceland and Finland have their own pointless League Cups and Denmark isn't all that long. But yeah, I think the idea of the Royal league is pretty cool, shame it's gone :(
May 2013

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May is gonna be a long month for Swedish standards, five games is a freaking lot! ;)


02.05.2013 / Piteå IF (5.) - Bodens BK (1.) / 1:3 (0:2)
0:1 Johansson (19.)
0:2 Viitasaari (42.)
0:3 Gracia (51.)
1:3 Rönnqvist (83.)
PotM: Emil Johansson (BBK / 8.2)

Always nice to win against rivals,especially if those rivals nearly kicked you out of the league a few months ago. We didn't dominate the game as much this time, we just scored goals whenever the opportunity arose. Two set pieces and a great counter attack with some good defending gave us the win despite a possession of only 42%.


09.05.2013 / Bodens BK (1.) - Mariehem IF (4.) / 2:4 (2:1)

1:0 Winblad von Walter (8.)
1:1 Lundmark (10.)
2:1 Brännström (16.)
2:2 Aberg (64.)
2:3 Bergman (78., pen)
2:4 Lundmark (80.)
PotM: Kim Lundmark (MIF / 9.2)

Better believe I was not happy with what I saw there. We controlled the game for roughly 60 minutes, were denied a goal and a penalty and hit the post before Aberg equalized.And then our defenders tried hard to get a day off next Thursday against Oddevold. Which is what a few of them will get. This was horrible. Hopefully this doesn't become a habit. We drop to second behind Robertsfors on equal points.


16.05.2013 / Bodens BK (2.) - Oddevold (6.) / (0:0)

1:0 Kerr (48., pen)
2:0 Brännström (59.)
PotM: Simon Brännström (BBK / 8.2)

We completely dominated this game, Oddevold didn't get a single shot on target, so our defensive changes musta worked. We actually should've been up by halftime but once again the woodwork denied us twice. Took a penalty to get going, but a win is a win. We're top again.


23.05.2012 / Sollefteå GIF (6.) -Bodens BK (1.) / 1:1 (1:0)

1:0 Lundin (33.)
1:1 Kerr (65.)
PotM: Fredrik Mähler (SGIF / 8.4)

I don't really know how we didn't win this. Lundin's goal was your average „are-you-effing-kidding-me-FM“-goal. First goal for his new club,first goal of the season. Scored from 35 meters out. Why always me? Well, we recovered well and battered their keeper as well as the crossbar for the rest of the game. Kerr's goal was enough to at least equalize. We remain on top, but as always it is close.


Gefle IF FF is somewhat of an idol club for us. They won the Second Division N back in 2000, which until now was their only piece of silverware in their 130 years of history. Now the Allsvenskan club add to that the Svenska Cupen with a surprise win over Helsingborg. Pretty sure I'll need less than 13 years to get there. ;)


30.05.2013 / IF Älgarna (9.) - Bodens BK (1.) / 2:5 (0:1)

0:1 Kerr (45.+2)
0:2 Kerr (50., pen)
0:3 Kerr (54.)
0:4 Brännström (58.)
1:4 Hoch (60.)
2:4 Lidström (87.)
2:5 Hoch (90., o.g.)
PotM: George Kerr (BBK / 9.6)

So that's that dreaded psychological effect of a goal just before halftime. We played well but couldn't score until Kerr did emphasize on some chaotic defending. After the break it took us 13 minutes to finish business, Kerr's hat-trick obviously was the highlight of that game. Things are looking good right now.


That's May wrapped up. Five games,three wins, one draw, one loss. That is good, even though it could have gone better. We sit on top of the table, one point ahead of Mariehem and two points ahead of Tegs. Looks like we'll be there or thereabouts at the end of the season, just as planned. So far we've been lucky regarding injuries, hopefully it remains this way.

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Player of the month has to go to our junior, George Kerr. Five goals and two assists this month despite missing the game against Piteå is not bad at all for a 15 year old left winger. His problem is his attitude. As you can see he is by no means progressing in training due to his unambitious personality but I'm trying to fix that already as I hope he'll be a vital part for the team in the next few years. Still a neat little player to have.

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June 2013

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George Kerr and Alex Hill have been called up for the Scottish U21 team. Nice to see we're getting noticed already. Both will miss the game against Anundsjö though, as will David Simbo, who is playing for Sierra Leone.


06.06.2013 / Bodens BK (1.) - Anundsjö IF (9.) / 0:0 (0:0)

PotM: Pontus Kristiansen (BBK / 7.2)

Oof. We were better against a team restricting itself to defending, but just couldn't get through. We should have won that game, but it wasn't to be. Mariehem overtake us.


Kerr came on after 91 minutes against Belarus, Hill played 90 minutes. Simbo played the full timeduring Sierra Leones win over Lybia.

Sebastian León will be out for a week. With Hill probably not being match fit after his Scotland adventure,I've got a decision to make and will have to resort someone unfamiliar with the position or completely out of match fitness.


13.06.2013 / Bodens BK (2.) - Umedalen IF (11.) / 3:0 (1:0)

1:0 Rexhaj (2.)
2:0 Viitasaari (58.)
3:0 Widmark (85.)
PotM: Santeri Viitasaari (BBK / 8.4)

The decision to field Adrian Rexhaj really paid off. Two minutes in and he wins the ball off an opposing defender and slots it in from the edge of the box. Then we just played our game, dominating possession and not allowing any chances while using our chances up front.


We'll have to get by without Fredrik Lundgren against Tegs, a flu is keeping him of the pitch for 2 weeks. With Petter Tengesdal also injured we're somewhat short in defense, but I think we'll be just fine.


20.06.2012 / Tegs SK (5.) - Bodens BK(2.) / 0:3 (0:3)

0:1 Kerr (12.)
0:2 Brännström (16.)
0:3 Gracia (44.)
PotM: Ryan Gracia (BBK / 8.4)

Scottish weeks in Boden. Hill sends Kerr into the box, the winger scores the lead. Same procedure five minutes later, this time Brännström takes advantage of Hill's pass.The third goal by Gracia came from a Kerr cross. We took a step back after the break, simply because we could afford it. Good result against a surprisingly weak opponent. At the same time Mariehem suffer a crippling 2-5 at Sollefteå. We're on top again.


Bad news. We'll be without Santeri Viitasaari for a month. The Finnish defender really settled in well and is an incredibly solid backbone for us.


27.06.2013 / Selångers SK (11.) - Bodens BK (1.) / 1:2 (1:2)

0:1 Brännström (2.)
0:2 Brännström (6.)
1:2 Nyström (45.+2)
PotM: Simon Brännström (BBK / 8.6)

After six minutes it seemed this game was over. This changed after 30 minutes when Simon Brännström got injured and had to be substituted. Suddenly SIF were back and got one in before half time. We had to withstand some heavy pressure after the break but we managed to keep the 3 points. Take the points, forget the performance.


June went really, really well. One draw, three wins, only one goal conceded. The end of June marks the halfway point of the season and I'm pretty happy how this is turning out. We're two points ahead of Mariehem, but apart from them there don't seem to be any competitors really. Let's just hope we can keep morale and form the way they are.

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Player of the month goes to Per Svensson, a player you probably never really noticed so far. That is because he does a solid job in goal, keeping quite a few clean sheets and constantly achieving ratings of 7.0 or similar. I cannot recall any major mistake by him this season so he really deserves this, especially as I would not have thought he might do a decent job when I arrived. Thanks for proving me wrong ;)

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July 2013

View attachment 315326

July will be immense. Games against our trailers Piteå and Mariehem could very well decide the outcome of the season. I decided that in case of a missed promotion I'll resign and probably try elsewhere. That is in case they don't sack me. ;)


04.07.2013 / Robertsfors (6.) – Bodens BK (1.) / 0:2 (0:1)

George Kerr (BBK) sent off (3.)
0:1 Brännström (34.)
0:2 Lundgren (69.)
PotM: Alex Hill (BBK / 9.0)

George Kerr will be quite happy we won this after getting sent off three minutes into the game. We however kept cool and still dominated, especially because WvW really compensated the lack of a left wing with a good performance. We grabbed the lead and then sat back to counter. One of those counters led to a corner, Hill found Lundgren and we got the win we wanted.


Kerr pays two weekly wages (13,72€) to the club. Which translated into a currency of your choice means one beer in Sweden. ;) His replacement will be loanee Victor Söderström, hopefully he can use his chance to win us some points.


11.07.2013 / Bodens BK (1.) - Härnösands FF (6.) / 1:0 (1:0)

1:0 Söderström (8.)
PotM: Victor Söderström (BBK / 8.3)

He did use his chance, a stunning Söderström strike gives us another three points. They say to win championships you need to win the dirty matches. That what we did so I guess we're on the right way.


Anundsjö 3 – 2 Mariehem. Finally some breathing room. Next up the game against third-placed rival Piteå before we go to Mariehem for the big promotion clash. This is where this season goes down.


18.07.2013 / Bodens BK (1.) - Piteå IF (3.) / 2:3 (2:1)

0:1 Lindblom (5.)
1:1 Simbo (32.)
2:1 Brännström (42.)
2:2 Modig (52.)
2:3 Lundgren (71.)
PotM: Björn Lindblom (PIF / 8.5)

Being the better team doesn't help you **** if you can't defend for your life. Linus Widmark and Fredrik Lundberg took their day off and without half of your defense your bound to concede. This was so not necessary. Especially since Mariehem won and now sit 2 points behind us. Pressure's up now.


Viitasaari is fit in time for the big clash. I'll toss him right into the cold water, if he plays the way he can, he'll be incredibly important. George Kerr is still out suspended, Söderström will get another chance to show me why Kerr shouldn't go straight back into the team.


25.07.2013 / Mariehem IF (2.) - Bodens BK (1.) / 1:2 (1:1)

0:1 Winblad von Walter (17.)
1:1 Wiberg (24.)
1:2 Lundgren (52.)
PotM: Fredrik Lundgren (8.4)

**** YES! No spectacular game but a spectacular result, at least for us it is. We were the better team and deserved the win, Lundgrens header from a set piece gave us what we had earned throughout the course of the match. Nice one, we're getting closer to promotion.


If only we had won against Piteå. We'd be running away with it. Still, good months, five points ahead with seven matches to go is nothing to scoff at.

View attachment 315329

It was hard to decide on a player of the month. I decided to settle on David Simbo, who was in good form in his defensive midfield position, setting up play well and even scoring a goal for us. He is on a huge wage and his contract is expiring, so he'll likely have to go at the end of the season. If he'd put in these kinds of performances more common, I'd try harder to get him into signing a new contract.

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August 2013

View attachment 315355

August could be the decisive month. We laid the foundation for the title with our win against Mariehem, we just need to keep doing what we've been doing all season. Four wins this month and we're through, I'm sure.


01.08.2013 / Bodens BK (1.) - Sollefteå GIF (4.) / 2:1 (2:0)

1:0 Kerr (21.)
2:0 Gracia (42.)
2:1 Lundin (89.)
PotM: Mats Lundin (SGIF / 8.0)

We did what we had to do, nothing more, nothing less. As it all is about gathering points now, I'm not gonna criticize this performance, three more points towards the title.


08.08.2013 / Bodens BK (1.) - IF Älgarna (9.) / 0:0 (0:0)

No goals.
PotM: Anton Larsson (IFÄ / 8.3)

We simply couldn't break their defensive lock. That's pretty bad since Mariehem won their game against Piteå and can't be written off yet. It's still close up there.


No game this week. Only Kerr (Scotland U19), Hill and Heggarty (both Scotland U21) are away with their respective national teams.

Mariehem lose their game in hand against Härnösand. Five games left, six points ahead.
In our game against third-placed Oddevold we'll be without suspended Gabriel Winblad von Walter. Adrian Rexhaj will get his chance.


22.08.2013 / IK Oddevold (3.) - BodensBK (1.) / 0:0 (0:0)

Goals are entirely overrated.
PotM: Sören Ferm (IKO / 7.7)

Second 0:0 in a row. Somehow our offensive play isn't too inspiring currently. We need to fix this fast, only four points ahead of Mariehem now. Not much to tell about matches like this one...


29.08.2013 / Anundsjö IF (11.) –Bodens BK (1.) / 1:0 (1:0)

1:0 Lundquist (24.)
PotM: Marcus Fransson (AIF / 8.2)

****, we're in trouble. This was by far the worst performance of the season so far, we completely forgot how to play football. No goal in three games, this is getting horrible. One spare point left. We need to come up with something quickly.


The month started well and ended in disaster. It's gonna be a week of private chats, a team meeting and probably a few changes tactically before **** goes down in September. Not looking forward to this really...

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Player of the month? Not really. We didn't even have a player of the week this month. Has to go to Ryan Gracia, who didn't do well at all, but the others were worse.

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September 2013

View attachment 315362

We start the month on a positive. Faton Trstena is one of the best players in our division. 13 goals and 5 assists in 19 games for our next opponent Tegs tell their own story. Now the positive: he was just transferred to Örebro on deadline day. :D

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It's youth intake day, isn't that exciting? Answer: No it isn't. Last year was ******, this year was worse.

View attachment 315361

To raise morale I arranged a friendly against minnows Skogså IF. We win 3:0 thanks to goals of Rexhaj and Söderström (2).

Kerr and Hill have been away with Scotlands youth team, thus Adrian Rexhaj and Victor Söderström will start the important game against Tegs.


12.09.2013 / Bodens BK (1.) - Tegs SK(6.) / 4:0 (4:0)

1:0 Viitasaari (11.)
2:0 Brännström (21.)
3:0 Yrjänä (30., o.g.)
4:0 Brännström (34.)
PotM: Simon Brännström (BBK / 9.0)

Whoa! It took us 34 minutes to stake our claim in the title race. Our offense played some football again, incredible! Meanwhile Mariehem draw their game, putting us three points ahead with goal difference being clearly in our favor. This smells like promotion if you ask me...


Alright, two more games to go. We play Umedalen (11th​) and Selånger (12th​). Three points needed. Should we manage to **** that up, I'm out of Sweden, that's for sure.


19.09.2013 / Umedalens IF (11.) - Bodens BK (1.) / 1:2 (1:0)

1:0 Stenmann (26.)
1:1 Brännström (66.)
1:2 Hill (74.)
PotM: Santeri Viitasaari (BBK / 8.1)

This one took some screaming at halftime, but it worked. We ****** up the first half and came back into life after the break. Brännström scores after a great Rexhaj assist, Hill's first professional goal ensured the win.


View attachment 315366


Mariehem lost to Oddevold so we're 6 points clear with one game to go. First silverware achieved, but still 20 titles to go for. This is gonna take a while.


26.09.2013 / Bodens BK (1.) - Selångers IF (12.) / 3:1 (2:1)

1:0 Viitasaari (15.)
2:0 Hill (33.)
2:1 Khreis (42.)
3:1 Lundgren (78.)
PotM: George Kerr (BBK / 9.0)

We did what we did all season. We won the game, showed glimpses of real class but most of the time weren't too spectacular. Young Kerr assisted all three goals. 1:0 and 3:1 came from corners, the 2:0 was one screamer of a goal from 25 yards out. This is a nice result to end the season. Next one's gonna be harder, that's for sure.


View attachment 315364

Player of the month has to go to Santeri Viitasaari. Strong at the back and scored two goals this month. No spectacular player but the definition of solid.

View attachment 315365

I have achieved what I wanted to achieve this season. Now I'm in some kind of dilemma. I've not been offered a new contract yet and see the opportunity to take over one of two "fallen giants". This might go very wrong (alas they don't approach me and I don't get a new contract at Boden) but in case I get appointed, first relevant silverware is 3 years away. Stay tuned! ;)
What a superb story! I'll follow with great ineterest.

Your English is spot on, don't worry, and the structure to your posts are perfect so there's no worries there either.

Thank you for posting your players stats with attribute graphs - not often people have the sense to!

Congrats on your progression with Boden - you are doing a wonderful job with them it seems.