Andy Gray and Richard Keys in centre of Sexism scandal...


Jun 30, 2010
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The Daily Mail reported this morning of Sky Sports Presenters, Andy Gray and Richard Keys pre-match at the Wolves vs Liverpool game making sexist remarks about the female lineswoman at yesterday's match and West Ham Director, Karen Brady.

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They have an audio recording of them making such comments as: "Can you believe that? A female linesman. Women don’t know the offside rule." Aimed towards 25 year old Sian Massey.

And also "The game’s gone mad. Did you hear charming Karren Brady this morning complaining about sexism? Do me a favour, love."

I watched the game and not one mistake was made by either linesman and it shouldn't make a difference whether the linesman is male or female.

There is a call on twitter for them both to get sacked and that if Sky keep them on, they are acknowledging sexist behaviour as okay. The hashtag #SackGrayAndKeys.

Audio link here
What a disgrace. If this was a race issue, they'd be out of the door already.
I thought she did well to be honest.

And why does it matter if she is female? It's not like only men are able to referee
What a disgrace. If this was a race issue, they'd be out of the door already.

You'd think they'd been involved with the media and game long enough to know better as well.
This is disgraceful !
A women linesman, whats the world coming too
This is disgraceful !
A women linesman, whats the world coming too

It's all fun and games as a joke, but they were deadly serious and she probably did a better job than most linesman i've seen this year.
There was a woman linesman at Reading couple weeks ago.. Got so many Sexist Comments at her.. Felt sorry.
It was a joke ladies, calm down

Of course she can do just as good a job as any male linesman
They shouldn't have said that but i'm sure loads of people were thinking the same thing at the time of the goal as it did look offside at the time but the replay proved it wasn't. Still they should know better after working for sky for 20 odd years.
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These men have been presenting for, what, nearly, if not 20 years, and they have to tar it with sexist remarks?

Really low of them.
I find it a funny that everyone is a darling angel and is quick to jump on them. I'll admit i was shocked and made a little joke when i saw a woman linesman/woman but she did good so fair play.
Also dont think they should be sacked but thats just me.
missed the game and highlights! the important question is was she fit?
I heard she got lost on the way to the kitchen..

zOMG guyzz sexisum is so 1952 durrr
I think a lot of people are casting the first stone here.

Have none of you ever made a sexist or politically incorrect remark? Not once in your life? Have you ever said anything that you wouldn't want the entire world hearing? They're involved in TV but it's not like they knew they were being recorded. True, they're famous and there's always the chance someone is recording their conversation, but can you imagine constantly having to watch every word you said because it might be recorded? Even if you didn't get caught saying something inappropriate you would probably want to quit because of the pressure.

It was never like this before, famous people including political leaders constantly made inappopriate remarks or committed scandalous acts. There wasn't the technology to record them, but even if there was, journalists had the integrity not to investigate every immoral word and action of famous people and respected their privacy. And even if journalists attempted to engage in what we nowadays call "investigative journalism," the general public didn't care because they understood that everyone makes mistakes and that no one should be crucified for one inappropriate remark or deed. John F. Kennedy was a *** addict and everyone knew he had an affair with Marilyn Monroe. Journalists didn't say anything about it because tabloid journalism didn't exist back then, and the general public was uninterested in how "moral" famous people were in their personal lives. Whatever happened to the right of privacy?!