Arsenal Report - Zonal Marking for Gooners

Of course, but Ix has to read it to him because he's frightened of long words.


1. Can we not do this every time I post please?

2. I'm apparently "head-writer" (News to me, too). Don't be disrespecting me cos you're jealous yeah?

3. Joel - All out of Cliche-ridden comebacks. All out of banter, too. Spent it all on the Arsenal Thread with Scott and Sunil (I think?)
We're pleased to announce that we've added 3 more writers to AR. To help relieve some stress at our end (Ix and Joss), we asked people to e-mail us and had some great applications.

As of now the team looks like this:

Ix Techau – publisher, graphics, editorials
Joss Bennett – head writer, match reports, editorials
Matt Bonito – match reports
Tommy Jones – match reports
Manny Keshwani – match reports

We've already got an article or two in the pipe-line for the off-season lull, and we'll be covering absolutely everything next season. Pre-season, Carling Cup, FA Cup, Premier-League and Champions League, along with some editorials.

The site is being upgraded as well, so hopefully there will be an all-round improvement and some variety in the writing.