At Home With The Hornets - A Horsham Town Story


May 3, 2012
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Horsham Town


So I've decided to do a save with my home town club. Horsham is about 20 minutes away from the mighty Crawley who are in League 1 and around 40 minutes from Brighton. The club have never really gone anywhere and in real life never will. I've been to a few games myself. Here's some information about the club:


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A whopping 28 season ticket holders, and only £7 a ticket. We're predicted to finish 16th.


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So we don't even own the Stadium, we rent it off Horsham YMCA....


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Not in great shape. Balance is good with £11k in the bank but our projected total is minus £12k by the end of the season..


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We actually have a pretty decent squad, need a new keeper, right back, left back and probably a centre back. Plus some squad players as we're rather short of players.


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So here's the league we play in. 22 teams, only the top team go up too and we really need promotion quick for financial reasons really.

There we have it for now. Not sure whether to do half season or monthly updates let me know what you'd like to see. Thanks :)
Looks good, do half season until you're in the bigger leagues!
Gonne do 2-3 month updates. A lot goes on, players coming and going a lot haha. Sound good?
August - November


Good start in the league
New signings galore
Brilliant strike partnership will be key to promotion push


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So as I said before, the squad was very very thin and will the amount of games we play in short periods we just needed numbers. Many of them 16 year olds snapped up on Non-Contracts to save money and a few key players on a whopping £100 a week. The key signings were Farrell, Skipper, Robbins and Alimi. Here's screenie's of the key new signings:

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Pretty good start!! Only one lose in a thrilling game against Eastbourne Town. As you can see most games have tons of goals, thats because keepers are just so bad at this level. Like literally embarrassing. Our main goalscorers have been Scott Tipper and Aaron Scott who have been smashing them in along with Nwachukwu and new boy Skipper has bailed us out a few times. An amazing TWO cleansheets in 16 games as I pretty much abandon trying to defend and basically just out-score the opponent, hey it seems to be working so far.

Many games are full of late goals, whether its us or the opposition making it nervous but we're doing extremely well so far also progressing in the Isthmian Ryman League Cup but I wont focus our attentions on that tournament as promotion is key. The sooner we move up the leagues and become a professional side the better.



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Top!!! For now at least. We have really pulled away in recent weeks after a bit of a patchy start as I had to tinker with my tactic to balance things out a bit plus a few signings added as well. Nine points clear at the minute but we have to remain disciplined as only first get promoted. In the next league up they have one promoted and a play-off system as well so that gives me a bit of comfort for next year providing we do get promoted this year.



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A few players have been mainstays due to there quality but there has been a fair amount of rotation. The three players that have really stood out for me though has been Scott Tipper, Aaron Scott and Tony Nwachukwu. The strike force of Scott and Tipper has been so key as they have consistently scored throughout the season as far. Also Nwachukwu has chipped in with a fair amount of goals from the Right Wing and some assists too.

Farrell and Charman deserve a mention, also Charman is my assistant haha. Adam Hutchings has done well in the rotation role in midfield with Medlock and Alimi.


''Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke'' Strike Force

Scott Tipper

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Aaron Scott

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Both of the lads have really been superb. The chemistry they show up front really reminds me of Yorke and Cole who terrorised the BPL for United. Both have nearly the same amount of goals and and assists, keeping them both fit and smashing in those goals will be key to whether we are promoted or not.

Hope everyone enjoyed the first udate. Any suggestions to improvments or anything else I could include next time please let me know :)
Next update tonight or tomorrow :) hope peeps are interested :D
November - February


Good form continues, but we did have a patchy spell
Strikers keep on smashing in those goals
Make it to the semi-final of the Ryman League Cup


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Not a lot happened for us in January just two players leaving on free's in Alimi and Harris, Alimi was sent packing due to his high wages and poor performances. Harris was poached by Horsham YMCA, I wasn't too disappointed to see him go as Medlock and Hutchings were ahead of him anyway.

Coming in to replace Alimi as our ball-winning midfielder on lower wages was Diedhiou. He has very good stats for this kind of level and is on a third of the wages Alimi was on!! He's played well so far and here's a screenie of our new recruit:

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So a solid set of results. A bit patchy in places with a number of draws and a 3-0 pasting by Ramsgate. But a great run of form going into the New Year made up for it. The highlight of those games being a 3-1 win over Canvey Island in the Cup who are in the league above us!! We were 1-0 down at half-time but a gave the lads a right bollocking and it worked sending us into the semi-final's of the cup in which we will play Dulwich Hamlet who we've beaten 4-2 and 4-1 this season so we should get into the final!! The cup run will provide us with a bit of much needed money.



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Oh dear. £17k in the red!! We are making money this season but our projected balance isn't inspiring. We need to find a way to make money, and fast!! I'm well over the wage budget allowed but its needed to secure promotion which in the long term should help us get some money in. Time will tell.



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So Gary Charman has played in almost every single game this year and has weighed in with a brilliant 15 assists and 7 goals!! As you can see our brilliant strike force of Aaron Scott and Scott Tipper have notched up 24 and 25 goals meaning 49 goals have been scored in total from them alone, and its still only February.

Special mention to Tony Nwachukwu as well who's scored 9 goals and got 11 assists from the right wing. Ashley Savage and Joe Skipper have proved to be great back up strikers as well. At the back Kyron Farrell has done great at right back considering his age. Frankie Chappell and Glen Woodburn have been very good in the middle of the back four too.


Table and Player Stats

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So despite that dodgy patch we're still top, by four points and we have a game in hand too. Ramsgate are lurking though and we have to remember on top go up, if we do throw this away you'd have to consider this season a failure. Sittingbourne are well out of it and hopefully we can pull clear of Ramsgate to avoid any late season drama.

Onto the player stats and it goes to show just how good Aaron Scott and Scott Tipper have been as they sit first and second in the top scorer list. Also Gary Charman sits top of the assists chart. Ramsgate's Pulman looks awesome and he actually smashed in a hat-trick against us, we just couldn't cope and he's a player I'll be looking at if we are promoted.


Many thanks for reading, comments and constructive criticism are welcome of course :)

Yeah I am. Dont know if there is a version that goes so low for FM13
Lowest one I found was the one I'm using, and I don't think it goes as low as that. Nice start though!!

I've finished the season so update in a bit :D
February - End Of Season


Stunning end to the season in which we score a record number of goals
Brilliant cup run as we meet Ramsgate in the Final
Dodgy spell in which we lose 3 games... did it cost us the league??


Lets get straight into it, no messing around.

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So probably our worst spell out of the 3 in which we lost 3 very tight games. As you can also see from the fixtures we won the Ryman League Cup after a stunning game against Ramsgate. In the end there was 5 points seperating us and Ramsgate.. but who finished first??

Before I reveal the table... here's a screenshot of the Cup Final:

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A great comeback, just when I thought Ramsgate were going to beat us again because of ****** Pulman scoring against us AGAIN!! Glen Woodburn scored from a corner just before half-time and that man Aaron Scott scored the winner.


League Table and Player Stats

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YES!!! We did it. Bit tighter than I would have liked but we finished on 95 points and secured promotion. Sittingbourne were way off in third but none of that matters.

****** Pulman finished ahead of Aaron Scott in the top scorers chart, but Gary Charman finished top of the assists chart.



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So the stand out players were clearly my two strikers Scott Tipper and Aaron Scott. Along with the likes of Billy Medlock, Tony Nwachukwu, Frankie Chappell and Gary Charman. Tipper unfortunately picked up an injury towards the end of the season but Ashley Savage filled in well. A number of these players will be offloaded, but not as many as originally planned as I've seen my wage budget for next season and it's suprisingly good!!


Best 11 and Player of the Season

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Here's my best 11. Going to change to my 4-2-3-1 tactic next season though as I've picked myself up a decent CAM.

No surprises who wins my player of the season:

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Guys been sensational, ex Brentford too. Who knows why they let him go, guys been sensational for us. Guess he wont cut it in League 1 but will do for know ;).


Next Season News...

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Some great news with a new sponsorship deal for 3 years. Also a nice bump up in our Wage Budget which makes me feel really confident going into next season, almost £2k extra to what we had this season!! I've made a number of signings already and hopefully we can get into the play-offs.

Been a great season, couldn't have asked for more and I'm really enjoying this save. Anything else I can include let me know and thanks for reading :D
Horsham Town Made Favourite's for Promotion

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Sussex side Horsham Town have been made favourite's to secure promotion again this season by the bookie's. Its believed manager Sam Birch's great work in the transfer market, signing no less than 15 players so far with still just over a month left of the transfer window!!

Its been a hectic time at Goring's Mead with promotion last season getting everyone excited now with Mr Birch securing some real talent on low wages keeping finances under control it looks like a bright future for the Sussex club. If Horsham are indeed promoted they will find themselves in the Blue Square Bet South league for the first time in their long history.
well done on the promotion! Reckon you can achieve back-to-back?