Dec 18, 2014
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for patch 15.2.0 / 15.2.1 m.e v1541
bad possession m.e v1541 v6 result
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View attachment 752990 selling my defender and buy balanta is a big mistake, conceded 20 goal on second half season
View attachment 753028this is my half season stat before selling defender and balanta transfer
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pep talk
revenge>pick where you left off >expect win > cont winning (all using assertive)

lose or draw = aggresive
win 1-0 = dissapoint assertive
win 2-0 or more do nothing

lose or draw = aggresive
win 1-0 = disapoint assertive
win 2-0 or more = did well assertive

v6 download link
v6 kpsia518 tweak download link
v6 Raid On tweak download link
v6 MrFunk tweak download link
v6 Will1981 tweak download link

bad possession m.e v1541 v2 result
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make sure all your CD dont have ppm "mark opponent tightly" (it will destroy your defensive shape)
OI none

IMPORTANT: make sure you disable any swap position

original v2 shape AML (pict above using this)
v2 cragswfc tweak download link

AMR shape (untested)
Bad Possession m.e v1541 v2 AMR

bad possession v3

bad possession v4

bad possession v5

bad possession v7
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tweak by cragswfc
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this is good but a good tip

To win games on FM15 is easy when you have the right tools eg this tactic . I've found that you don't need the best players. If your tactics and training schedules work, you'll win games with no problem. If you are conceding too much, alter your team training schedule; put your GENERAL TRAINING on DEFENDING on VERY HIGH and move the bar all the way to LESS MATCH TRAINING. However, put your MATCH TRAINING SCHEDULE on ATTACKING MOVEMENT. This way your team can create a lot of chances whilst no opposition can break your down your defence. I did this with Sheffield Wednesday who are a poor team .I won the league and after I got promoted i got champions league the next season.

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Have tested with Man Utd very briefly. Won all my 5 matches including 9-0 at home against West Ham and 2-1 away to Man City. I let Assistant pick team and didn't make any subs during matches.

Great tactic. Thanks.

Would love to use this with a lower rep team in Premiership, any tweaks needed or do you think it will work well even against the bigger clubs?
I'm going to test this with my promoted team, I'll let you know

E: Already going amazing I lost my match 6-2 with a previous tactic

With this tactic winning 5-0 by HT

My opponent is Liverpool and I'm Whitehawk promoted from the lowest leagues
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I think U break the game ;>
The best offense is defense ... it's work great ;)
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what a ****** good tactic!!
i play with ajax, and i plug this tactic 1 day before ajax-arsenal in won 3-1 with 11CCC's!!