Battling with the Pentagon Challenge

Jan 12, 2012
CantGetEnoughofJelavic' attempt at beating the pentagon
Hey guys, so after reading a few others' attempts at the incredibly difficult & long Pentagon Challenge - I've decided to test my skills and take it on! Hope you all follow my journey, and I hope to complete it.

Season 1 - 12/13 - Jomo Cosmos
- National First Division cup
- 2nd in National First Division
(promoted via play-offs)

Season 2 - 13/14 - Jomo Cosmos
- Was sitting in 8th (media prediction 15th)
after leaving with 4 games to go

Season 2 - 13/14 - Seongnam
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Jan 12, 2012
I started the save with the following leagues:

View attachment 282064

I was kind of hoping for a job in either Africa or Asia as I feel that's the two greater places to start, although I felt if a second tier side in Brazil or Uruguay I'd really consider it.

After applying for all available jobs at the start of the game, I was offered a few jobs in Malaysia, but a lot came from African second tier sides. I looked over all the clubs' media predictions and other information and decided Jomo Cosmos was the best choice. With a strong squad, decent finances, a fine 10k capacity stadium and media prediction of first. I felt I'd be able to get them promoted and try expand my reputation.
Some club information and finances:

View attachment 282065View attachment 282066View attachment 282067

Manager profile:
View attachment 282068

Sunday league footballer, hopped up to being known nationally after being given the Cosmos job!

Next update will be of transfers and some games at the start of the season.

Comments appreciated! Cheers!
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Jan 12, 2012
- Just want to apologize for the first two posts being a mess, had it sorted but it all went wrong, photo's wouldn't appear etc. (Will sort first post soon)

Kicking Off!

So my pentagon challenge has now officially gotten under-way with the National first division Cup, which is a KO cup that happens before the start of the league season.

This is how we got on:

View attachment 282090

Happy with the win, a competition we should be winning but it is very nice to get some silverware. Won the games confidently also, especially in the final.

The league also got under-way!

View attachment 282100
View attachment 282101

A fine start, completely equal at the top just need to keep it up

View attachment 282102

View attachment 282097
View attachment 282098
View attachment 282099

(Hoping the photo's are viewable)

Should I update you's every 3 months? 6 months?

Thanks for reading



Nov 6, 2012
I'll follow you, this sounds interesting as it's something I've never seen before (seriously, I didn't know Pentagon challenges existed, let alone knowing they're famous... This is the first one I follow)! :D


Nov 9, 2012
I will follow this too, Seems really interesting. Never heard of it myself either.
I might have a go at it too someday.
Jan 12, 2012
November 2012
Season 1 12/13 - Jomo Cosmos

So, after winning the National First Division Cup. We could then concentrate on the league.

Here is the league table and results:

View attachment 282263
View attachment 282264

A confident start, just an incredibly weird result against Thanda and one or two draws that should have been 3 points instead. Just need to keep it up and aim for promotion.

Here is the average ratings of our players so far:

View attachment 282261

Stand out performer.

View attachment 282262

Performed well and pulled the strings for the frontline.

So overall, a brilliant start. Happy overall but I think we could have done better with the draws and particularly the 3-0 defeat, I wouldn't be surprised if we had another few along the way.
Jan 12, 2012
February 2012
Jomo Cosmos - Season 1

3rd update of the first season, I'll probably do 3 a season, but since this is the first season it'll end up being 4. One after August, one at the end of January and a end of season update + Little extras along the way.

Anyway, we've made a little bit of progress in the South African FA Cup, only playing the preliminary round as of yet.

View attachment 282340

An impressive 3-0 victory over the side that had done the same to me earlier in the season. We've been going strongly in the league but we've struggled over the last 2/3 games.
View attachment 282341

View attachment 282343

Happy with how the league is going though, just need to hope we aren't on the verge of hitting bad form.

Best performer:
View attachment 282344
Sidibe has scored a few and uses his pace to frighten defences.

Average ratings:
View attachment 282345

Also, we added to our squad in the January window. Only with the one player for 65k but looks like he may be a a good signing

View attachment 282342

Anyway, see you's all at the end of the season, thanks for reading. Comments appreciated.

Jan 12, 2012
End of season 12/13
Jomo Cosmos - Season 1

So, the first season is over. In the final games of the season we managed to throw away a 2-0 lead against Santos to lose 3-2 (at that point we were equal on points with about 5 games to go). We then did the same in the following match. We also managed to throw away a 4-1 and draw 5-5.

We did manage to secure a play off spot. The play-off's are a bit of a round robin, the team who finished 2nd bottom in the Premiership joined the teams who finished 2nd and 3rd in the National First Division.

Anyway, before all that here is how we got on in the league.

View attachment 282429
View attachment 282428

So a crazy 5-5 thriller for the fans on the final day, but as you can also see two 3-2 defeats to Blackburn (RSA) and Santos -which I think if we won we would have won the league-. Anyway, we had to look ahead to the play off mini league which came pretty quickly after the league had ended.

View attachment 282437

We played out four games before the other two played meaning our two wins and two draws secured promotion for us which is massive! Something that was always expected of us but it's good to get that done.

View attachment 282440

Modibo Sidibe was top goalscorer in the league with a massive 29 goals in 29 league games and was named fans' player of the year.

View attachment 282441View attachment 282438View attachment 282442

Here is our best 11:

View attachment 282439

We now look onto the Premiership, with next to no budget and the task of avoiding relegation - Yippeee!

Kaizer Chiefs manager is 'very insecure' aswell as Swallows'

View attachment 282443
:( - Don't think we had the finance for it anyway.

See you next time!
Jan 12, 2012
August 13/14
Jomo Cosmos - Season 2 - 2013/14

So, after promotion last year we've had to bring in better players and get rid of our 'deadwood'. Here is what we did in the market:

View attachment 282469
View attachment 282470View attachment 282471View attachment 282472View attachment 282473View attachment 282474View attachment 282475

The league got going as well. A decent start but the majority of teams have a game in hand.
View attachment 282478
View attachment 282480
Just hoping a job at Orlando Pirates or Kaizer Chiefs or Sundowns come available, more chance of winning the African Champions League with them I think, we'll see though.