Not every person, plays in FMT and Instant Result like you FM14SERBIA, and you have a super squad too!
For me until now, agressor defensive,zyndar ronin and date442 are the most stable tactics.

But none of those tactics are perfect or outstanding with every team and players in my opinion.

I think no one is going to break the ME this year! Last year with eusebiov3 was a sweet remember...

FM Touch and Instant Result ? What is the problem ? Match Engine is same for FM Touch and FM Normal version :)

Yes , we dont have tactic for FM17 like Eusebios for FM16 , but we have a lot of good tactics
Fantastic tactic is V3, but since the update we've started conceding lots of goals. Has there been any changes to the ME?
Gone from blitzing teams to struggling and conceding, haven't changed a thing and morale is still pretty high. Seems a bit odd after being unbeaten in 8 and barely conceding.
ME has changed even though it says it hasn't

hey, since you sure that there was a ME changes, can you elaborate about those changes, or give a link so i can see the changes. i know that there was no ME changes
Started unemployed, took charge of Cardiff when they bottom with only 9 point and 11 points adrift. First game was against Brentford. The update started after the Norwich game, as you can see a massive difference in form. Didn't change anything. I had great success several times with different saves with V3 with very little poor form, this shows that something has changed with tactics since update in my opinion.

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Finished my 4th Season with Manchester United.

- Premier League Winner
- Community Shield Winner
- Euro Super Cup Winner
- EFL Cup Winner
- Club World Championship Winner
- FA Cup Winner
- Champions Cup Winner

League Table

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First 11

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My Squad

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amazing, just one question is there OI in FM Touch?
I just love it! :)

Sampdoria, predicted 10th




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