Blackpool fined 25k

What will/should Holloway do?

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  • Just pay and carry on as normal

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Dec 16, 2009
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Blackpool have been fined 25k fielding a weakened side against Aston Villa on the 10th November. Blackpool only lost the game 3-2 thanks to a late winner by James Collins but this story has a even bigger twist. Blackpool manager Ian Holloway said he would resign as Blackpool manager if Blackpool were fined.

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Although i agree that the rule is a joke the Blackpool board voted for this rule in the summer as did all the Premier League clubs. This isn't Holloways fault but surely Blackpool have to take some blame in this along with the rest of the PremierLeague clubs for leaving this rule in the game.​
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Wow, don't see how a side that only loses by a late goal is a weakened side. Hope he doesn't quit, he's a breath of fresh air.
shocking whats the point in having a 25 man squad if you cant use it?
Surely the squad is weakened every week considering they have just been promotoed ffrom the championship.

Not my opinion, but probably what the FA thinks, knowing them
Appeal and if that wont work then resign. Only way to be true to his words.
such a ridiculous decision, i think is argument is very strong, 25 men but u must use same players all the is stupid! Same goes for Wolves when they played UTD
That rule is a joke!! Yes there were many changes, but what right do the league have to tell managers how to pick a team!! the top teams do it all the time in rotation, no one bats an eyelid.

although holloway has his ethics and i agree with pretty much everything he says, he won't resign because of this, if he does it wont get him anywhere except a lot of respect. the rules wont change as a result.
Got a feeling he'll walk and Adam will follow him out the door to Anfield.
Absolutely stupid, what's the point in having a 25 man squad if your not allowed to use it?!
How can FA say it was weakened team? Is it not disrespecting players who played in that game.?

**** them. FA is ******* joke.

Holloway >>> FA
Extremely harsh, I'm sure the Blackpool fans didn't care that much about them playing this 'weakened' team.
If Man United, Arsenal or Chelsea etc. made 10 changes to their side no-one would give a second glance.
And what if Blackpool had won or drawn the game, as they nearly did would they still have been fined?

The FA haven't got a clue.

1. Holloway can field whatever team he likes, considering he has 25 players to pick from.
2. Holloway picks the team he wants to play, not the FA.
3. You can't play the same players every week, that's what the other 14 players are there for.
What in the ****? I don't even understand the rule.

He got fined for.. playing players out of the usual starting 11 or something? I don't know.
That's absolute ****, though.
it is disgraceful for the other 14 players!! I mean they arn't considered players by the FA.

Here you go premiership teams please register 25 players

P.s only use 11 or we'll fine you.

Love the F.A
I agree with all of the above, but at the same time what if it was the last day of the season...for example:

Blackpool v arsenal

Arsenal are two points behind man utd, with a game in hand, holloway plays a weakened team and arsenal win the title...

I take it the rule applies in circumstances like the above but you would think common sense would prevail, or am i asking to much of the fa??