bayern 2018

I play with the original tactic, nice job Bluth

Just hit the Premier League with Wimbledon, 3 seasons won League 2 Title, League 1 Title and Championship Title!!!

Need I say more?
Tottenham 2018

Okay, I gave this a fair shot, and WOW! I added ´retain possesion´ and i start games with standard mentality, after i go about 2:0 up i change it back to counter. Screenshots just like the Bayern guy above. It almost feels like cheating LOL. To be fair i mix it up and play the BombardmentAway tactic about 20% of the time versus weakest teams.

Here is my schedule:
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Did not even know i am still to concede in Champions League. Easy group, but still...
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Some notable results:
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14th min red card, still won.
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The download file is in FMF and 7-zip can't open that... could you please post the tactic's instructions so I could try this tactic?
The download file is in FMF and 7-zip can't open that... could you please post the tactic's instructions so I could try this tactic?

You're not supposed to open a .fmf file with 7-zip or anything. You just put the .fmf file into the "tactics" folder in FM15 documents on your computer and you can open the tactic within the game with no problem.
atletico madrid

I think its going very well with my atletico
Where to start, Well I tryed this tactic in mid season on mine Napoli save since until then I always had one of mine top 2 strikers(Destro, Higuain) injured, then I felt like I need to push them both in games so hey dont become unhappy, you know FM things, but then when I started using this tactic, I was like wow, after just few games I immediatelly went for 3rd striker(Fierro) whom I saw as perfect backup cos he can fit in DLF role quite good, the best thing about this tactic is midlefild duo, I tryed quite few tactics this year, even few of mine own, but never I have seen middle like Man Utds back in Fergie days (Shcoles, Keane) now that I saw it I just cant get enough of it lol . Other thing I like is Wingers they are amazing well to put it in one word they are playing like Giggs I might try to get Ramsey on mine right wing cos I feel midle player could make wonders with good mental stats in this tactic, defensively it is stable and doesnt concede unless your CB's make horror moves which dont happen too often, in one word its AMAZING! Good job on this tactic and keep up the good work :)
Amazing tactic !!! easily the best tactic for fm15 :)

thank you for this, I now enjoy playing the game again.
Would like to try this on fm 15 classic on the ipad. Can someone please post a screenshot of the team instructions?
I recently returned to FM 2015 after a frustrating journey on FM 2013, and forgot how fun FM could be! I've had a great time using this tactic! :)
Still using this on FM2015, got Felixstowe and Walton United to League 2 from Eastern Counties league

Is there an updated version for FM20? If not, I will be happy if someone share with me TI & PI from this tactic - to re-create it.