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Mar 30, 2010
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"Yes, The shows back for a third season. We have created and matured some of the best managers of best managers of the last four seasons, putting them under intense pressure and making teams battle against each otherr in life-changing circumstances to succeed. There will be only One winner. Who will it be!?!"

Britain's Next Manager Wikipedia Page Extract:

Britain's Next Manager is a television programme broadcast on Sky1 in the United Kingdom[1]. The show aims to find a young managers who could be the "next big thing" in football management and reward them with a professional contract at Manchester United football club, with a job as a coach. The idea is that the player will be wanted by clubs, and will get a chance to work with "the best in the business" before moving onto a full-time management job at another club. Vital experience will be won during the show, with guest stars ranging from José Mourinho to Phil Brown.[2] It is thought that the range of guests will bring different experiences for different circumstances.[3]

The series of three shows, the newest one airing in 2009, are hosted by a managers son, and ex England player Jamie Redknapp. The competition is judged by a panel of Sky Sports pundits, plus a member of Manchester United staff, who changes every year.

Sir Alex Ferguson formulates the fifteen tasks, and picks the clubs that the participants will get too play as in the final stages of the competition.

Previous winners have been Robert Marshall, who is now the manager of high-flying Folkestone Invicta, who are top of their division, after narrowly missing out on promotion last season. Also, last years winner was Rafael Juán, who is now manager of Blue Square South team Bath, of which are in a playoff position in the current league table.

"This year, thousands of applicants have applied. Fifteen have been selected. But there can only be One Britain's Next Manager."


Sooooooooooooo, yep, you guessed it. I am applying for Britain's Next Manager. The problem is, that I have to write an essay about myself, my footballing history, and why I should be selected. I have the required English grade to enter the competition, so now, all I have to do is write this. The final thirty get interviewed, and the best fifteen get to go onto the show. When I was younger, I used to play for my local under 16's side. I took an interest in management, when my nephew started playing football for his under 9's. I took him to every match, and got offered the manager position. We were doing exceptionally well, and I was getting used to winning. It felt a bit boring after a while, and I needed a new challenge. So, now I am here writing my essay.


Two weeks later...

'And... The participating contestants are...'

I fuzzed out completely. All I saw was people delighted, and walking over to shake Jamie Redknapp's hand. All I could hear was my own heart pounding against my chest. My name waiting to be called.

'Josh Creighton.'

'Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!' I shrieked. Although I looked a bit too over excited for a grown man, receiving a certificate for entry onto a show. I was still delighted.


Authors Note:

This is a fictional show. The show will eventually tap into my FM game... If everything goes well. Otherwise the story may end. Also, I usually have flaws with my story, so if you can point them out, or give me ideas for the show. I would be really grateful!
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"Yes, the show you have been waiting for is finally back with your host: Jamie Redknapp!"

"Welcome to the first episode of Britain's Next Manager. We have fifteen hopefuls looking to get the job from Alex Ferguson, but there can only be One Britain's Next Manager"


The episode only lasts one hour, however our task lasts one week. On Day One, we were introduced to the rules, and asked what we know about managing and football. The aim of this task was to gather information about what we need to learn, and what needs to be improved. I was only working at Under 9's level when I left my job, and that isn't even 11 a side. However I am confident in knowing what I need to do to succeed.

The second task of the day was very tough, and it was to show the capable from the non-capable.
There is this game called Football Manager 2011. Although it can never train you as a manager, it is a good way to start your learning. You get to go through everything you would in real life. The first attempt it a trial run, where you are Barcelona, and you have £500m to spend, and it is supposed to be very easy. The whole point of it is to explore all the features of the game, so in the next round you know how things work.
Our challenge was to take control of the team bottom of Blue Square South, who have been docked 21 points as part of the challenge. The task may be fake, however it shows your fighting spirit, and not to get too upset when you lose, and the people who are very resilient will get through it, and the people who are not will fail. This is only a practise for then we take over a team, and for our theory lessons in management.

I did well on the task. Although you only needed 7 wins ahead of your relegation opponents, it was okay, as the team selected was predicted to win the league before the game was changed. We were doing quite well, and although we could never win the league, we achieved an 11th spot finish. If we had not been deducted the points we would be in the playoffs.


Task three was our theory. We had to learn every aspect of the matches in just 12 weeks. Such as researching your opponents form, who is their dangermen, who is there penalty taker, and where do they usually put it ect. In this lesson, we were a fake team about to play the team 4 places behind us in the league. They weren't expected to be there, and they were on good form. We were second in the league looking for promotion. We had to watch a few of their matches, read the statistics, and predict whether to change our formation, when will they usually score their goals, when do they usually concede ect.
We had a test, then we used a new form of FIFA to understand where are players are during the match. After, they made the database on Football Manager. We played the match with our tactics, match preparation ect. The people who lost would get possibly kicked out. The people that won, got a final challenge to see who gets the privilege of an award somewhere to do with management.


I won my match, so I got to go onto the task! The others faced risk of being kicked out.

The task was to create a unique tactic to fit the Premier League. It can't have been used for the last five seasons. This is a real challenge, and they had a piece of paper with all the formations used in the last five seasons. The tactic is supposed to be designed for a mid-table club such as Blackburn or Aston Villa. First off, I stared at the basic 4-4-2 formation on the Sky Tactic Creator trying to figure out a way I could manipulate it. Next, I researched the most successful tactics in footballing history. Sadly, all I got were the common ones, that had obviously been used. I was going crazy, dragging the positions randomly. I was stuck. I was never going to get the luxury prize. Then I decided to go over what I had learnt the previous day in theory. I had learnt about the different moves, and the jobs of a manager. Yes! I thought to myself. we played that game football manager. It is reported to have a big audience around the world, so there must be a football manager tactics website. I Googled it, and a website called FM-Britain came up. It said home nation of Football Manager Tactics, so it looked like this was the website for me. However the site was unbearable. Very messy, and extremely had to navigate. I couldn't find any tactics. Only boring articles that are too long and expensive. Then I saw a website called FM-Base. It seemed to be popular, as every time I clicked on a new page, there would be a new thread in top spot for recent threads. Then I saw that they had alot of users. Not too much, but they had a range of tactics. I looked at the page, and click on most downloads. I noticed one called "Lee's Winning Liverpool Tactics (4-1-3-2)" with over 20,000 downloads. It was a good formation, and I checked the list to see if it was on it. Luckily it wasn't! I quickly tested my formation on a demo match on FIFA, where the computer plays itself. I selected Sunderland Vs Blackburn, with my formations on Sunderland. It was on Legendary, and we won 3-1. I watched the game, and although it's fake, it showed me any floors with the formation, and where players needed to go. Yes, I may have cheated, but it was just research. The tactic seems to be good, however there are gaps in the formation. I had to make a presentation to present, and I mentioned, that there are gaps in the formation, and you would need very fit and committed CM's. However I said, as this tactic is for Mid-Table Premier Division clubs, we would have those capable players, rather than lower leagues such as npower League 2. They seemed happy with the idea, and I left the room. Next week we would be assigned surprise mentors, so I am glad that I am confident of the result.


It was results time. Who would get sacked after failing to impress only after one week? The panel went through the six saying what they liked about them, asking why they failed. There was this one person called Bill McAllister. He thought that he'd done well and was saying that this is rigged. He thinks that he should get the job, and was moaning saying that 'I am perfect. My history shows it, and I should go through to the next round.' The person to reply was Chris Kamara. He explained that we don't care about your history. This is now. We have only known you for one week, and you are approaching us in a negative way. 'You're Fired.' He chuckled mocking Sir Alan Sugar from the Apprentice. Eventually they said that they would make a decision after announcing the winner of the round who would receive a luxurious prize for creating the best unique Premier League tactic.


To Be Continued.
brilliant ! quality idea and very well written, can't wait for the next update :D
sounds intresting will follow

Cool :) Following.

brilliant ! quality idea and very well written, can't wait for the next update :D


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'We've narrowed it down to two key points.' Andy Gray said. 'Presentation quality, and tactics quality. The two candidates that shone in this task were Charlie Bobson and Josh Creighton. Charlie, your presentation was top quality. We really understood the basis of your choice and got to know why you selected the formation you did. Top Quality! And Josh. You picked a nice formation, however we noticed some floors. In a physical Premier League match, your tactic would not have worked. We have noticed that you tactic was fantastic, however unlike Charlie's yours wouldn't work in the Premier League. Although your presentation was good, and we can understand why you chose the tactic. we think it is better suited to German Football though. Therefore the winner is...Oh wait. We forgot to mention that we tested your tactics with Premier League XI teams. Although you didn't get a chance to manage the teams, we implemented your tactics, and Josh, you won your match 5-1 with Stoke against Sunderland. Charlie, you drew 2-2 with Blackburn against Newcastle. So the winner is...Josh Creighton!'

I was delighted. Charlie looks like fierce competition though. My reward was to fly to Milan, to see how José Mourinho manages the side. You get two days there, and one day for holiday. Also in the end, Bill McAllister got fired.

jamie Redknapp said:
"We'll see you next week on 'Britain's Next Manager. Thank you for watching, and tune in next week. Goodbye from me, and everyone in the studio."

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Challenge 2 coming soon :)
How can someone narrowly avoid promotion?
Thanks for pointing that out. I will change to missed out on.

As I said "I usually have flaws with my story, so if you can point them out, or give me ideas for the show. I would be really grateful!"
Very good so far, but how do you spell 'flaws' right in the OP, then misspell it about 3 or 4 times in the story as 'floors', just a tip :) But reading with interest, good work!
It's not a bad story mate, keep it up and I'm sure more people will follow eventually.
liking the idea. It is extremely original.
Thanks :D

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It's not a bad story mate, keep it up and I'm sure more people will follow eventually.
I will update, I have just not had the time. I will try and get an update though.

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"Welcome back to Britain's Next Manager. We have fourteen hopefuls looking to get the job from Alex Ferguson, but there can only be One Britain's Next Manager"

This week was going to be a tough challenge, and the show said that due to an error in scheduling the show would have to be 7 weeks only. That meant that 12 people has to go in 5 weeks. 3 were going this week. If you want a career in football management you would have to stay in the competition for at least a few more rounds.

The challenge this week was 'Who to Select?' it was supposed to help us in the future. We were given the current Man Utd squad with reserves and Under 18's. We had to research all of the players, gather up information about it to help us select a team for 2 home and 2 away Premier League matches then a FA Cup match and a League Cup match. We had to make a starting line up for each match, and we will be assessed on how much experience youth players receive, how many goals we score, the performances of the players, and the results in the matches.
As we cannot suddenly manage Man Utd, the matches would be emulated on Football Manager.

Next part to come soon. if anyone has any challenge ideas PM me :)
Quality ! Just read it all through and now looking for the next week ! ;)
I like your story, its very different, keep it up