March Player Transfers

Here are the clubs movements during the month of March.


The club did not bring any player.


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Jesiel was loaned to Vila Nova from Goia until the end of the season. Jesiel played a couple games for us this year but won't be able to get enough game time with Leonardo Silva, Frickson Erazo, Ronaldo, Edcarlos and Gabriel all fighting for game time. Playing in Campeonato Goiano and in Brasilerio Serie B will better a good for him.​

March 2016

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Continuing Campeonato Mineiro including a derby against a hated rival. The final stages of Primeira Liga.

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Clube Atlético Mineiro x Avaí Futebol Clube

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After beating Avai 3-0, finish on top of Group A with 9 points and now off to the Semifinals of Primeira Liga. Leandro Donizete scored two goals and Fred added the another one. Avai managed to make the game closer than the score appear by creating many chances but could not convert them.

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Clube Atlético Mineiro x União Recreativa dos Trabalhadores

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Great display today against URT as we convincingly won 4-0 thanks to two goals by Argentines Lucas Pratto and Jesus Datolo including a well taken freekick. We limited URT to only 1 shot which was not on target. With the win, we are still behind Cruzeiro for home advantage.

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Clube Atlético Mineiro x Cruzeiro Esporte Clube

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The first Classico Mineiro derby of the year has been played and we came out victorious. Goals came from our defence as Fabio Santos and Frickson Erazo both scored headers to seal of the victory in the final 10 minutes of the game. Rafael Carioca will miss the next Campeonato Mineiro match after collecting his third yellow. Who says that Defence doesn't win games. Also with that win, level Cruzeiro and surprisingly Tombense in points but had ahead due to our massive goal differential.

Part 2 of March 2016 will be up soon.​

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The Group Stage for the inaugural Primeira Liga competiton has been completed and four clubs have qualified to the Semifinals of the competition. Here the final result of the group stage.

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Atletico Mineiro, Internacional and Gremio have qualified by finishing on top of their respective group. They will be joining with Figueiense after having the best 2nd place record.

Atletico Mineiro was drawn against:

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Figueirense. Since Atletico Mineiro had the best record in the competition thus drawing us against the 2nd place club and giving us the home advantage through the knockout stage.

The Semifinals:

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The Gre-Nal rivalry will be an interest match to watch in the Semifinals.


March 2016 Part 2

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Clube Atlético Mineiro x Figueirense Futebol Clube

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We're in the first ever Primeira Liga finals after defeating Figueirense 2-0, thanks to Juan Cazares and Carlos Edurado beautiful freekick goal. Heading to the finals can help us kick start our 2016 campaign and get confidence early on.

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Esporte Clube Democrata x Clube Atlético Mineiro

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The first 20 minutes of the game felt like everything was going to go wrong with early goal conceded and red card by Jesiel but a Ronaldinho-inspired performance made everything better. The man that announced his retirement scored a hat-trick. Hyuri scored two goals including a stunning volley outside the box and Clayton added the other goal. With the win, we're in 1st alone after both Tombense and Cruzeiro drew against each other.

March 2016 Part 3 coming soon​
Interesting story, keep up the good work.

I always sign Carlos when managing a mid-upper level team.

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The Primeira Liga finals has been announced.

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The first ever finals will be played at Independencia after Atletico Mineiro had the better record in the Group Stage. The last time both team faced each other in a knockout stage was at the 2015 Copa Libertadores when Internacional eliminated Atletico Mineiro 5-3 in the Round of 16.

The Finals:

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Atletico won 2-0 against Figuerirense and Interacional beat their rival 1-0.

Interesting story, keep up the good work.

I always sign Carlos when managing a mid-upper level team.

He a great player but he's very injury prone, or at least every time I play him.

Thanks for the support.

March 2016 Part 3

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Clube Atlético Mineiro x Sport Club Internacional

See next post (Real time post)

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Associação Atlética Caldense x Clube Atlético Mineiro

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Coming from the finals against Internacional, I decided to rest up my starting XI and it had its good and bad. The good thing was that we won 3-0 and qualified to the Semifinals of Campeonato Mineiro. The bad was that Yago got the straight red after a horrific tackle and both Ronaldinho and Juan Cazares were forced to come out due to injury. Goals were scored by Edcarlos, Carlos Eduardo, and Leandro Donizete.

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March 2016 Part 4 coming soon​

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Today is an historic day as the final of the first ever Primeira Liga will be played today. It's Clube Atlético Mineiro vs Sport Club Internacional. The match will be played at Estádio Independência due to Atletico Mineiro having the better record during the group stage play.

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Over 22,000 Atletico fans are in the stadium cheering and singing as they are waiting for the game to begin. Just over 1,000 Internacional fans are in attendances.

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Their are even some fans out the stadium waiting the club's bus to arrive.

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As the game is about to start here are the starting XI for both teams

Atletico Mineiro Internacional
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We decided to use Lucas Pratto instead of Fred since Pratto is on form. We need to focus on Rodrigo Dourado and Anderson as they will be a threat for us.

The referee goes to the middle, signals both keepers if they are ready and whistles


0 mins: Internacional kicks off.

2nd minute: Marcos Rocha runs down the right wing, crossing the ball to Leandro Donizete in the middle. Donizete runs forward and finds Robinho open on the left side. Robinho takes the ball inside the penalty area and takes a shot.... HITS THE WRONG SIDE OF THE NETTING.

3rd minute: Freekick for Atletico Mineiro at their side. Leonardo Silva passes to Fabio Santos, who immediately finds Rafael Carioca in the middle. He gives the ball to the right for Luan before receiving that ball back. Carioca sends it to Leandro Donizete and immediately crosses to Fabio Santos on the left. Sants runs down the wing, crosses into the area but the ball goes a little to far. Marco Rocha get it and tries an attempt... JUST GOES BY WIDE.

5th minute: Goal kick for Internacional. Marcelo Lomba kicks it down the field, where an Atletico Mineiro players heads it but Inter's Rodrigo Dourado gets it back. He passes to Williams and gives it to Anderson in the middle. Anderson tries to through ball to Brenner but the ball is intercepted by Leonardo Silva. Augusto regains the ball for Inter as they try to attack. He gives to Anderson then passes to William. He gives back to Anderson, who finds Augusto open down the left side. Augusto immediately passes the ball to Brenner in the area and tries to shot...SAVED BY VICTOR!

10th minute: Inter's Augusto gets the ball in the middle of the pitch. Gives to Gustavo Ferrareis and quickly to Anderson. Anderson mkaes a quick lob forward to the open Brenner but is quickly cover Junior Urso so he was forced to give it Aylon. Alyon gives it back to Anderson, who finds Augusto open just outside the box. Augusto has an effort... SAVED BY VICTOR! Corner kick for Internacional.

13th minute: Cornerkick for Atletico Mineiro. Robinho takes the corner but the ball is cleared out by the Inter's defense. Marcos Rocha picks up the loose ball near the half and crosses back into the box. Lucas Pratto jumps up and heads the ball to the right. Rafael Carioca shoots... SAVED BY MARCELO LOMBA. Corner for Atletico Mineiro.

14th minute: Corner for Atletico. Robinho takes the corner and Leonardo Silva heads it pass the keeper and Frickson Erazo tries to head it in... OVER THE NET! Unbelieveable! Erazo puts it over the open net.

20th minute: Freekick for Atletico Mineiro. Robinho takes it and crosses into the box. Ernando heads clear and suddenly Inter is on the counter attack. Rodrigo Dourado gets ball and crosses forward to Aylon. He then finds Brenner open on the right side. Brenner through ball it to the open Gustavo Ferrareis. He is on a breakaway with Victor and shoots... JUST GOES BY WIDE!

21st minute: Rafael Carioca acquires the ball and gives it to Leandro Donizete. He immediately passes to Robinho and one time cross to Luan on the right. Luan runs into the box and takes a shot from a tight angle... TIP AWAY BY MARCELO LOMBA! Corner kick for Atletico Mineiro.

22nd minute: Robinho takes the corner and Junior Urso heads it... JUST GOES BY WIDE!

23rd minute: Yellow card for Gustavo Ferrareis after shoving Rafael Carioca.

26th minute: Counterattck for Internacional. Aylon runs down the left wing. He finds Anderson open in the middle. He pauses and gives a chip through ball to Brenner. He alone with the keeper and shoots... OVER THE BAR!

28th minute: Yellow card for Leonardo Silva after tripping Brenner.

32nd minute: Yellow card for Marcos Rocha after tackling Augusto in a potential counterattack.

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33rd minute: Freekick for Internacional. William kicks it to the net... SAVED BY VICTOR! Corner for Internacional.

38th minute: Yellow card for Raphinha after tackling Frickson Erazo.

41st minute: Corner for Atletico Mineiro. Robinho takes the corner and Frickson Erazo heads it... GOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL!!!! Erazo with the header, gets pass the keeper and makes it 1-0. Erazo runs to the corner flag and starts to dance with Robinho.

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45th minute: Yellow card for Junior Urso after tripping Aylon.

45th +1 minute: The referee ends the 1st half

Atletico Mineiro got the important late goal in the first half and are now only 45 minutes away to winning the first Primeira Liga title. The fans are enjoying this, singing and still celebrating through the entire intermission.

The 2nd half is about to start.


46th minute: Atletico Mineiro kicks off

56th minute: Substitution for Internacional. Taiberson comes in for Brenner.

58th minute: Rafael Carioca gets the ball and pass to the left for Marcos Rocha. Rocha goes down the wing and crosses into the area. The ball finds the open Leandro Donizete just out the box. He shoots... GOES WIDE!

62nd minute: Substitution for Internacional. Rodrigo Dourado goes out and is replaced by Marlon Bica.

64th minute: Freekick for Atletico Mineiro. Robinho takes the freekick. The ball goes far and Lucas Pratto jumps high to head the ball and... GOES BY WIDE!

67th minute: Freekick for Atletico Mineiro. Robinho pass the ball back to Marcos Rocha. Rocha tries to pass but the pass is blocked by Augusto. Suddenly its a 2 on 1 counterattack. Augusto passes to Aylon who ends up alone. Running on a breakaway, Aylon goes to close to Victor and shoots... MISSES THE NET! Internacional had a huge chance to tie the game and failed.

68th minute: Yellow card for Robinho after taking down Aylon.

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74th minute: Substitution for Internacional. Taiberson comes off injured and was replaced by Vitinho

77th minute: Throw-in for Atletico Mineiro. Marcos Rocha makes the long throw into the box. Leonardo Silva head it to the far post and Frickson Erazo heads it... GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL!!! Erazo scores his 2nd of the night to give his club 2-0 lead. The fans are celebrating loud and singing Erazo name.

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82nd minute: Yellow card for Leandro Donizete after tripping Augusto. Also substitution for Atletico Mineiro. Patric comes in for Marcos Rocha.

84th minute: Throw-in for Internacional. William throws it to Marlon Bica, who sends it back to him. William immediately gives it to Vitinho. He runs close to the corner flag and tries to cross. The ball makes a weird curve and heads to the net... TIPPED AWAY BY VICTOR!! Victor was quick to return and protect the net. Corner for International.

87th minute: Goal kick for Internacional. Marcelo Lomba kicks it far but Robinho ends up with the ball. He passes to Leandro Donizete, who runs down and passes to Rafael Carioca. Carioca see Luan down the right side nd he run back to the middle. Luan gives it to Donizete and finds Fabio Santos open on the left. Santos runs to the box and crosses the ball. Lucas Pratto heads the ball... GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL!!!! Pratto makes it 3-0 with 3 minutes to go. He gave Atletico Mineiro the sure win. The fan excited and singing.

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88th minute: Substitution for Atletico Mineiro. Lucas Candido comes in for Junior Urso.

90th minute: The 4th official shows 3 more minutes of extra time.

90th +3 minute: Goalkick for Internacional. Marcelo Lomba kicks the ball down the middle but the referee blows the final whistle to end the game. ATLETICO MINEIRO ARE THE FIRST EVER PRIMEIRA LIGA CHAMPIONS!!! What a great night for Atletico Mineiro as they won the first title of the year.

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Clube Atlético Mineiro has won the first ever Primeira Liga after defeating Internacional 3-0. This is the first title for the club since 2015 when they won the Campeonato Mineiro.

Atletico Mineiro finished first in Group A with 9 points. When they played in the Knockout stage, they faced Figueirense, where they easily won 2-0. In the final, they met Internacional, where thanks to two goals by Frickson Erazo and a goal by Lucas Pratto, they won the first Primeira Liga.

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We won Prize Money for winning the competition

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April Injuries

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Juan Cazares and Luis Guilherme are almost returning back from injury. Carlos is almost back from his very long term injury. Ronaldinho, Jordan, and Cleitinho are a couple of weeks away and Maicosuel is the only long term player out.​

Player Interaction

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Just a week after winning the Primeira Liga, our backup keeper has told me that he wants to leave the club after achieving everything possible here in Atletico Mineiro. Not everything really; We still haven't won the biggest prize since 1971: Campeonato Brasileiro.

I ask him if he wanted to stay for just one more season. But craving to win different titles in his career, he said that if we don't win Campeonato Mineiro, Copa do Brasil or Campeonato Brasileiro, he will want a transfer.

Fair enough.

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Player Contract Extension

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Atletico Mineiro and Leonardo Silva have announced that they have reach an agreement to extend his stay until the December 2017 due to his passion with the club. At the age of 36, Leonardo Silva doesn't have a lot of time left to play but he still is one of the best CB in the club. Even though the salary is a bit high, his experience will be beneficial to the youngster Jesiel and Gabriel. The one year extension will help us prepare to replace Silva if he decide to retire.

Leonardo Silva joined Atletico Mineiro in 2011 after leaving Cruzeiro on free transfer. He helped win the Copa Libertadores in 2013 after scoring the tying the game in the 88th minute and scoring the winning penalty. He also helped win Campeonato Mineiro in 2012, 2013, and 2015, Recopa in 2014 and Copa do Brasil in 2014. He led Atletico Mineiro to two 2nd place finishes in Campeonato Brasileiro in 2012 and 2015.​

April Player Transfers


The club did not bring any player.


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Juninho joined our affiliation Ferroviaria on loan until the end of the season. Having recently joined Atletico Mineiro from youth squad to the main squad, playing time is very important as he has the potential to be key member in the future.

Matheus Stockl will being Juninho at Ferroviaria until the end of the season. Like Juninho, he has the to be a quality member and playing time will be good for him.

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The League play of Campeoanto Mineiro has finished and the playoffs will begin. The final standing are:

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Atletico Mineiro, Cruzeiro, America Mineiro and Tupi have all qualified to the playoffs. Since finishing in 1st place, we will have home advantage through out the knockout stages and will advance to the next stage in case of a tie. Both Tricordiano and Democrata GV were relegated to Campeonato Mineiro Second Division.

The club that we will face in the Semifinal is:

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The only club that managed to beat us will be our opponent for the Semifinals. Tupi has only been to the finals once in their club history and that was back in 1933 where they ended up losing to Villa Nova. Altetico Mineiro will try to make it to the finals for the 10th straight time.

The semifinals brackets are:

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April 2016 Part 2

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Tupi Football Club x Clube Atlético Mineiro

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Rafael Carioca led us to win the first leg of the semifinals against Tupi. He two goal performance helped us win away from home and making the 2nd leg at home a bit easier. The other game between America Mineiro and Cruzeiro, Cruzeiro defeated them 2-0.

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Clube Atlético Mineiro x Tupi Football Club

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We are off to our 10th consecutive finals in Campeonato Mineiro after a convincing 4-1 win against Tupi in the 2nd leg. Rafael Carioca is on form at the moment as he scored another two goals today. Clayton and Frickson Erazo also scored for Atletico Mineiro.

Part 3 of April 2016 will be up soon.