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The Campeonato Mineiro finals has been announced.

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For the 44th time in this competition, Atletico Mineiro will meet with their hated rivals Cruzeiro. The first leg will be at the Estádio Mineirão before heading to Estádio Independência. Last time finals appearance between these to clubs in this competition was in 2014, where Cruzeiro won the title after two scoreless draws but due to Cruzeiro finishing higher in the ranking, they were crowned champions.

The Finals

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April 2016 Part 3

View attachment 123603

Cruzeiro Esporte Clube x Clube Atlético Mineiro

View attachment 123602
View attachment 123601
View attachment 123600

The first game of the Campeonato Mineiro finals has been played and came out victorious after a good 3-1 win over our rivals. Lucas Pratto scored 2 goals and Robinho added the 3rd goal. Leonardo Silva had the unfortunate own goal. The game turned to our favour after Denilson got the straight red for the 2 legged tackle. Junior Urso will the 2nd leg after collecting his 3rd yellow of the competition.

April Review

Campeonato Mineiro

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View attachment 123597

Player of the Month

Rafael Carioca

View attachment 123596


View attachment 123594

The 2nd leg of Campeonato Mineiro will be play the beginning of the month and Campeonato Brasileiro will start in May.

May Injuries

Here are the club injuries at the beginning of May:

View attachment 123588

Maicosuel is still out with an injury but will return to the club soon.

Thalis and Joao Victor will return soon to the Reserve team.​

View attachment 123288

Today is 2nd leg of Campeonato Mineiro finals. It's Clube Atlético Mineiro vs Cruzeiro Esporte Clube for the 44th time in this competition finals. The match will be played at Estádio Independência due to Atletico Mineiro having the better record during the League play.

View attachment 123287

Over 22,000 Atletico fans are in the stadium cheering and singing as they are waiting for the game to begin.

View attachment 123286

Their are even some fans out the stadium waiting the club's bus to arrive.

View attachment 123284

As the game is about to start here are the starting XI for both teams

Atletico Mineiro Cruzeiro
View attachment 123283View attachment 123282

Lucas Candido is coming in for Junior Urso after he was suspended in the 1st leg. Lucas Pratto will the key man for us in scoring today. We need to focus on Cruzeiro's Robinho and De Arrascarta as they will be their main attacking force with Abila, who score with ease.

The referee goes to the middle, signals both keepers if they are ready and whistles


0 minute: Kick off for Atletico Mineiro.

2nd minute: Victor throws the ball to Marcos Rocha and immediately passes to Luan to the right. Luan runs forward before being held off by Bryan. Luan passes back to Lucas Candido. He finds Marcos Rocha running down the wing and crosses it. Rocha continues the run to the box and crosses into the middle. Lucas Pratto heads...GOES BY WIDE!!

7th minute: Corner kick for Atletico Mineiro. Romulo Otero takes the corner. Lucas Pratto jumps up higher than Mayke. Pratto heads it... GOES BY WIDE!!

View attachment 123279

12th minute: Lucas Candido collects the ball and findsLuan open on the right. Luan see Marcos Rocha on the right and passes. Rocha runs to the edge of the box and attempts to cross. The ball finds Lucas Pratto and he attempts the volley... SAVED BY FABIO!!! But the isn't cleared properly as Rafael Carioca gets it and shoots... SAVED BY FABIO AGAIN!!!! Fabio with two huge saves to keep the game 0-0.

View attachment 123278

15th minute: Free kick for Atletico Mineiro after Lucas Romero tripped Lucas Pratto. Romulo Otero prepares to kick the ball. He shoots... JUST GOES BY WIDE!!

16th minute: Yellow card for Ramon Abila after tripping Leonardo Silva.

21st minute: Goal kick for Cruzeiro. Fabio kicks the ball down the field and Frickson Erazo collects the ball and passes to Fabio Santos. He passes up to Rafael Carioca then immediately gives it to Lucas Candido. Candido gives it to Romulo Otero in the middle and he runs forward. Otero finds Lucas Pratto at the top of the box and he gives a through ball to Luan. Luan is a alone with the keeper... SAVED BY FABIO!!! Corner kick for Atletico Mineiro.

22nd minute: Romulo Otero takes the corner. The ball finds Frickson Erazo, who heads the ball... JUST GOES BY WIDE!!!

23rd minute: Yellow card for Lucas Romero after sticking his leg on Romulo Otero.

24th minute: Throw-in for Atletico Mineiro. Marcos Rocha throws in the ball into the box but Manoel clears the ball. Rocha regains the ball and passes to Lucas Candido. He finds Rafael Carioca open in the middle outside the box and passes. Carioca attempts to shoot from distance... FINGERTIP SAVE BY FABIO!!! Atletico Mineiro are all over their rivals but Fabio is making it difficult for them. Corner kick for Atletico Mineiro.

25th​ minute: Romulo Otero attempts the corner but Henrique heads the ball clear. Luan regain possession of the ball and gives it to Lucas Candido. He crosses the ball to the right for Otero. Otero runs to the box and crosses it. Lucas Pratto heads it...GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLL!!!!!! Lucas Pratto finally breaks the deadlock with a fine header against Fabio. Atletico makes it 1-0 and 4-1 on aggregate. Cruzeiro cannot contain Atletico at the moment.

View attachment 123276

28th​ minute: Yellow card for Romulo Otero after tripping De Arrascaeta.

29th​ minute: Freekick for Cruzeiro. Robinho from Cruzeiro takes the kick and passes to Henrique. He passes back to Robinho. Robinho gives it to Abila just outside the box. He attempts to shoot... JUST GOES BY WIDE!!!

30th​ minute: Throw-in for Atletico Mineiro. Marcos Rocha throws it far into the box. Rafael Carioca heads the ball across the goal and Frickson Erazo taps in in the net...GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL!!!!! Erazo makes it 2-0 and Atletico have a 5-1 advantage. Cruzeiro will need a miracle now to comeback.

View attachment 123275

33rd​ minute: Lucas Candido intercept the ball from Robinho and gives it to the right for Romulo Otero. Otero passes the ball to Luan. Luan beats Bryan at the top of the box and attempts to shoot...GOES BY WIDE!!!

34th​ minute: Goalkick for Cruzeiro. Fabio kicks the ball down the field but Leonardo Silva picks up the ball. He passes to Otero in the middle. Otero runs forward with the ball and finds an open Luan with a through ball. Luan attempts to shoot.... JUST OVER THE BAR!!!

45th minute: The official signals 1 more minute of extra time.

45th​ +1 minute: Freekick for Atletico Mineiro. Victor takes the kick and passes to Leonardo Silva. Silva finds Robinho open on the left side. Robinho run and finds Lucas Pratto running into the box unmarked. He crosses the ball to Pratto. Pratto gets the ball, ends up alone face to face with the keeper and attempts to shoot...GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL!!!!!! Lucas Pratto with his 2nd​of the night. He makes 3-0. Atletico Mineiro leads 6-1 on aggregate.

View attachment 123273

45th​ +2 minute: The referee ends the half.

Atletico has an huge advantage over their rivals and only needs 45 minutes to win their 44th​ title. Cruzeiro needs 6 goals in 45 minutes to scatch it from Atletico but that is very unlikely.

The 2nd​ half is about to begin.


46th​ minute: Cruzeiro kicks off.

48th​ minute: Henrique takes the ball away from Lucas Pratto and starts to run forward. He passes the ball to De Arrascaeta on the left. He runs and passes to Aliba on the left. He waits until De Arrascarta to run pass him and give it to him. De Arrascaeta runs to the box on the left side and cross it in. Cruzeiro's Robinho heads it towards the net... GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL!!!! Robinho gives Cruzeiro a little life back to the game but the mountain is still huge to climb. 3-1 and 6-2 on aggregate.

View attachment 123272

60th​ minute: Freekick for Atletico Mineiro after Manoel tripped Otero. Romulo Otero takes the kick... GOES BY WIDE!!!!

63rd​ minute: Yellow card for Cruzeiro's Robinho after he tripped Rafael Carioca.

65th​ minute: Substitution for Atletico Mineiro. Romulo Otero coming out for Carlos Eduardo. Double Substitution for Cruzeiro. Rafael Sobis and Lucas Romero comes off and Rick Sena and Uelliton comes in.

67th​ minute: Throw-in for Atletico Mineiro. Marcos Rocha throws it to Lucas Candido and then passes to Carlos Eduardo. He immediately passes to Marcos Rocha and he runs down, where he passes to Rafael Carioca. Carioca tries to give it to Lucas Pratto but Henrique blocks the pass and Cruzeiro's Robinho gets the ball to start a quick counterattack. He sends it down to the right for Rick Sena and he crosses forward to the open Aliba. Aliba is one on one with Victor and he shoots... GOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL!!!! Cruzeiro cuts the lead to 1 and now only needs 4 more goals to win the title. Is this the beginning of a comeback?

View attachment 123270

69th​ minute: Goalkick for Cruzeiro. Fabio kicks the ball down the middle but Leonardo Silva heads the ball back. Mayke picks up the loose ball and passes to Robinho, who immediately gives it to Henrique. He gives it Uelliton in the middle. He crosses to the right to Rick Sena. Sena crosses to the middle of the box but the ball makes a weird curve to Victor... SAVED BY VICTOR!!!

71st​ minute: Yellow card for Fabio Santos after making a hard contact on Rick Sena.

73rd​ minute: Substitution for Cruzeiro. Bryan comes off for Edimar.

75th​ minute: Yellow card for Rafael Carioca after tripping Robinho.

81st​ minute: Substitution for Atletico Mineiro. Leonan comes in for Fabio Santos.

82nd​ minute: Yellow card for Lucas Candido after upending Robinho.

90th​ minute: The 4th​ official adds one more minute of extra time.

90th​ +1 minute: Throw-in for Cruzeiro. Rick Sena gave it to Robinho and he sent it back to Mayke. But the referee blew the final whistle. ATLETICO MINEIRO DO THE DOUBLE!!!! TAKE ARE THE CAMPEONATO MINEIRO CHAMPIONS FOR THE RECORD 44TH TIME!!! The fans are now cheering, knowing that defeating your rivals is the greatest feeling of all times.

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Clube Atlético Mineiro has won the Campeonato Mineiro for the 44th time after defeating their greatest rival 6-3 on aggregate. This gives the club the double of the year. It's also the club 2nd consecutive title and 6th in the 10 years.

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Atletico Mineiro finished first in the league. When they played in the Knockout stage, they faced Tupi FC, where they easily won 6-1 on aggregate. In the final, they met Cruzeiro, where thanks to four goals by Lucas Pratto, they won the title.

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With the win, we qualified to the 2017 Copa do Brasil competition.

View attachment 123256

We won Prize Money for winning the competition

View attachment 123255
View attachment 123254

Now for the awards

View attachment 123252
View attachment 123253

View attachment 123250
View attachment 123251

View attachment 123248
View attachment 123249

Team of the Year
View attachment 123247

2016 Campeonato Brasileiro

View attachment 123246

The Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, commonly referred to as Brasileirão, is a Brazilian professional league for men's football clubs. At the top of the Brazilian football league system, it is the country's primary football competition. Contested by 20 clubs, it operates on a system of promotion and relegation with the Campeonato Brasileiro Série B.

Due to historical peculiarities and the large geographical size of the country, Brazil has a relatively short history of nationwide football competitions. Only in 1959, the need to appoint a Brazilian representative to the first edition of the Copa Libertadores was a nationwide tournament created, Taça Brasil. In 1967, the Torneio Rio-São Paulo was expanded to include teams from other states, becoming the Torneio Roberto Gomes Pedrosa, which was also considered a national tournament. The first Campeonato Brasileiro with that name was held in 1971.

The Campeonato Brasileiro is one of the strongest leagues in the world; it contains the most club world champions titles, with 10 championships won among six clubs, and the second-most Copa Libertadores titles, with 17 titles won among 10 clubs.

Every year at least 12 teams are favourite to win compared to the English league 5 teams (Man United, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Chelsea), Spanish league 2 teams (Real Madrid and Barcelona), Italian 4 teams (Juve, Inter, AC Milan and Roma) and German 1 team (Bayern). The usual teams to that are favourite to win is Atletico Mineiro, Cruzeiro, Santos, Palmerias, Sao Paulo, Corinthians, Flamengo, Fluminense, Botafogo, Vasco, Gremio, and Internacional. But with Vasco is the 2nd division and Sport Recife becoming a force, the league is more competitive than ever.

The Campeonato Brasileiro is the most-watched football league in the Americas and one of the world's most exposed, broadcast in 155 nations. It is also one of the world's richest championships, ranked as the sixth most valuable with a worth of over US$1.43 billion, generating an annual turnover of over US$1.17 billion in 2012.

Since 1959, a total of 156 clubs have played in the Campeonato Brasileiro. 17 clubs have been crowned Brazilian football champions, 12 of which have won the title more than once. Santos and Palmeiras are the most successful clubs of the Campeonato Brasileiro, having won the competition eight times each, followed by São Paulo and Corinthians with six titles each. Santos' "Os Santásticos", considered by some the best Brazilian club team of all times, won five consecutive titles between 1961 and 1965, a feat that remains unequaled until today. The State of São Paulo is the most successful state, amassing 28 titles among five clubs. The reigning Brazilian champions are Corinthians, who won their sixth title during the 2015 season.

Starting from this years competition, there are new rules in how Brazilians clubs qualify in South American competitions. 1st to 5th qualify to the Copa Libertadores Group Stage while 6th to 8th enters the Copa Libertadores preliminary rounds. 9th-14th qualifies to Copa Sudamericana. (Pending)

Bottom four clubs will be relegated to the 2nd Division.

The prediction for the competition this year are:

View attachment 123245

Media are predicting that Atletico Mineiro will win their first title since 1971 and Flamengo and Palmeiras will challenge the title. Santos and Corinthians will round up the top 5 to qualify to the Copa Libertadores.

Atletico Mineiro's fixture:

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View attachment 123243

Key Player Injury

View attachment 123242
View attachment 123241

Bad news for us as we lose our starting goalkeeper Victor after suffering an injury during a training session, just days after Atletico Mineiro played their 2nd game in Campeonato Mineiro.

The backup keeper Giovanni will take his place and our promising youngster Uilson will back him up.​

May 2016 Part 2

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Associação Atlética Ponte Preta x Clube Atlético Mineiro

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View attachment 123238
View attachment 123237

The first game of Campeonato Brasileiro has been played and it was a loss. After winning Campeonato Mineiro, I chose to rest my starting eleven. I chose wrong. Ponte Preta is consider the weak club in this competition but they out classed us. To make it even wrong, Ronaldo got ejected from the game and both Jesus Datolo and Leonan got injured.

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View attachment 123235

View attachment 123240

Clube Atlético Mineiro x Fluminense Football Club

View attachment 123234
View attachment 123233
View attachment 123232

Our first big test in this competition has been played and we came out as the winner. Much better game compared to the previous game. Lucas Pratto scored two goals today and Leandro Donizete scored one 3 minutes into the game.

Atletico Mineiro players were called into the Team of the Week after this game.

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View attachment 123240

Clube Atlético Mineiro x Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras

View attachment 123230
View attachment 123229
View attachment 123228

Another huge game, this time against the 8-time winner Palmeiras. Fernando Prass had a huge game for Palmeiras including stopping a Lucas Pratto's penalty attempt. Fred was the hero today as he came on the 2nd half and scored a couple of minutes later. This was also the first game without Victor due to injury.

Atletico Mineiro player were called into the Team of the Week after this game.

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View attachment 123240

Cruzeiro Esporte Clube x Clube Atlético Mineiro

View attachment 123226
View attachment 123225
View attachment 123224

Our 3rd big game in a row and this time against our rival. Lucas Pratto saved us today after scoring on a miss penalty rebound. Our goalkeeper crisis continues as Giovanni is out for 2 weeks after injuring his wrist in a save attempt. Good news that with the win, we are in first place, tied with our rival.

View attachment 123223

View attachment 123240

Clube Atlético Mineiro x Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense

View attachment 123222
View attachment 123221
View attachment 123220

Disappointing result against Gremio today. We were the better team but our attack couldn't get pass through Marcelo Grohe. Uilson had his first ever start in Campeonato Brasileiro and had a great game including saving a penalty.

May Review

Campeonato Mineiro

View attachment 123218

Campeonato Brasileiro

View attachment 123217

Player of the Month

Lucas Pratto

View attachment 123216


View attachment 123214

Continuing Campeonato Brasileiro with a huge interstate derby against Flamengo at the end of the momth.​

June Injuries

Here are the club injuries at the beginning of June:

View attachment 123169

Victor is still out for two more months with a hip injury. Our backup Giovanni will hopefully return next game against Chapecoense. Our younger Filipinho is still out for two more weeks and will return to the U20 side.​

Player Transfers Out

Today, Atletico Mineiro has announced that two players were sold to Europe.

Lucas Pratto

View attachment 123147 View attachment 1083223
View attachment 123146

Atletico Mineiro best player this season has been sold to Tottenham Hotspur for $34 million, but sale price can go up to $46 million. Valued at only $18 million, Atletico Mineiro got a good deal for Pratto. Pratto this season has been amazing with 20 goals in 15 games in all competition. Losing Pratto will be difficult for us but I believe that Fred will be great for us. Pratto will join Tottenham when the English transfer window opens.


View attachment 123145 View attachment 123144
View attachment 123141

Carlos was once consider the future for Atletico Mineiro and for Brazil but with the injuries he suffered in his career, he lived to that expectation. Only playing one game this season and being injured that same game and the rise of Clayton, Carlos was the odd man out. He will be joining French side Stade Rennais for a fee of $12 million but can go up to $14 million. He will immediately join the club.​

Player Contract Extension

View attachment 123121
View attachment 123120

Atletico Mineiro and Giovanni have reach an agreement to extend his stay with Atletico Mineiro for one more season. This pretty much ends the transfer request that Giovanni wanted at the being of the season. Giovanni is currently the starting goalkeeper for the club since Victor was injured at the beginning of the season. The contract extension will be on January of 2017.

Giovanni joined Atletico Mineiro in 2011 serving as back up for former goalkeeper Renan Riberio. During his time with the club he helped win Campeonato Mineiro in 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2016; Copa Libertadores in 2013; Copa do Brasil in 2014; Recopa in 2014; and Primeira Liga in 2016.​
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June 2016

View attachment 122576

Continuing Campeonato Brasileiro and also huge match against Flamengo

View attachment 122575

Associação Chapecoense de Futebol x Clube Atlético Mineiro

View attachment 122574
View attachment 122573
View attachment 122572

We were not good against Chapecoense today. Even though came away with a point, I still felt like the team didn't give a 100%. Fred scored for us early on but than Chapecoense tied it in the 2nd half.

Lucas Candido was named Team of the Week after the game against Chapecoense.

View attachment 122571

View attachment 122575

Clube Atlético Mineiro x Figueirense Futebol Clube

View attachment 122570
View attachment 122569
View attachment 122568

I decided to rest up most of my starter for this match against Figueirense and it almost backfired. Junior Urso was the only starter of the match and helped us win today. Ronaldinho had his first start in a long time and had an assist. Carlos made his return to the lineup since his injury and was injured again.

View attachment 122567

View attachment 122575

Sport Club Internacional x Clube Atlético Mineiro

View attachment 122566
View attachment 122565
View attachment 122564

So unlucky today. Fred gave us the goal that I thought it was the game winner late in the game but Paulao scored just before injury time to steal the extra points from us. Giovanni made his return to the net after being injured for two weeks.

View attachment 122575

Clube Atlético Mineiro x Sport Club do Recife

View attachment 122562
View attachment 122561
View attachment 122560

Big win against Sport today. After announcing that Lucas Pratto was going to leave, he scored 2 goals. It will be difficult see him go. Ronaldinho scored a spectacular free kick goal today. Our Captain Leonardo Silva was injured during the match and will be out six weeks. Huge loss for us. With the win, we end up in first place, tied with six other clubs.

View attachment 122559

Six players were named on Team of the Week after the match against Sport.

View attachment 122558

View attachment 122575

Esporte Clube Vitória x Clube Atlético Mineiro

View attachment 122557
View attachment 122555
View attachment 122554

Very boring game today and we loss the boring game today. Our club is in a injury crisis at the moment and we loss Lucas Pratto for 10 days, maybe playing his final game as a Atletico Mineiro player.

View attachment 122553

View attachment 122575

Clube Atlético Mineiro x Clube de Regatas do Flamengo

View attachment 122552
View attachment 122551
View attachment 122550

Another big win against our rivals. This time we beat Flamengo 3-0, thanks to Luan, Edcarlos, and Fred. We were hit with another injury after to Lucas Candido and will be out 5 weeks.

View attachment 122549

June Review

Campeonato Brasileiro

View attachment 122547

Player of the Month

Frickson Erazo

View attachment 122546


View attachment 122544

Continuing our campaign in Campeonato Brasileiro, we'll face our rivals America Mineiro amd huge games against Botafogo, Corinthians, and Sao Paulo.​

Scouting Upgrade

View attachment 122537

After being restricted in scouting only South America for the first six months, our president gave us good news that we can scout anywhere around the world. Which perfect for us since the European transfer window just open.​
Just caught up with this, nice seeing different leagues used! Hopefully this is a long term save, its started well and those two cup competitions seemed very straight forward for you
Just caught up with this, nice seeing different leagues used! Hopefully this is a long term save, its started well and those two cup competitions seemed very straight forward for you

That the plan with this save. Hopefully this will lead to a long story.

Thanks for the read.

Player Transfer In

View attachment 122460View attachment 122459
View attachment 122458

Atletico Mineiro and Santos have reached an agreement that will send young defender Gustavo Henrique to Atletico Mineiro which the deal will go through in January 2017. The transfer fee was a reported $7 million, $2 million more than what Santos values him. This transfer move is the result of a move possible retirement announcement by Leonardo Silva.

Gustavo Henrique is a young verison of Leonardo Silva as he is a tall player with amazing jumping reach. This makes it perfect of set piece plays where we need the tall bodies. Like Leo Silva, he can make it tough for attacker to get through him.

After through the ranks of Santos' academy, Gustavo quickly established himself as one of Santos main CBs. Joining the first team in 2012, he helped Santos win Campeonato Paulista in 2015 and 2016 and even featuring on competition's Team of the Year in 2016.​

Player Contract Extension

View attachment 122457
View attachment 122456

Just hours after announcing the future transfer of Gustavo Henrique, Atletico Mineiro has extended one of their experience CB to an extra year. With less than 6 months left in his contract, signing him to another year will let him help us develop the young defenders such as Gabriel and Gustavo Henrique in the future. Plus he the 3rd captain of the team after Leonardo Silva and Victor.

Joining us in 2014, he helped us fill the hole as a CB after Rever left. Being captain when Leonardo Silva wasn't playing been really helpful to this club. Since joining, he helped us win the Copa do Brasil in 2014, Recopa in 2014, Campeonato Mineiro in 2015 and 2016 and Primeira Liga in 2016.​

Player Transfer Out

View attachment 122429View attachment 122428
View attachment 122430

Atletico Mineiro has accepted an offer by Inter Milan for Lucas Candido for a fee of $17.75 million but can go up to $26 million. The transfer will go through at the end of the Italian season which ends on June 2017. This gives us enough time to acquire a replacement for him.

Losing Lucas Candido will be a tough one has he has lots of potential and would been a great asset to the club in the future but his value was too high to keep him in the club and Inter gave us the best price.

As of replacements, Junior Urso and Leandro Donizete are doing an amaing job at the moment but we will try to find a proper replacement for him.​
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