CPG 4-5-1: The Way To Dominate Your Opponent


Feb 10, 2010
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Counter > Pace > Goals: THE FUNCTION OF THE TACTIC​

This tactic has been a success for me with Napoli, so I would like to share it with all of you, seeing as this forum has done a lot for me and I wat to give something back. This tactic gave me domination over my opponents, giving me quite a lot of Clear Cut Chances and Goals. Although it is proving to be a success at Napoli, I'm still looking for ways to make this tactic at its best, so I will be trying it with many different teams, both strong and weak teams. I hope it's successful for you as it is for me :)

From what I have seen, this tactic mostly works for important matches and if you are the underdogs of a match. It will not work if you are a strong team, such as Barcelona, or if you are playing a really defensive team, but I will be looking for ways to slightly change the tactic for certain circumstances, so stay tuned to the thread.



Goalkeeper: Any keeper would be fine, no specific attibutes needed, but make sure your keeper is good enough to stop the opposition from scoring.

Fullbacks: Won't be pushing forward to support attack but may sometimes cross the ball deeply.
Attributes required: Tackling, Determination, Work Rate, Positioning, Stamina, Crossing.

Centerbacks: Both have equal roles, but the DCR will be the one standing on the far post of the corner, so tallest player goes there.
Attributes required: Tackling, Marking, Heading, Positioning, Concentration, Jumping.

Defensive Midfielder: Lying deep and helping defence, but will also be pushing ball forward, creating many chances for the strikers.
Attributed required: Tackling, Positioning, Concentration, Strength, Passing, Technique, Stamina, Work Rate.

Center Midfielder: The attacking midfielder, pushing up to support attack and provide the ball to the right man and maybe scoring on a few opportunities if arise.
Attributed required: Passing, Creativity, Decisions, Anticipation, Technique, Finishing, Dribbling, Teamwork, First Touch.

Ball Winning Midfielder: Looking to get the ball of the opposition no matter what stands in his way.
Attributed required: Tackling, Strength, Concentration, Positioning, Work Rate, Determination, Aggression.

Inside Forwards: Both will be supporting the Striker, picking up balls from the midfield and supplying the ball to the poacher, or maybe crossing to the other end of the post, but rarely.
Attributed required: Finishing, Pace, Off the Ball, Dribbling, Flair, Passing, Technique, Heading (not required, but useful).

Poacher: The icing on the cake. Will be picking up passes from the midfielders and inside forwards, so he can then pace through the defence and score. Definatly must have the attributes, otherweise this tactic will not work.
Attributed required: Finishing, Off the Ball, Flair, Dribbling, Pace, Acceleration, Balance, Anticipation, Composure.



I use none, but if you want to do any then that's up to you.

High number of long shots or off target - Work Ball in Box
Around 55% or below tackling - Get Stuck In

If opponent is lying deep - Change 'counter' to 'attacking'
If your team are flopping e.g. wasting too many easy chances - Change 'fluid' to 'rigid'
If opponent has slow defenders & you are dominant in air - Change 'drill crosses' to 'float crosses'
If pass completion % is low - Change passing to 'short' but keep philosophy on 'fluid'


Attacking centre mid creates a chance for the poacher to run onto and score

Attacking centre mid plays a through ball to poacher, pacing through defence

Poacher paces through the remaining players and finishes with ease

Things to do:
  • Thrash weak teams playing defensively
  • Defeat bigger teams when you're playing away
  • Having consistant results and performances

Any Further questions, feedback, anything at all.. comment below, Thanks :)

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Just wanna know is it a big difference when I set Hamsik as a adv.Playmaker?
I haven't really tried it, but this tactic aims to push the ball forward once receieved, so holding the ball might affect that. Try it though, could be better, might aswell experiment!
I haven't really tried it, but this tactic aims to push the ball forward once receieved, so holding the ball might affect that. Try it though, could be better, might aswell experiment!

Thx mate :) what is the performance of Hamsik in your team?
I've just started a fresh new game with Napoli, overwrited my other one, but as I remember, he scored 2 and assisted 2 in the 2 Serie A games. My other saved game corrupted after FM decided to crash you see.

I'll keep this thread updated with new screenshots with this tactic and will be looking at ways to improve it, so please let me know how your season goes :)
Sorry, I just can't dl the tactic from here.
can you upload to somewhere else?
Thank you |)
Seems like a good fit for my Spurs team, and similair to the one i used on FM2010 for the same team roughly..
Also what match prep do you use?
I normally have Atk, just wondering because it might help.
Screenshots of good results? How well it's done for you ect.
Have you actually tried this tactic out yourself? Wouldn't recommend uploading something without any proof it actually works unless you enjoy people hating you...
Match prep to Team blend, try attacking if you want, you may bag in plwnty of more goals ;)

& yes of course i've tried it. I've got more screenshots to upload, so expect to see some by the end of the day.
This looks very good! I cannot wait to try it on my Newcastle team.

I'll give you feedback in the next couple of days or so.
This looks very good! I cannot wait to try it on my Newcastle team.

I'll give you feedback in the next couple of days or so.

Thanks and please do! One thing I realised is that it often works for weaker teams and using it with Napoli wasn't the best option, although it is working for them, but I will be putting up more screenshots soon :D
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cant download

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can you upload somwhere else
Cheers, will give it ago. Going to test it on a blue square south side, Dartford. See how good it really is!!
Okay first game against a Big team since using it, and im more than happy.
It appears that against any lower teams like wolves etc. I need to set the mentality to Attack.

That's a good result and I'm glad it worked :)

& I am going to work on the tactic to be at its best against lower teams, but my football manager won't load up due to XML parasin errors. I'm trying to fix it but cannot :\