CS Balotesti - from Liga II (Romania) to Champions League [Season III now]

Sep 12, 2017
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A CS Balotesti career

Season 1: 11/16 (Liga II), Fourth Round (Cup)
Season 2: 14/20 (Liga II), Fourth Round (Cup)
Season 3: 10/20 (Liga II), Quarter Final (Cup)
Season 4: 8/20 (Liga II), Fourth Round (Cup)
Season 5: 3/20 [PROMOTED] (Liga II), Fifth Round (Cup)
Season 6: 7/14 (Liga I), Quarter Final (Cup), Eight Final (League Cup)
Season 7: Now


After years and years of playing, I found some days off from the university and I decided to post here my new career.

I chose CS Balotesti, from the Romanian Second League, because I am from Romania and this team is the weakiest team from here. The main objective of this save will be to run near the Champions League Group Stage and, in order to do that I will need to win the Romanian First League, because in Romania only the champion goes to CL.

The team:View attachment 83735

My head coach profile is this: View attachment 83734View attachment 83734
I chose not to have license or sunday league experience.

For this game, I chose to allow the attribute masking and to jump the First Transfer Windows.
View attachment 83733
View attachment 83732
View attachment 83731

Objectives: View attachment 83730

And the squad of players:View attachment 83729
View attachment 83728
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CS Balotesti - from Liga II (Romania) to Champions League [Season V now]

The club background is this:View attachment 83726

I just started a coaching course and I am very very happy!!! View attachment 83725

so I decided to give these guys big bonuses:View attachment 83724

After I bought some coaches, I saw that I have no more spaces to bring more. I bought an Under 19 Manager and an Under 19 Assistant Manager, but I was wrong thinking that they can help me at training with the main team. xD So I needed other people:
View attachment 83723
View attachment 83722

And, of course, why not to have a sport scientists?
View attachment 83721
View attachment 83720

For this moment, this is how the training looks:
View attachment 83719

And here is the coaching team View attachment 83718
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The training camp is ready and, with some bad results, we hope not to relegate this year. In this league there are 16 teams and just the last team relegate, so I hope I can defead the last team.
View attachment 83709

We didn't play bad, because in every match we have had very many chances of win. The atack was very unlucky and the defensive was pretty fine. That was the tactic:
View attachment 83708

The team looks content, only Denis Dobra is happy with the training period.
View attachment 83707
View attachment 83706

Another bad thing is the needing of money. We have lost 100k euro in the last month.
View attachment 83705

Let's have some fun in the league! :D
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A good start in the league....looking good to avoid relegation!
@Bally, hehe, I hope so. :D

Bad news for the moment. I lost in the Cup against a Third League team after I used a reserve squad.
View attachment 83672
And a very bad result in the championship, i lost my first game this season. It was 1-0 for us and we were dominating the game, when suddenly my only striker get injured and everything jumped in the air:View attachment 83671

Without any striker in my first team other in the U19 team, I hope to conclude some loan deals as soon as possible...View attachment 83670
Good luck, its a hard task considering the poor club facilities and finances. Bafta!
It's been a tough month, but I'm sure you can rally the troops and get them that vital win to get you off this losing streak.
Thank you guys! My team gets better. After the 5 loses in a row, it comes another 2 loses in 2 games in which we were the better team, but we were also pretty unlucky:
View attachment 83578View attachment 83577

And after all of this bad luck, it finally comes!!!
View attachment 83576
I believe it is pretty ridiculous that I lost 2 games where I dominated from the kick-off and I won a game with so much luck.
I got 2 wins in row...
View attachment 83575
But after that I lost an unbelievable game:View attachment 83574

Finally, a positive streak arrives.View attachment 83573View attachment 83572View attachment 83571

Finally, it was a good first half of the season (20 games of 30). :D
View attachment 83570View attachment 83569
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It is a good period for my team. We won two and we lost one. The striker Denis Dobra has a wonderful season.
View attachment 83491
View attachment 83490
View attachment 83489

Here is the clasament: View attachment 83488

Some good news are that we send for the first time a player to the national team. Mihnea Vlad was called up for the Romania U19 team. The bad news are that he is just a loan from the Liga 1 side Dinamo Bucuresti.
View attachment 83487View attachment 83486

And here are the youth players of this season intakes.
View attachment 83485