CS Balotesti - from Liga II (Romania) to Champions League [Season III now]

Well done mate! 11th when you was heavily tipped for relegation is a good result. Looking forward to seeing if you can build on it next season!
Thanks, Bally. I hope to finish in top 10 again, but this time the rules of the league have changed. Now there are 20 teams and the teams between 16 and 20 relegate.

The new season finally arrives and we are ready for staying up again. We bought 5 free players and loaned another one this season.
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Here are all the transfers:
Last season:View attachment 83427
This season: View attachment 83429

The good news are that most of the players accepted to diminuate their salaries.View attachment 83425

It was a good training camp, with 5 wins and 2 loses.View attachment 83424

And we started so well the championship with a 2-1 away win!
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Our media prediction is 15th out of 20.
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We play amazingly this season!

CS Balotesti - Chindia Targoviste 2-1
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Luceafarul Oradea - CS Balotesti 3-3

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Romanian Cup Fourth Round game: Delta Dobrogea - CS Balotesti 5-2 (we played with the reserves)
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CS Balotesti - Cetate Deva 0-2
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CS Balotesti - CS Afumati 3-2
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CS Mioveni - CS Balotesti 0-2
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Metalul Resita - CS Balotesti 1-1
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CS Balotesti - ACS Poli Timisoara 0-1
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Juventus Bucuresti - CS Balotesti 1-1
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CS Balotesti - Olimpia Satu Mare 1-2
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CS Balotesti - M. Ciuc 1-0
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CS Balotesti - CSM Scolar 2-0
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Dunarea Calarasi - CS Balotesti 1-0
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The clasament looks fantastic for us!!!!
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But the very bad news are that our best AML got an 6 months injury. :( :( :(
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We lost against Pandurii but I am more sad because this is the first game in the last 7 when we don't get more shots than the opponents and the first game in the last 9 when we didn't won the posession. :(

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The winter is coming and I bought 3 new players.
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The most important of my club arrives. I got an offer for my best DL from the Liga I side Dinamo Bucuresti.
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I would like to keep him at least one more year, but there are 2 big issues. The possibility that Dinamo could lose the interest and the possibility that the player can get unhappy. I am not sure yet what to do. I will ask for at least 60k euro but that doesn't help to much my finances...
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I started very bad the second part of the season, with only 1 win in the first 8 games. We are so close from the relegation zone... :(

Chindia Targoviste - CS Balotesti 1-0
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CS Balotesti - Cetate Deva 3-1
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CS Afumati - CS Balotesti 1-1
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CS Balotesti - CS Mioveni 1-1
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CS Balotesti - CS Mioveni 0-2
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ACS Poli Timisoara - CS Balotesti 4-4 (after 4-0 for us...)
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Olimpia Satu Mare - CS Balotesti 4-4 (after 4-1 for us...)
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CS Balotesti - Juventus Bucuresti 0-2
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We fall again in the middle of the relegation battle. :(
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