CS Balotesti - from Liga II (Romania) to Champions League [Season III now]

Good to see the board backing you with investment into the clubs facilities! Hopefully this will help you take the next step and get a top half finish next year
Thanks, mate. I am at the half of the season but I am far away of the top half finish for the moment. :(
The third season is here. Media prediction is 16/20 for this year.
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The board completed the youth facilities:
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And I completed the coaching course. :D
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The pre-season went very good with 6W, 1D and 1L.
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But in the league I lost a lot of games...
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BUT IT WAS A FANTASTIC YEAR IN THE ROMANIAN CUP, and we are in the quarter finals.
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The clasament: place 13/20
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The good things now come. I got an offer from Academica Clinceni. Of course, I rejected it.
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I sold some players because they don't want to continue with my team. For example, the players of 22 years old wants more money/better teams, so I prefer to sell them and to buy 16 years old players.
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Finances after an 200K board cash injection:
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One of my youngsters, the AMC Clement Bonnet, got some amazing offers:
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I sold him for 475K and 40 % percent from the next profit transfer (altough some teams accepted 500K but the player chose...)
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So the finances goes up and we got some improved training facilities!!!
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Some more things are that the board incresead the junior coaching budget:
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One more physio:
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And National A license:
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I hope to find some other good youngsters and to avoid the relegation again. xD
The third season is over and we stay up one more time with a fantastic young team!! We finished 10/20 (media prediction: 17).
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I am for the first time in the top 3 Managers of the Year:
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We lost in the quarter finals of the Romanian Cup with an amazing 1-5, after we lead with 1-0...
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The finances look great and the wage budget rised from 400K to 663K (+190K for transfers).
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And some other awards for my team:
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We have to be better next year and maybe, with some good signings, we will atack the top 5. :D Totally, a nice season!
The fourth season arrived. :D It was a very good training camp, with 4W and 2L.
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Altough last year we got in the Quarter Finals in the Romanian Cup, this year the young team had a very bad game...
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The big salaries left the club and I bringed some youth guys.
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I got the Continental C license:
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And started the Continental B:
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133 tickets sold. :D
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Altough I believe that this year I got the very best team of all my 4 seasons, the media prediction says that I will finish 20 from 20. :O :O
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The training and the staff from this year look very good.
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The facilities get better:
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And the board added some money.
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It was a fantastic first half from the fourth season. We find ourslef on the 4th position!!!!!!
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The games:

Dacia Unirea Braila - CS Balotesti 0-2
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CS Balotesti - CS Mioveni 4-1
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CS Balotesti - Dunarea Calarasi 1-0
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Sepsi - CS Balotesti 0-2
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CS Balotesti - Chindia 1-1
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Juventus Bucuresti - CS Balotesti 1-1
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CS Balotesti - UTA 0-0
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Foresta Suceava - CS Balotesti 1-1
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CSM Scolar - CS Balotesti 0-1
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CS Balotesti - CS Afumati 3-1
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ASA Targu Mures - CS Balotesti 3-0
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CS Balotesti - Luceafarul Oradea 3-2
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Miercurea Ciuc - CS Balotesti 1-0
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CS Balotesti - Miroslava 3-0
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Sebis - CS Balotesti 2-3
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CS Balotesti - Cetate Deva 0-0
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FC Brasov - CS Balotesti 3-2
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CS Balotesti - Metalul Resita 1-1
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CS Balotesti - Dacia Unirea Braila 1-1
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CS Mioveni - CS Balotesti 1-3
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I decided to remain at CS Balotesti.
I sold one more time all of my good players that get some offers. I am really mad that I didn't saw that Despotovic added in his contract a 200K release clause, because I was hoping to sell him with 500K+... so I had to sold him, because other I could risk to lose him for free.
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I got Continental B and I started studying for Continental A.
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Adding 16 years old youngsters in front of much more experimented 20-23 years old players was very bad for my second half in championship. Only 4W in 17 games. 5D and 8L...
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So I finished 8/20.
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For the second time I got the 3th place on Manager of the Year award.
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I hope for a better next year. :D
A new season arrived. The 5th one. :D For this time I hope to finish again in top 10, altough it was not a very good transfers period for us. We didn't find so many good players to buy, we sold the players in the last year of contract who wouldn't continue here and we got a lot of money.

We have just 2 22years+ in the team and they want to leave. :( We buy them with one star, we make them great and they leave us. :(
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Media prediction is 17/20. Better than last year + we sold the best 5 players from the squad.
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Great friendly camp again. :D
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And the Liga II salaries:
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Great finances too:
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After a fantastic 5 season, it comes a more amazing season: THE SEASON 6 - Meeting the Liga 1.

With some good transfers:
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It was a very interesting season. Why? Because Romania get 2 teams for UCL for the next season and 3 places for UEL. So, if a team catch the play-off (top 6), has a very big chance of getting to Europa LEague next season. :D
We were close, but we lost. And we finished 7th.
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So we got to the Play-Out and, with a media prediction 14/14, we won the play-out!!!!!
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Here are the matches:
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It was a very good season for the romanian football, so for the next year the best team from the Liga I will automatically reach the Group Stage of Champions League:
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The main objective for the next year is reaching the top 6 and challenging the Euro Cup race!

We got some new sponsors:
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And we look rich:
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The 7th season starts right now and I got an amazing offer: I can be the new Romania Manager! :D
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I accept it and from now the CS Balotesti players are welcome to the Romania First Team! :D :D :D