David Beckham : Everton "Nil satis nisi optimum"

Team Report

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As I walked into the Office situated at Goodison Park my desk phone immediately rang and I answered the call...

David Beckham "Hello, this is David Beckham"

David Moyes "Hello David, I am making a quick call as I saw the news you had been appointed as new Manager of Everton and I would like to wish you good luck in your new role"

David Beckham "Thank you, it is a wonderful feeling to become Manager of Everton and to step into such a surrounding is overwhelming"

David Moyes "Great, I have a question in regards to Leighton Baines availability, would you consider selling him to Manchester United?"

David Beckham "I am not sure as he is one of the most prized assets here at Goodison Park and I am aiming to keep hold of my star players if possible, if you came in with an offer we might be able to discuss it further"

David Moyes "Ok then David, you will hear from me or my Assistant soon.

David Beckham "Thank you and good luck in your new role too"

After the phone call I noticed there was a Team Report right in front of me on the Managerial Laptop so I double clicked and up popped my Senior Squad Report. I noticed we have a very strong line-up with the likes of Tim Howard, Leighton Baines, Phil Jagielka and Marouane Felliani, but my stomach churned when I noticed Marouane Felliani and Tim Howard had both handed in Transfer Requests before I arrived. This is something I will need to deal with before I can make any plans.

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After seeing my Team Report and noticing players were wanting to leave Goodison Park, I noticed another report waiting for me. (Financial) Ok, so I am not good with numbers, Victoria deals with that side of things at home, but once I opened the report I noticed we were in the red by £903,213 which is not a good sign for a club of this magnitude. I could see the club were in a little bit of debt also with loans left, right and center.

After seeing the financial mess the club was on, I e-mailed David Moyes and advised him that we would be willing to sell Leighton Baines for £20m and I would await his reply readily.
Beckham to Meet Media

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The nerves are starting to settle in now, that was until I was notified that I had an upcoming Press Conference to meet the Media at Goodison Park. I shouldn't be nervous, nothing I haven't done before. I am sure there will be questions on the future of my star players. We shall see, time to gel my hair and get ready for the Conference.
Press Conference

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After the Press Conference, I had time to reflect on what I had mentioned to the Media. One question that stuck out for me was (The Observer - Luke Whittaker : "You arrive at a time when it is widely expected that Leighton Baines will leave the club. Can you hold onto him?") and my answer was "Ideally, I would like to keep Leighton Baines at Goodison Park as he is one of the stars here at Everton Football Club, but this may prove more difficult than not".

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Marouane Fellaini to PSG?

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I received an e-mail from Carlo Ancelotti which was an offer of £25m for Marouane Fellaini, I have been given a week or so to ponder over accepting. I might turn to Sir Alex Ferguson for some advice on this one"
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Players decide to Stay

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I am delighted that both players have decided to stay, but there is still interest in Marouane Fellaini from Tottenham, Real Madrid and FC Bayern, but I doubt very much that someone will come in with an offer of £30m which is my asking price. Also, Leighton Baines is still being trailed by Manchester United, but will they come in with a £30m offer too? Anyway, I am off to the Gym now, good to keep fit, so I will update the fans on my managerial goings soon.
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July 2013 : Finances & Transfers

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The financial situation is becoming healthier, partly down to the Transfers Out. I will not look to spend the £3m I have in transfer funds either.

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I am delighted to welcome these 3 youngsters to the club and they will feature heavily for Everton in the coming season as I look to develop and hone their skills.
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