Can someone please help me check if the wing backs mark tighter? trying to replicate
Hi guys !

For those of you that haven't got FM18 yet I'll try find some time and make few reviews of it; I’ll be posting them here

So far the Free Kicks in FM18 Beta don’t look good at all...

The defending team doesn't go back to its formation shape after free kicks has been taken, it really looks anecdotal.

Also, it doesn’t matter how many players you sent forward during attacking free kicks the AI team always have all players at the back.

Watch the video below that I made for you to see what I’m talking about:


It also looks very weird when players cross inside the box even that they were instructed to deliver “Short” and there are no teammates at all inside the box.

Watch the video below that I made for you to see what I’m talking about:


Here's another video for you guys

I've made a simulation when 2 Defenders defend vs 6 Attackers in FM18 Beta.

I find that such simulation is a very good representation of AI's intelligence when it comes to attack and defense

The setup:

2 Defenders – Sergio Ramos and Nacho

6 Attackers –Messi, Suarez, Dembele, Iniesta, Rakitic and Busquets

Enjoy :)


FM18 has been released but the ME still looks poor :S
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Just to show how remarkable this tactic is (v17 strikerless) some screenshots people thought they would never see:
All Fm17 tactics and set pieces can be loaded into Fm18. Don't know how effective they are though. Also Editor date files such as created friendly cup competitions from Fm17 can also be used.

Of course you're right but unfortunately they aren't so effective for FM 18.
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