Will do Villarreal next...
Were my Real Madrid ones alright?? And I'll do the Man Utd ones with the higher quality pics if you want?? :)
name all pictures as the players ID. Then use FMXML, set to faces, set the target folder, near the bottom there is a box - 'All Filenames are IDs'. Check that, and then click Go. Done :)

is there a later version of fm xml out,
yeah it is super :)

But try to get config for all players, it's not so hard to find Ben-Haim & Javier Hernandez ID :p

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First post updated, keep going :):)
How can I get this facepack to work in FM11? I install the panels but everytime I play FM i get an error called "Array Access Out of Bounds". When I remove the panels map everything works just fine.

Just me who got this problem? Anyone have a fix for it?
I'm still waiting for complete EPL and liga sagres facepack (A)(A)(A)
can u put the megapack someone other than filefactory...too slow and has downloads limit per hour....
make a torrent or use rapidshare
Nice faces! But how to make player information pannel smaller like in screenshot of W. Sneijder?
how comes there hasnt been any new face packs for ages like the rest of the prem teams and championship and league 1 and league 2 teams

just asking as it is making a real improvemet to the game having all same styled faces and im getting same styled logos its all looking great but just need rest of prem, championship, league 1 and 2

cheers in advance
great stuff mate, downloading pretty much all of them, thank you, good work to everyone involved as well :D
Is there a DF11 LANDSCAPE pack? Landscape was so much better, I still use DF10 Landscape on FM11 but it's getting old..
New megapack added to 1e post!

More then 34.000 DF11 faces.
56 full playable leagues from all over the world.

Enjoy :D

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