So have I :/ Oh well you do them :'( df_11mod: I can do a team as long as you provide a link to the portraits like you have with the Barcelona ones :)
Nice work mate, there well done like your previous :)
If your giving out links I'll be happy to do more.
Wohoo :) I'll do the rest sometime between Monday-Tuesday.
You couldnt post a Real Madrid and a Tottenham link for me could you? ;) By the way im doing the Bilbao ones :)
Just go to as their pictures are of good quality. Spurs and Madrid.

Will complete my Man Utd pack later.
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yeah, thats true, but I do not really like the spurs one, you just see the head. But we don't find any other so that should be ok.

the one is super
That was what i'm thinking as well. It would be better if we can at least see the club logos on the shirt.

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*No Unique ID for Javier Hernandez.
Up next will be my favourite German club, Borussia Dortmund :)

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