Driving Test

Cheers mate. It's strange to think I'm able to drive for the rest of my life. I'll have to do a bit of practicing when I finally start again though.

Yeah it is a weird thought. driving will be easy for you now with the examiner, you wont have to do all the nitty things that dont actually make a ounce of difference, it will be more natural.
Got My Test On Wednesday. Ultra ******* it XDXD

Make sure you eat something, and just relax. treat it like another driving lesson, your instructor wouldnt of told you to enter, unless he thought you where ready?
Aye well hes taking me on a lesson straight before my test so hopefully will.
Weirdly enough I had more minors (4) the time I passed than when I failed (3 and 2).

Likewise, first time round I have 2 minors but failed, then second time I passed and had 4 minors. Odd.