Duke 4-3-3 WB Tiki Taka Possession Football. Burnley goes for Treble.


Feb 20, 2014
I smell a cheater. "Oh I lost" *RELOAD* "Oh I lost" *RELOAD* "Oh I lost" *RELOAD* This proves NOTHING.

It takes a long time to save on fm15 as well. I bet you had to do it 30+ times in order to win the league with the extremely weak side in Burnley with a weak tactic like yours which doesn't fit the players. All just to prove that your phallus is bigger than everyone elses. All you proved is you have ALOT of time on your hands and are a complete child.

And I'm not a hater, just exposing what to an experienced player is a fraud and something which should not be tolerated on FM-base (especially not in a section aimed at helping other with tactics, when you are misguiding people). At least put a disclaimer saying you cheated to get the results you did.

1. Extremely weak squad
2. Dominated in many games by better teams (with more quality/cutting edge, therefore should be beaten)
3. Conceded far too many goals to be in the top 4, probably too many to conceivably reach the top 6 and that is after reloading took place.
4. True position is probably more like 12th-16th