Dynamic League Reputation - Does it work?

I agree, Belgium/Portugal would be the better options
Mmh. Just finished my first season with Anderlecht (don't have too many time to play, mind you), went to the last 16 round in the CL, got me up to 35th place in UEFA clubs ranking. Belgium it still 12th in the nations ranking and Jupiler Pro League has lost 3 places in the reputation ranking. Still, I was able to transfer Sebastian Boenisch from Werder Bremen and... Hamit Altintop from Bayern München! Well, they were at the end of their contracts and were released by their clubs, but still. Especially for Altintop, how is it possible that I got him to sign for Anderlecht? It's not only the fact that I won the league title and will play the CL again, I'm sure other clubs playing the CL would be interested to transfer him, especially for free. After all, he's going to play for Real Madrid IRL. Does this mean the dynamic reputation feature doesn't work that well or is it simply that the transfers are too easy to make?
Finally found this thread and I will shine some light. Started with Stjarnan in lowly Iceland. I am not sure where they start off at listed. I do know that they only have one spot in the playoff round to start the game. About to go into yeah 2029 and i bumped Iceland up to the 13th best league and the Iceland Cup up to 14th. Teams that are staying in the top division for Iceland are still just turning professional (so if I want to get Iceland to #1 I assume I will have to cheat or add about 5 more coaches to try to improve them). Now though we have gotten an automatic bid for who ever wins the league, which is always me since my payroll is around 820K (USD) with wages around 1.6M I will say I am basically becoming the farm system for Spanish Leagues it seems like. I buy or get their youth players and then I build them up and then sell them back to Spain. Currently have Stjarnan as the 18th richest club, won some Champs league with them, and produced two world players from my team (one is on Barcelona and the other is on Real Madrid). Last four years have had 2 Iceland teams in the Champs league, but only I have gotten past the group stage.
Do the prize and tv coverage money increase proportionally to your league's reputation?
TV money yes, but nothing like the top clubs. Right now making around 505K for TV rights (think you start off around 130K or 330K). However last year when I won the Champs league I got 22 million for tv rights. Still my league prestige is just a 3 star, for both league and cup, so I don't think it will increase that much more until its top 4 I would say.

I will say it is very hard to make money with a smaller team. Or should I say have money in your balance. First time I was over 100m in balance, but now the new year I am 91 million. (last four years was stuck between 62-75 million). Just from the money I usually rake in from Champs league is usually what I have to pay to my board at the end of the year. Add in the fact that my wages are now around 900K (although I have 6 starters that are valued at min. of of 20 million) my wages are lower that every other Champs team it seems. So I lose a bunch of money a month. Although the next two years I will break even since I have around 55 million in installments from two players I sold over the last two years.
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Made it to the Semi Final this year before losing to Real Madrid in a shootout. If you look at the picture its not a bad revenue. Have the ability now to buy another striker or this defender I want although the asking price is 51 million and the most I will spend is around 35M.