FM 2007 Records

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Sep 15, 2005
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Okay so the records are finally up. Don't forget to read the rules (on the records page).

Please submit your screenshots in this thread.

If you feel there should be a new category then please suggest it. Just don't suggest winning/unbeaten runs etc.. as they will not be added. Also could you please, when submitting your screenshots let me know which records you say the screenshots break.

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Fair play Redders. Heres a couple for starters.....

Biggest Win
Most Ten Rated Players (x2)
Most Goals In A Match
fastest hattick
and i will take 3rd in most goals in a match lol
Most 10's in a match - 11 and Biggest Win - 13-0

Most Assists - 25 and Highest Transfer Fee Paid - £100m and Highest transfer fee recieved - £43.5m (take any others that are ok if you want)

Highest Transfer Fee Recieved - £25m

Highest Transfer Fee Paid - £65m
your probs gonna say i am being wingy, but u spelt lima wrong lol
Updating now Lee, but understandably there is not a Highest Fee Paid.
Well there should be. :(
Right all updated as of Lee's added screenshots. Any errors please let me know. (Fixed Lima Jamgla).
erm how would you go about showing number of clean sheets?
I'm guessing he means a goalkeeper and not the team.
Highest Transfer Fee Received - £39.5m

forgot about that one. :)
Highest scoring game. I lost but does that matter? I also have most matches scored per match and least conceded
quickest goal (i'm not sure if you are allowed european games so i posted both)
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Aaaarrrggghhhh so angry, all my games have just gone corrupt with a new install of windows, which means all of my records have gone :( .

apart from fastest goal which i had already saved :D . But does it matter that it was in the championship, i'll wait for confirmation before i post it up.
Joint Quickest Sending Off - 2 minutes

Most Clean Sheets - 27
Good luck Redders, prepare for a huge list of screenshots now. I can never be assed to check if i won any records but i might this time around.
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