FM 2007 Records

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Most cleansheets and all my season stats for most ponits, goal dif etc..

and i hope ur game gets corrupt lethalmanager :p
Some of these are only good enough for second place - but I think Walcott will get highest scorer
Oh, and there really should be one for most players in team of the year....
Good luck Redders, prepare for a huge list of screenshots now.

Luckily i have 4 months off with not much to do, and i'm usually on late at night so can update every now and then.

Will update when i get home tonight, at girlfriends atm. Keep all records coming i can handle it :p
Thats the fookin spirit mate
Got a fair few records for you here, will be at least in top 3 if not 1st.

Goals scored ratio - 2.2
Goals Conceded ratio - 1.1

Highest Attendance - 82414
Highest Gate Receipts - £4m
Highest Average Attendance - 64682
Highest scoring game - 7-2

Top Goalscorer - Adriano 42
Top league goalscorer - Adriano 25
Most Goals in a match - Ibrahimovic 4
Most Assists - Crespo 18
Highest Av. Rating - Adriano 7.73
Most Man Of Match - Adriano 11
Worst Discipline - Burdisso 5Y1R
Highest Transfer Fee Received - Cambiasso £20m

Most Points - 84
Most Goals - 88
Least Conceded - 38
Goal Difference - 50
Most Wins 25
Why isn't Lee's 13-0 Liverpool win on the highest scoring matches eh?!
Because....your mother.

Will begin updating now.
Right ok so they are all updated upto Lloyds.

Please feel free to check i have done them all correct, i have checked all links and they were fine for me.

Remember, please tell me what records you are breaking with the screenshots - otherwise you will not get them.
I wish people, *looks at lloyd*, would only submit decent records that wont be broken easily. :p

I reckon my quickest sending off should be 1st aswell just because it was the Champions League Final and I still pwned. ;)
Neh my own personal should probably know aswell is that if someone equals a record it will go second!

Anyway now i am going to go ahead and break all the records with Chelski :D
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Lee **** you slag, whats point in having silly spaces on records..might aswell get them filled :)
here you go James get it changed fastest goal :D

Shouldn't there be a league record for most wins on bounce and games unbeaten?
i pwn tht gate receipts just need to get screeny in a bit when i go on fm
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