FM 2007 Records

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bah you've still Credited HoneyMonster with my top 105 record with Barcelona and still credited me with the Maxi Lopez hattrick... aint me :p
4 assists in one game

4 min hattrick

what happened to the most players in team of the week record, cos all my team were in it one week:cool:
Ronney - Most Goals In A season: 78
Most League Goals In A Season: 46
Most Man of Match
Highest rating

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ta Redder's, my stupid game keeps crashing now, people DON'T DOWNLOAD THE RFS KING UPDATE... sure the same's happened with one of you's who did the news stories on here.

p.s. sorry for the off topic there :p
and Gregor, I thought in the rules you had to be in a league with atleast 20 teams in it? Otherwise i'm putting some Ajax records on here
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