FM 2007 Records

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hmm not sure if this will get in but it was a canny 3some :p
He's my attempt at gaining some records

thats highest attendance,gate receipts, least goals concedded,best goal diffrence, highest ransfer fee recived,both managerial stats, average attendance,top goalscorer, most league goals,most assists,most man of the match, highest rating,most team goals,most wins in a season. Just to keep you busy Redders :)

i think i have most clean sheets aswell but ill post it later
Sean, can you please send me your kits on msn?
got a sending off after 15 seconds but forgot to print screen :(

edit - ive just seen quickest was 2mins n mine is only 1 min :D so will post tomoz when i have more time :)
Most assists in a match - 3 by Yohan
Think its time you updated Red :/


My laptop broke (screen finally gave in) so it is in for repair at the moment, and i have been busy with work so ain't had chance to get on a computer with the internet for the last week+

Won't be updated till i get my Laptop back, be patient and keep putting your records up.
take your time, i'm trying to get some of them records back off screenies i posted :p
Yea i was finally bothered enough to look for one and it lasted a day :mad:
Just started a game with Valencia and i have a record...even if it is 3rd

Laptop returned today all fixed and healthy. Off out in a minute but will be in late and may start to update if i feel up to it :D.
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