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FM-Base World Cup II


Feb 11, 2014
FM-Base World Cup II

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That’s right folks! The hit-success competition from FM15 is back for its second edition. After so much positive feedback from last time (which took place between August and October in FM15), I have decided to start it up again with some big changes. For those of you who do not know what the FMBWC is, here is the link to the previous thread, where you can read all of the gory details as to how the last competition finished (http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2015-manager-stories/332584-football-manager-base-world-cup.html). In the end, it was the unknown Znik who dominated the final with a 10-2 victory over tournament favorite xJamieWilliams. All in all, the inaugural edition went down very well (with some slight speed bumps) - but the two big takeaways from the event were 1) Let us all be in it, please don’t cap sign ups and 2) Please make it less time consuming! Well folks, I think I have found the solution to these two problems, and now, if you’ll read on, you will see what an amazing event I hope this edition can become. Furthermore, for those who may ask why this event was done only two months after the last one, the answer is this: I plan to make this tournament an event that occurs twice a year (starting somewhere between June-August and between November-January). Therefore, there will be a definite tournament date that everybody can get hype for. So, I hope you guys enjoy and sign up (even past members have to sign up again - including semi-finalists just so I know you want to participate). Anyways, please follow along with this post (read everything!) to learn all about the FMBWC, and let’s get ready for the second edition!


After hearing the overwhelming requests to expand the competition, I have decided to accomodate all of these requests by instituting a new segment of the world cup: Qualifying! This knockout event will determine the final sixteen places in the tournament, the seeding for the group draw, and will also weed out people who sign up but end up not committing to the full experience. Depending on how many people sign up, the Qualifying tournament will be either single elimination OR double elimination OR some combination of the two (this will be determined by the number of people who sign up originally). Qualifying fixtures will be completely randomly drawn, so it could end up being that two teams from the last tournament go against each other or that two new teams go against each other as well (this will be very interesting to see as now there can be an emergence of “giant killers” or “qualifying favorites”). The way that the final tournament (which will once again contain 16 members) will be seeded is determined by the positions in Qualifying. The first seeds will be the top four from the previous tournament; second-fourth seeds will be determined based on how teams do in the qualifying format that will be decided after sign ups conclude.

Final Tournament:
The final tournament will follow the same pattern as last time, with 16 teams being divided into four groups of four, and each team playing the other three teams once. The way that the Quarter Finals will be drawn will follow the Heineken Cup Rugby rules, which state that the top two teams from each group will be combined into one table of points and goal difference, and 1st will play 8th, 2nd will play 7th, and so on. This creates a sense of intrigue, as nobody knows who they will play in the Quarter Finals until every game is finished. These two steps are the same as last year, however one new feature will be added: Awards! This may seem small, however, it adds to the whole experience and makes for a better conclusion, with players and spectators voting at the end of the tournament for their favorites. The awards presented will be:

Best Player:
Best Underdog (Best Person from Qualifying):
Best Rookie (First Year Player):

Now, you may notice no player awards for in game players … well, read on if you want to find out about the amazing solution to this dilemma!

Squad Selection:

In the first edition, there was a very tedious draft process for players that took about two and a half weeks to complete and stagnated interest for the competition (although I must say, the members were very dedicated!). This was the biggest complaint I got from the last edition, and it seems that the SI Gods have answered this problem perfectly. Yes, Lippo, you were right: Every single FMBWC match will now begin with the FM Draft. Qualifying, Final Tournament, it makes no difference. This eliminates the hassle of using the editor and creates a new,fresh experience. Players will have the chance to pick completely new teams every single match to compete. This means that players can stick with player that are good, mix up tactics to go against their opponents’ playing styles, and remove deadwood players that don’t help them - it also keeps the competition interesting because competitors are not stuck with the same players every single match. The budget for the draft will be $250 Million, and the database will be large (6000 players) - players will be able to pick how long they have to pick each players in a match-by-match basis to create the most enjoyable experience possible. Each squad will consist of 18 players - competitors will now be able to choose whether they buy a few allstars or have a good, balanced team. This format also allows for less OP teams, so it is truly the quality of the competitor to pick the right players, set the right tactics, and manage the games the right way, that will get them through to the next round. Furthermore, people can still snap up players you may want, so there is still the element of urgency in selection. In my opinion, there is no better way to decide who the best football manager is. I’m so excited by this set up, and I hope you are too!

Basic Posting/In-Game Rules:

Here are some rules to know, both in the game and out:
  • It is encouraged to create shortlists before the draft (I know I will be!), but not mandatory.
  • After each match, the winner must screenshot the game and write a brief (or detailed!) report of the fixture.
  • Injuries and red cards in-game do not carry over (because you are picking original teams every time).
  • Squads must be exactly 18 players.
  • There will be specific time slots for each round (usually between 1-2 weeks). These will be posted before the start of each round of play. If there are any time commitment issues, please let me know and I will happily accommodate you (one of the reasons we are doing it during the winter and summer is that many people are on holiday. Furthermore, the draft mode allows for much quicker gameplay.)
If I have missed any rules you think I should add, please feel free to let me know!

Well, that is all that needs to be explained for now, I think. If you are interested in playing, feel free to sign up. Sign ups will be open for a week or two (knowing how fast people are on this site), and I look forward to seeing many players, new and old, signing up to prove to the world that they have what it takes to be the best football manager!

Registration Form:

Team Name:
Steam Username:
Time Zone:

Registered Members:
1. Mkmillwall - PFC Sporting (AQ)
2. Abesince1982 - Abe FC
3. Lewie100 - Rants FC
4. Znik - The Angry Burritos (AQ)
5. SaintMotbot - Norfolk Enchants
6. Jordalicious - Copenhagen Chickens
7. Thejoshster - Baines on Toast
8. MagicWithin - Vardy's Party FC
9. Nomadic - Spartak Bosco II (AQ)
10. Brendn - Mendez Marauders
11. Yeti01 - FC Drop Bears
12. Matt419 - Matt's Maestros
13. Philip1526 - Dublin Destroyers
14. Dshort9 - Real Sosobad
15. mask0991 - Maniacs
16. The Otter - Otternomics
17. Ninjaskill - Aztecs

Past Events:

FM-Base World Cup I: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2015-manager-stories/332584-football-manager-base-world-cup.html
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Feb 2, 2014
Team Name: Rants FC
Steam Username: lewie100 - FM Base
Time Zone: GMT

Just as I was telling a certain someone about this (Znik, WC Holder), I get a message from Mk! :p


Jul 15, 2010
Team Name: The Angry Burritos
Steam Username: znikkers
Time Zone: CET (GMT +1)

Let the title defence begin! First pick Neuer inc! ;)


Mar 24, 2015
Team Name: FC Drop Bears
Steam Username: YeT1
Time Zone: Australian Eastern Standard Time AEST (GMT + 10)


Jan 12, 2015
Team Name: Matt's Maestro's
Steam Username: AwareMosquito
Time Zone: GMT

Cant wait for this again! Hopefully I can get out of the groups this time! :p
Nov 21, 2013
Going to give this a miss this year, I can't commit to being online! Good luck to everyone involved, I will be following :)