Cyril - are you able to share a draft of the tactic as I have today and tomorrow free & would welcome the chance to test it for you. Love the look of the 2 Target Man tactic, I am playing with Inter.
Never posted before but I love the look of that..
Well Ive been using Cyril's tweak and its made my save really enjoyable. I concede a lot but score even more! As I get better players I can really notice the tactic playing better. You really need players suited to get the best results.

First season with Millwall and I finished in the play-off (lost out to Watford) with Bigirimana (on-loan from Newcastle) picking up the Young Player of the Year award and Ed Upson taking home the Player of the Year award!

Second season more games go against me and I get sacked despite still being mid-table in December. Despite this Anthony Wordsworth (my free-agent replacement for Upson & Bigirimana) won the Player of the Year award. His Avg.rating was well over 8 at the time of my sacking. His form fell off after my sacking but he still won the award.

So that Summer I take the England U19 job and win the Euro's before resigning to take up the Wigan job.

Third season now and my Wigan team score plenty of goals along the way to 2nd place in the championship and promotion to the premier league. My TM Delort scored over 40 goals and took home the Player of the Year award (one of my players have won this every year)

Fourth Season and now in the Premier League. Delort got too big for his boots and left for Cagliari in a £20m deal. We made some shrewd signings and exceded all expectations and finished 6th and qualify for the Europa League. Free-agent Charlie Adam topped the Premier League Avg Rating standings and was robbed of the Player of the Year award! (first season without an award winner)

So all in all I really enjoy using this tactic! It makes for some really fun games despite some hammerings!
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Hey guys,

Been using the Cm Auto Tuga tweek for a while; Sheff Wed 2021/22 season, with some great results. I was wondering though, if anyone had any preferences, opinions or factual input as to whether its better to play a right or left footed Treq/F9 in the outside forward positions? Generally I have been playing a right footed F9 on the right side, and a left footed Treq on the left side. Largely on the assumption they're fairly central and would be providing supporting roles rather than cutting in and scoring with the inner foot.

However, after signing 'Malcom' (Brazilian) at the start of last season, (he's left footed with incredible attributes) he still isn't scoring or assisting very much, maybe 1 of each in 3/4 games. Furthermore, I did have Angel Correa as the F9, sold him in the summer to Utd for £70m and he had been great with assists all the time but only have one season of 20+ goals, the rest were 10-15.

Currently playing in November, so can't buy anyone, and have set up the squad to have two lefties, and two righties in those positions so can't really make any tests other than switching the F9s and Treqs around... perhaps make them swop places during the match?

-anyway I'm blabbering on, any and all opinions are welcome. Cheers.
To all who ask if the original tuga is working on 15.3.2:

I want to share a few screens from my Hamburg save with you. I tried a lot of tactics, but TUGA is alongside TFF the most enjoyable. I also dont use the corner exploit.
I started a new game to try Cyrils tweak, and I must say that it's working beyond my expectations. I felt a bit like cheating when I chose Juventus as my team, but hey, I want to break all scoring records. However, I got one concern, and it may sound a bit too greedy (greed is good). What do you guys do when you are leading 7-0 at half-time? When I tell my players that I'm "pleased, keep it up", they just stop scoring. It happens way too often. I don't want to say "you might be winning but that can all change" as this has resulted in angry players earlier. So what do you guys do? I am satisfied with the big wins, of course, but I want to break records and really demolish my opponents. To show how great this tactic works on 15.3.2, here are my results so far:
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looks awesome! can you please share tac and show ur starting xi? :)

not trying to be awkward, im just wondering how many goals do you score from corners from this tactic? does it exploit it or not?
Curious to know how effective in-game team talks are on your result, especially in the lower LOWER leagues, I'm talking level 24! :p
Hi Please (Cyril CM Auto Tweak of Tuga) 15.3.2 tactic link download ?
It's funny you should switch the Auto CM to a RPM the original tweak i done way back in page 30 was exactly that. Glad to see it still holding up.

cyril. have you tried to do this so its compatible with the latest patch? this was by far my favourite tactic when you released it be great to use it again
i decided to try this tactic again as i was a big fan of it. made a few changes and must say its going great guns. the only difference is the target man doesnt seem to score as many but that maybe just the player im using?
undefeated in 15 league games and only conceded 6
I remember this one got me 200 Goals from sturridge in 2 and half seasons , and it was still on the latest patch too . Might have another go with it
Yes its the one with the Cm tweak , I think you have to change one of the Central Mid's to RPM but I remember back in May this year i used it and it did very well before all these Corner and throw in tactics came in .
The tactic is on page 47. Cyril tweak of Tuga. I am testing it with Atletico Madrid , its going well for now. What do you guys use for training in season ? :)