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FM17 2018/19 Transfer Update by RD


Jul 8, 2011
FM 17 Data Update by RD - Most recent update 20/6/2019

- I will regularly post updates and add transfers etc that I have missed -​

  • I've been working on an update for those of you who stuck with FM17 and have updated transfers mainly in the top leagues in Europe (England, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, Netherlands) all transfers and retirements included.
  • Also the 'Work Permit' rule in the UK due to Brexit has been removed :)
  • Promotions and relegations, cup winners from last season have also been updated, along with major retirements, manager changes etc.
  • Player values and old players abilities adjusted for a more realistic market

If you are not happy or find that there are many minor transfers not done please only provide constructive feedback, I only made this update for myself and have decided to share it in case anybody else may be interested :D

You will need BOTH files for the update.

Please feel free to comment on moves I have missed and I will add those to future updates.

To install extract files to :

C:/Users/"user name"/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2017/editor data

Remember to select BOTH of the files under 'Database' and use 17.3.0

I would really appreciate any PayPal donations for my work as this has taken a lot of effort and will give me the feedback and motivation to keep releasing updates

Donate :

*Now only available after a donation has been made - Message me for info*
Wont let me message you as you have used up your space. How much is the donation? And have you updated to national north/south?
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