FM20.2 Sicilian 442 v1

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What an absolute beast of a tactic! I'm managing Hoffenheim and currently leading the table, just beat Bayern away (1-3)

With this ME imo it's impossible to just plug 'n play away, FM 20 need loads of attention/managing. For instance, away at Bayern I adjusted the mentality to Defensive and moved the defensive line back a solid 3/4 clicks, along with my strikers. During the match I 'shout' as much as i can.

Praise after scoring, demand more or show passion after conceding. And tighten up the last 10/15 min when your ahead. Work it baby.

Btw; Hope the SI update gets out soon, those long balls over the top - instant goals are getting annoying.
This is the best tactic I've used so far. Won the league first season with Norwich and Lecce, both ranked 20th and last in PL and Serie A.

Works best for me with a left foot on ML, Right on MR, and you need strong DMCs. They need to be good defensively, but if they are allround it helps.

NB! This is amazing for underdogs, for top teams there might be something better that exploits your squads dominance in quality more.
Can you svare the lineup ?
TFF's Hot Tub shows goals from corners and the highest is using the short corner. However, short corners themselves are not effective, it is when they are played into box.
Maybe a LL issue although I never noticed this last year, or just a visual issue wasting corners.

One thing that has always bugged for for that is you don't actually know how many corners the team had that season :(
Shieffield Utd - Media prediction 20 (Last)
Lost Uefa spot (7 place) in the last match being defeated by Arsenal away. Wanted to test an entire season to see how it works because I want to use it for other team saves. It’s not bad taking into consideration the current ME with those fu... long balls and the fact that this year seems to be almost impossible to win a league from the start with a low reputation team. I’ve also tried TFF Raptor v1 half a season(19 matches) in another save with this team and i managed to get only 19 points. It’s a little strange because on TFF's Hot Tub it is ranked first but maybe because this tactic is a little bit more defensive with 2 DM instead of a CM and a DLP (Raptor).
I would check the testing methods of FM Base and TFF's Hot Tub
I simmed a season with Sampdoria and it was pretty disappointing. Players didn't perform, only one guy scored, and not a lot, and the results were decent, nothing more
Brilliant tactic, best I have tested so far. Thanks to Liverpool for loaning me Brewster who is clearly levels above League 1.

Only change made was change the CB's to BPD(C) as they are very slow.

Any time frame on when this tactic will be tested for the new patch? Cheers
This is a good tactic, started my game on december 2019 with Hertha BSC at plac 18 in the bundes liga, with some luck on loan came Cenk Tosun from Everton and Perin from Juventus, best players for me, ended the season place 10. good results good tacic as always from knap
Playing with Sporting CP and just signed some new talent after unloading Bruno Fernandes for 100 mil... Was struggling to get this tactic to work, but I tweaked some stuff and it seems to be working out now. Changed CB's to cover and changed them to a lower defensive line, moved one DM up to CM with APsu role, and changed the left PF to supporting. Since doing that I've scored a minimum of 3 goals per game. Defense is still shaky, but I'm outscoring my opponents.


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