Football Manager Ultimate Team V2.


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Apr 12, 2009
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Hello everyone, this is the return of my Football Manager Ultimate Team. I have made a few adjustments to the rules, and ive decided to reduce the number of people taking part, to help the game run quicker and smoother. Anyone who would be interested, please let me know, but please note, this is not first come, first serve. I will be choosing people who I feel will be most reliable. Anyone I dont pick, I dont wub you enough, Sowwi

How To Play

1. All entrants will be give a team of roughly equal abilities. This will include 1 Manager, 2 Goalkeepers, 6 Defenders, 6 Midfielders and 4 Strikers. It will also include Stadiums, and training facilities

2. I will then holiday the whole season, and then add up the points

3. I will then post screenshots and everyones points on the thread

4. You will then be able to spend the points you receive on different packs that contain new players for your team. I will use the editor to make the changes and then holiday the next year.

Other Things To Know

In the 24 hours where you are allowed to edit your team, you are also allowed to put one of your players up for sale for points. Other managers will the be able to spend their points on that player and he will be transferred into your club. If you would like to put one of your player up for sale, you must PM me their name, and your asking price, and I will add them to the Transfer list which will be on this thread.

I will upload the save of the game, so you can look at all the different stats of your players, so you know who is performing well, and who isn't, and who is worth selling, ect

All teams will be given equal Physios and Coaches

All teams will also be placed under a transfer embargo, so the AIs dont make any unwanted signing.

There are 5 different type of packs that you can buy, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Super Gold and Wonderkids. Prices are below.

You may also receive special card within packs. These could be things such as CA or PA increases, Stadium Capacity increases and Injury healers. If you want to use them, just PM me and I will use them.

Points System

Points Per Match

Win = 100
Draw = 50
Loss = 25
Each Goal = 10

Per Season

Ultimate Team League -

1st - 2500
2nd - 2000
3rd - 1750
4th - 1500
5th - 1000
6th-10th - 750

Ultimate Team Cup -

Winner - 1500
Runner Up - 1000

Ultimate Team Shield Winner - 500

Top Goalscorer - 1000

Top Assists - 1000

Top MoMs - 1000

Pack Prices

Bronze - 1500 - 4 players of CA and PA between 90 - 120
Silver - 3500 - 4 players of CA and PA between 121 - 150
Gold - 5500 - 3 players of CA and PA between 151 - 170
Super Gold - 7500 - 2 players of CA and PA between 171 - 200
Wonder kids - 2500 - 3 players of PA of -8,-9 or -10

1. Ronan - Bling Singhs - 10530
2. Pugman - Bubble Blowers - 14020
3. Nathan - Prawn Dance FC - 12115
4. Tiraths - Aspire to be Eboue - 9340
5. Dunc -Aidsburger FC - 9670
6. Joe - Yaya Toure Tank - 14110
7. CallumE5 - Rubbish Rovers - 13285
8. Neall - Jumping Amazing Super Optimistic Noodle Squad - 15025
9. Brian 95 - Writing FC - 13515
10. Arsenal_james1997 - Ruag - 8180
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I'll have a pop again mate if theres space and you fancy me enough ;)

Looks like you have tweaked it since last time, looking good.
Missed the last one, I'll take a spot if you :wub: me
ill join up as well

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actually this was more a hope because i dont think you really love me ;)
Looking forward to this. Better make sure i beat the ****** Tiiiiirath this time ;)
I would like to play again :) Is there a minimum post count for entrants?
Thanks for your interest again everyone. I will wait until around 11pm ish tonight before deciding who will be included. If anyone one who is already in wants to recommend someone they would like to beat, please let me know.

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Bumming this thread for anyone else who is interested. (yes bumming)

Also need team names from the people who are already participating