France - South Africa 22.06. thread


Dec 29, 2009
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Discussions about the winner and score welcome ;)
France will forfeit so 3-0 to S.A. XD

I want France to protest and not play
Looking at the problems France is facing,South Africa for me
France 0 - 0 South Africa

A bore draw, to confirm France's exit in the group stages of the World Cup, a mere shadow of their former selves.
Apprently the French captain Patrice Evra has been dropped Lol XD
Hopefully France get demolished. Hope Henry plays and someone nails him.
this is quickly turning into a France/Henry bashing thread. Dont blame Henry, he is pretty much one of the few class players left in the France squad. Domenech is the idiot who chooses a player like valbeuna over samir nasri, and govou over benzema. If he wasnt such a ***** manager, France would be playing a lot better.
John Champions commentry is worse in real life than his commentry on Pro Evo.
looks like the ref has just sent off the wrong player.

oh maybie not lol it looked like he sent off cisse.
Suprise, suprise, the host nation of the World Cup getting favours from the referee.
Ahh man, South Africa I love you.

I hope one of Mexico and Uruguay lose for them to go through, they really deserve it.